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Mega Gemi: Site ekibiyle tanışın

Last week Jesper Aagesen, Director of Newbuilding & Major Conversions, had the pleasure of visiting the Jinling Shipyard in China where the new 6,700 lane-metre vessels are being constructed. Below is his very interesting personal account from the visit. “The purpose of the visit was to see the first of the vessels at an advanced […]

DFDS ailesinin en yeni üyelerinden biri ile tanışın

In recent weeks, we have reported quite a lot about our latest acquisition of U.N. RoRo. But that does not mean that we have forgotten about our new colleagues in DFDS Logistics Special Cargo, who we merged into DFDS recently. Earlier this year, DFDS Logistics Special Cargo became part of the DFDS family. The company formerly known […]

Muhteşem: Ana motorlar Jinling'in yeni inşasına kaldırıldı

Frankly, it looks like a Lego construction, with the prefabricated building blocks being assembled in the dock to construct the first ship in our new Jinling ro-ro series. However, the ship is indisputably above Lego size, as documented by the picture of one of the two main engines being lifted into the engine room by […]

BU Kanal Gemide ve kıyıda evcil hayvanlar için ilk yardım

At times, our customers require special attention from our teams if they have an accident on board or ashore. Occasionally, our teams in BU Channel have had to help sick pets, and have always used the training and skills from the first aid provided by DFDS. Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager for BU Channel, says: […]

Havnelangs 2018 - yeni müşterileri karşılamak için mükemmel bir fırsat

Every year Port of Oslo invites all the companies and attractions connected to the Oslofjord to take part in the cheerful and family-friendly event Havnelangs (“Along the Harbour”). It is a well-known and highly regarded tradition for the city as well as for DFDS and this year, the event took place on 3 June, a […]