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Grup HR'yi birleştirmek ve güçlendirmek

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the merger of HR and Training & Development into one department under the name of Group HR, headed by Vice President Kasper Damgaard. Kasper shares an update on the new united department. “This new department offers so many exciting challenges, and I am very humble, yet enthusiastic, in […]

Proje Grimsby Fresh - güncelleme

In March we published an article about the newly-launched Project Grimsby Fresh, which focused on optimising processes and making the fresh fish business in Grimsby more profitable. Since then the local management has conducted an extensive review of the business together with Strategy & Consulting (S&C). There has been a positive transition which has made […]

Çin'de Değerli Volvo Ziyareti

Morgan Olausson, Vice President of BU North Sea North, recently had the pleasure of attending a valuable strategic meeting in China with David Pansinger, Vice President of Logistics Asia Pacific, and Lars Krafft, Industrial Strategy Director from Volvo Cars in Sweden. The five-day visit included a presentation of our mega vessels which are currently under […]

DFDS Peterborough büyük ihaleyi kazandı

DFDS Peterborough has recently won a tender for the UK distribution of frozen vegetable products on behalf of Greenyard Frozen Foods UK. Greenyard is a global market leader in the supply of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit and vegetables. Counting Europe’s leading retailers amongst its customer base, Greenyard provides efficient and sustainable solutions to customers […]

Bu yüksek sezon gençlerimiz için sürprizler

The busy summer holiday period is here, and on the Channel our colleagues are welcoming a large number of guests, including families with children. “It is a pleasure meeting thousands of holidaymakers who have chosen DFDS to be part of their annual summer holiday, and we are really looking forward to welcoming our guests to […]

Kutlama zamanı: Jinling’de ilk mega-gemi başlatıldı

We have some fantastic news about the progress of our new mega-ships being constructed in Jinling. Senior Project Manager Jens Peter Baltsersen has reported that the first Jinling vessel was launched into the Yangtze River on 16 July. Before launching, the vessels top coat was applied as shown on the picture, which made it look […]

BU Med - entegrasyon toplantıları Fransa'da devam ediyor

Even though it is summer and holiday time, our integration work is progressing at full speed. Colleagues from BU Med was busy last week when EVP Peder Gellert, SVP of BU Med Selçuk Boztepe and several colleagues met in Marseilles and Toulon with various stakeholders including partners, local ports, stevedores and agencies. First stop was […]

Bunkerler Departmanındaki Değişiklikler

Technical Organisation and the Bunkers Department are happy to introduce a new and optimised bunkers care team to ensure there is always the correct quantity and quality of bunkers on board our vessels. Martin Fuglsang Knudsen joined the team on 1 July 2018 from a position as a bunkers and cargo surveyor at Saybolt Denmark […]

Kiel'deki müşteri deneyimi atölyesi

On 3 and 4 July, Gary Andrews and Peter Hoogendoorn (Business Development & Strategy) facilitated a workshop in Kiel to address and identify business needs to significantly improve the check-in and boarding experience on our Baltic routes. “Different insight and experience with customer service is very valuable for us, which is why we had all […]

Yeni meslektaşları çekmek için BT ve Dijital lansman videosu

As we reported in June, we are looking for IT developers at DFDS and has begun a campaign to attract the best of them for our digital development. In this video, some of our IT developers give their insight on how it is working for DFDS as well as what they would like their new colleagues […]

Newhaven Limanı'nda teknik sorunlar

Last Sunday, Seven Sisters was unable to dock in Port of Newhaven due to technical problems with the port docking mechanism. “We had no other option than to turn Seven Sisters around and go back to Dieppe, which unfortunately meant that our customers had to see their destination get smaller and smaller. The guests were […]

Gothenburg RoRo'da büyük takım çalışması

The Swedish national football team wasn’t the only Swedish team dressed in their kit to secure success last Tuesday. In order for Petunia Seaways to depart with the planned car load, everyone at the terminal discovered their inner team spirit and helped each other get the job done, just in time to make sure that […]

Rotterdam'da yönetim değişimi

Mikael Mortensen, MD of DFDS shipping agency and terminal location in Vlaardingen, has decided to leave DFDS. After 10 years with DFDS, the last seven in Tallinn, Dieppe, and from 2015 in Rotterdam, Mikael Mortensen is moving back to Denmark with his family to settle in Jutland, where unfortunately DFDS has no positions available. “I […]

İngiltere Denizciler farkındalık haftası: DFDS çıraklık progamasını kutluyor

With 95% of imports coming to the UK by ship, the maritime industry plays a significant role in the economy. Yet there’s been a substantial drop in seafarers ratings and attracting young people has been particularly challenging. To help tackle the issue, maritime charity Seafarers UK held its 9th Seafarers Awareness Week from 23-30 June, where […]

Yönetim, UN Ro-Ro'nun müşterileri ve kurucularıyla buluşuyor

As previous articles have indicated, it is currently full steam ahead in Istanbul. BU Mediterranean Management and Peder Gellert had a busy week, including meetings with BU management and key customers. “We enjoyed meeting Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chairman of International Transporters’ Association (UND) and three board members who are all customers of BU Mediterranean. UND is both […]

Karlshamn üçüncü ardışık rekoru için kursu hazırladı

In March 2017, the ship-shore initiative was implemented for terminals to continuously reduce ships’ time in ports to gain more time at sea, thereby lowering fuel consumption. Karlshamn has recently beaten its own record two months in a row, in April and May. Before the ship-shore initiative, Karlshamn was already dispatching ships with minutes to […]

BT geliştiricilerini işe almak için DFDS kampanyası

It comes as no surprise to us that we lack IT developers at DFDS, but as an article in the respected Danish shipping news magazine Shippingwatch demonstrates, it may be less obvious to the rest of the world. “We employ 250 people in our IT department and have many digital experts, but the world may […]

Grup İK ve Eğitim & Gelişim olmak

We have decided to merge Group HR and Training & Development into one department under the name of Group HR. This is a logical move, as the departments both deal with people: recruiting, onboarding, training and motivating people etc. Responsibility for the new department will be placed on the shoulders of VP Kasper Damgaard. We […]

Newcastle IJmuiden İletişim Merkezi çalışma gezisi

Last week, six colleagues from the Contact Centre in IJmuiden went on a nice three-day trip to Newcastle. The purpose of this study trip was mainly to increase knowledge about the on-board facilities. “We started the trip with a guided tour of King Seaways, including a bridge visit accompanied by Captain Ingimar Tór Thomsen. It […]

'Bir DFDS' haline gelmek için tam buhar

Greetings from sunny Istanbul. It’s my pleasure to write from the newly-formed Business Unit Mediterranean out of Istanbul, where we look forward to hosting many of our new colleagues from DFDS. From the first day when we met with the DFDS management team for the transaction, followed by the integration kick-off meeting in Copenhagen and […]

Satış performansımızı hızlandırın

Why are some sales people more successful than others? And what can you do to become an even better sales professional, maximise your results and attain your goals more effectively? These are questions which we hope you will find answers to in our new e-learning tool, Accelerate. To Move for All to Grow and provide […]

Jinling Tersanesi'nden taze çekimler

Following last week’s update from Jinling Shipyard, we received these great pictures showing how the yard has been busy closing the gap in the hull after installation of major components like the main engines. The ship is fast approaching the time when she is launched into the waters of the famous Yangtze River that runs […]

Göteborg'da dijital gelişmeler hakkında değerli toplantılar

DFDS’ sales and customer services are increasingly going digital and if we and our customers are to obtain the full benefit of this, we need to base our digital initiatives on our customers’ challenges and pains as well as our own requirements. Therefore, Sean Potter, the Shipping Division’s Digital & IT Officer, arranged meetings and workshops […]