DFDS is testing intelligent drones

Watch the video featuring Lorenz AI-Link® trailer detection technology, which is being tested in DFDS terminals and is designed to assist with efficiency and safety using autonomous drones.


DFDS is developing and testing drones that can help us keep track of the trailers in the terminals in cooperation with Lorenz Technology, a Danish company developing drones based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The drones can autonomously zip around the terminal locating trailers, scanning and analysing trailer numbers, while integrating a real-time data flow to terminal management systems. This data can help terminal staff with different tasks, including precise location of trailers and improved weight management when loading ferries for increased operating efficiency.

The capabilities were successfully demonstrated in Vlaardingen and Esbjerg on 10 April 2019 and will be demonstrated to an EU delegation and to Danish Maritime Authority and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at two separate events in Copenhagen on 28 May.

The drones will be further developed and expanded in the EU-funded OptiPort project with partners; Lorenz Technology, G4S and DFDS. The project will develop and integrate trailer ID and location, damage detection, verification of labels for hazardous materials and furthermore with partner G4S develop numerous security features, including detection and tracking of intruders, displaying their location real-time on 3D maps.

Mads Bentzen Billesø, DFDS Senior Project manager says: “The development of vision technology, AI and drones are going really fast and as with other technologies we would like to be involved and support this development. We will gather valuable knowledge about using intelligent tools which will undoubtedly be part of the future of just about everything.”

If you want to hear more about this, please contact:
Mads Bentzen Billesø – maben@dfds.com

The video was provided by Lorenz Technology. You can read about their work with DFDS here and also watch a short interview with Mads.

May 10, 2019