Birincil güncel olaylarda DFDS görünümü BBC TV şovu 5 milyon izleyiciye ulaştı

A BBC TV show featuring DFDS shows how a woman from North East England must take a trip to Amsterdam every four months for her medication, which is not available in the UK.


The UK PR team in BU Group Passenger regularly receive requests for filming on board our vessels which can range from celebrity’s new shows to feature film and documentaries.

Earlier this month DFDS were approached by the producers of a UK current affairs TV show, the BBC One Show. The show is aired every Monday – Friday night for an hour to over 5 million viewers.

This particular feature episode was to follow a woman who lives in the North East of England, who is forced to make the crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam every four months, to purchase NHS prescribed medication not available in the UK – which is legal under a licence.

The medication she takes is called Dronabinol which counteracts the extreme pain she suffers caused by Spondylosis. Spondylosis is a form of spinal osteoarthritis and is a degenerative disorder.

The filming included shots of the port externally and inside the terminal. It showed her receiving special assistance from the DFDS crew as she was helped on and off board along with boarding the coach into Amsterdam. Princess Seaways was also shown to viewers, at this time before her re-branding.

The story was aired on Monday 13 May and opened with her explaining why she has been prescribed the medication and how it alleviates her condition. She goes on to say that she is forced to make the journey every 4 months and at times during the piece is clearly distressed about the lengths she has to go to in order to be pain free.

The overall tone of the piece was very sympathetic to the passenger and her case. It highlighted the urgent need they see for a change to current UK policies surrounding this type of medication, which is being pursued by her local MP.

UK readers can watch the whole episode İşte – the story starts around 3.30 mins.

15 Mayıs 2019