Yolcu / BU Kanalı: DFDS, Covid-19'a uyum sağlar

On 29 June, DFDS announced several cost reductions measures to adapt to the new market conditions brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic. DFDS anticipated that this would in total impact about 650 colleagues across the DFDS organisation.

On 21 July, we announced that we would start a consultation process with proposals to reduce staff in the passenger offices in Ijmuiden and Newcastle. 12 colleagues from the Care Centre and Sales operations will sadly leave our Ijmuiden office.

We are currently consulting with employee representatives on the 30 positions across the passenger agency function in Newcastle that are at risk of redundancy.

In Hamburg on 4 August we announced our intentions to downsize our passenger office there and individual consultations have commenced with the 9 colleagues who are unfortunately impacted.

And today, we announced the start of a consultation process in Dover and France, outlining proposals for a reduction in staffing levels onboard the vessels operating between Dover to France and within the Dover, Calais and Dieppe sites.

A total of 79 roles on the company’s three UK ships and in its offices in Dover are affected.

A total of 142 roles on French ships on Calais-Dover, Calais port and the offices in Calais and Dieppe are affected.

Ashore in Dover, this will affect:
HR & Crewing
Operations Support (Terminal Control)
Freight Reservations and Freight Administration
Onboard Services
Teknik Organizasyon

All colleagues impacted have been contacted by their Manager and HR to advise what the next steps in the process are.

We very much regret that it has come to this. Many colleagues have worked hard under difficult conditions to keep business running and help our customers. However, the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting drop in passenger demand across all routes have made changes to the company’s structure necessary to reduce costs and protect jobs in the future. But we will work closely with staff representatives to find measures to mitigate the impact of this situation for our affected colleagues.

Kasper Moos, VP of Short Routes & Passenger
Gemma Griffin, VP of HR & Crewing

5 Ağustos 2020