Immingham-Cuxhaven hizmetinde 70% navlun kapasitesi artışı

Our Immingham-Cuxhaven freight liner service is back to five weekly departures. We have also placed a second vessel on this route between the UK and Germany due to an increase in car volumes and freight. We transport all types of freight on this route; project cargo, driver-accompanied freight units, lift units and bulk cargo on roll trailers.

Welcome Belgia Seaways
As of July 6, Belgia Seaways joined Petunia Seaways on the route, increasing the overall freight capacity by more than 70%. Belgia Seaways was recently fitted with a new internal ramp but has not yet been dressed in DFDS colours.

“We are very pleased to get back to normality and offer an almost daily shipping option to our customers, “says Route Director Ortolf Barth.

Check out the July schedule

10 Temmuz 2020