Our purpose is blossoming

Gothenburg RoRo terminal, photo by Bjørn Wånge.

In December we launched our purpose “We move for all to grow” and ever since, implementations and workshops have taken root in many DFDS locations.

“It’s great to see our purpose germinating in all locations and it is great to see people’s commitment to spreading the word. We have received quite a lot of photos from the events, which we were eager to share with everyone. We hope that the purpose will begin to bloom in all corners of our business, as a vital element of our future employer branding strategy,” says Rikke Gransøe Lange, Head of GBI and member of the purpose committee.


Felixstowe, photo by Mark Woodard

Crown Seaways, photo by Kristian Kristensen

Ark Dania, photo by Per Petersen

Larkhall photo by Robert Murdoch

Anglia Seaways photo by Kim Carlsson


January 23, 2018