Karlshamn improves check-in for customers

Johan Stegerö, Freight Manager, says: “All self-service kiosks at the gate in Karlshamn have been updated to accept both QR codes and bar codes. This means drivers who need to drop off or pick up trailers can use the DFDS Freight Terminals app to check if units are available and then scan the QR code to pass the gate instead of typing the release number manually.

“The same functionality is implemented in the gates for accompanied traffic, meaning regardless of having a freight booking in Phoenix or a passenger booking in Seabook, the gate may be passed by scanning the code from the various apps, or printed tickets.

“Solutions like these are really win-win for everyone. The drivers and passengers can check in a lot faster and we ensure an even smoother operation at the terminal during peak hours.

The feedback on this new function has been good. We always strive to make it easier for our customers to operate at our terminal so it is great to see that customer service improvements like this are well received.”

The self-service kiosks at the gate in Karlshamn 

October 2, 2019