Training & Development concludes leadership training on cruise routes

Over the last few weeks, Emma Nordström and Trine Arlyng from Training & Development went on our Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo cruise routes to conclude a 5-module leadership training that started last June. It was an initiative to accommodate the changes from Project Starlight and the new organisational structure on board the cruise ferries.

The five modules covered topics like change management, situational leadership, conflict management, feedback, coaching and questioning technique, and the DISC training. This was also the first time all leaders on board had gathered to receive the same training at the same time.

“The fifth module has allowed Business Leaders and Floor Managers to reflect upon the training and tools from previous workshops. They have shared concrete examples and best practices on how they have implemented the tools and how it has made a difference and positive impact,” says Emma Nordström.

“Gender diversity was another topic on the agenda as diversity and inclusion are things all managers should be aware of and incorporate in their management. The leaders had good discussions and came up with good reflections on what initiatives they can take to make a difference; for example, be aware of bias and stereotypes when delegating daily tasks and consistently raise awareness about the topic within your own team. The ideas and input collected from the sessions will also be shared with the Gender Diversity Steering Committee.”

Emma and Trine both say: “We have received really positive feedback from our colleagues on board who say that they benefit from the training and management tools in their daily work. Thank you to all participants who met us with enthusiasm every session.”

Business Leaders and Floor Managers on board Pearl Seaways generating ideas and inputs for a more inclusive and diverse DFDS

April 16, 2019