New bicycle area at Dunkerque Terminal

The brand new bicycle storage area at the terminal in Dunkerque

On our Dover – France routes we carry around 15,000 bicycles and their passengers every year, and this is an extremely popular mode of travel for our customers travelling from all markets.

Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Channel, says: “We value our customer feedback, and a recurring comment was that they would appreciate a bicycle storage area at our port in Dunkerque. We have therefore established a dedicated area where pushbikes can be stored while our customers are waiting to board the ship in Dunkerque. This will allow our guests to enjoy the terminal facilities and feel confident about leaving their bikes in a safe and dry area. We have already tested the facility on our first bicycling passengers, and they were absolutely delighted.”

Delphine Blanquart, Terminal Operations Manager, Dunkerque & Calais, says: “This is a great new addition to our terminal facilities in Dunkerque, and we were so pleased to get the new bicycle park installed quickly, allowing customers to feel that we appreciate their comments and care about their bicycles. Our operations team has already started to promote the new facility at the check-in point to create awareness amongst our customers.”

March 28, 2019