DFDS, Brexit geçişiyle hüküm sürüyor

The UK has left the EU. It means new processes and more paperwork for DFDS and its freight customers working between the UK and EU.

Despite years nın-nin preparation, the post-Brexit period caused challenges ve gecikmelerExtensive form filling, extra inspections ve diğer needs -di impossible için foresee.   

A range of factors including confusion over paperwork -di sorumluluk sahibi.  

Easier customs processes

Bu şimdi becoming yönetilebilir. DFDS Yapabilmek teklif clearance services o provide a much Daha kolay Gümrük process.    

Eddie Green is the head of DFDS’s cold chain business unit. “From across England and Scotland, we transport seafood to UK ports, and then on to the continent. Brexit challenges caused long delays in the shipment of fresh fish that started in early January. These challenges included the requirements for health certificates, customs documentation, and introduction of new IT systems.

More staff

The IT systems are now workable. We have trained more staff to help customers with correct customs declarations. 

“Brexit is challenging and needed a lot preparation last year. There will be another challenging period in July when Border controls are fully implemented for goods entering the UK. But we’ll keep our customers goods moving by working with them and the authorities.”  

Stock building ahead of Brexit boosted DFDS. We still have to see how Brexit will impact freight volumes on the North Sea routes to the UK. 

10 Şubat 2021