Gothenburg RoRo terminal hit by lack of workers

Unfortunately, we are seeing disturbances to traffic and delays affecting cargo and trailers at our ro-ro terminal in Gothenburg today.

This is mainly due to a lack of staff. Only 10% of the additional workers whom we employ on a day-to-day basis have turned up for work after 16:00 hours. This means that we are about 30 persons short today, and as this unfortunately coincides with more ships in port than usual due to last week’s weather and subsequent delays, we have not been able to avoid interruptions to our services,” says Björn Wånge, Managing Director, Gothenburg RoRo.

“We have not received either a warning or an explanation, but we suspect that the Swedish Dockworkers Union (Hamnarbetarförbundet) is reacting to a new policy implemented by all Sweden’s ports in April 2018, which means they are only entitled to benefits stipulated by law. According to the policy, the companies can only negotiate further benefits with the contractual party, which is the Transport Workers’ Union for all Sweden’s ports, and for a few of our own permanent staff.

“We talked to a representative from Hamnarbetarförbundet yesterday, but he denied that any action is taking place. We deeply regret the reduced service which is affecting our customers, and hope that a solution will soon be found so we can once again deliver the service our customers expect and count on,” says Björn.

September 27, 2018