DFDS'nin direkt İrlanda - Fransa feribot güzergahı

DFDS has a new freight ferry route between Ireland and France. It provides direct and paperless transport between EU countries. It is already popular, enjoying near 100% utilisation from day one.

DFDS started a new freight ferry route Rosslare and Dunkerque on 2 January 2021. It gives lorry drivers direct and paperless transport between EU countries. It has proved popular with near 100% utilisation from the start.  

Üç feribotlar serve the route. Each Yapabilmek carry up to 125 kamyonlar ve onların drivers in Covid-safe, single cabins. The feribotlar leave altı times a hafta içinde afternoon veya evening, with a crossing time of 24 hours.  

Remains in EU’s single market and customs union  

“We are extremely pleased to offer customers the opportunity to transport their goods to or from EU countries. Removing the customs formalities and possible waiting times in the UK saves both time and costs for our customers,” says Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of DFDS’ Ferry Division.

Driver-friendly and close to major destinations  

Drivers arrive in Dunkerque or Rosslare fully rested. They can start driving immediately and reach many destinations within their legal driving limit.

The route reduces the dependency on the UK land bridge. It opens direct opportunities for trade within EU’s single market.

10 Şubat 2021