DFDS sponsors kite event at the Festival of the Sky

Look Up! A flower ferry in the sky!

At DFDS, we are accustomed to launching new ferries into the sea, but what about in the sky? If you have wondered what a flying ferry looks like, you should have stopped by Cleethorpes in the UK as DFDS was headline sponsor of the Look Up! Kite Festival last weekend. It was part of the Festival of the Sky, a celebration of arts and culture.

Themed around discovery, sky and the environment, the festival presented a diverse and exciting programme of events stretching across the seafront, promenade and into the town.

For the Look Up! Kite Festival part, DFDS had designed an amazing kite built like a ferry and as you can see from the pictures, our ferries suit the sky just as well as the sea.

“You could see unique kites of all shapes and sizes from around the world as well as learn how to fly your own. Festivalgoers had the opportunity to make their very own kites in free workshops and purchase a kite with the assistance of kite specialists,” says Coreen Penheiro-Wharton, Communications Officer.

“Through sponsorship of community-based projects such as this, we can support the local community and give an insight into the work of DFDS on the Humber while having great fun.”

September 10, 2019