DFDS adds extra space to Vlaardingen terminal

This great photo has been slightly manipulated to show how the extra terminal space just added to the Vlaardingen terminal will look when completed. The area in question is the one to the left of the basin, seen from the ship entrance to the terminal.

As you know, DFDS has been working on extending the Vlaardingen terminal since 2016, when we started negotiations on the purchase of the 92,000 sq m adjacent land that has so far been used by the Rotterdam Bulk Terminal.

DFDS signed a contract in November 2018, and after almost two years of demolition, cleaning and levelling, the land was officially handed over to DFDS on Wednesday (27 May). It adds a total of 6.4 hectare to the Vlaardingen Terminal.

“We agreed on a 25-year lease contract for the extra land with Port of Rotterdam. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the project was put on hold so that the contractors for sewage, asphalting and lighting had to wait for approval to start up the project again. We also just received the approval for installing the fences required for terminals by the International Ship and Port Facility Security regulations, and for creating an area where we can park up to 150 trailers. This extra space is needed, especially on weekends when the terminal is often full,” says Ralph Bosveld, Terminal Director, Vlaardingen.

“Hopefully, volumes will pick up again soon so we can complete the refurbishment plans and turn the area into the fully equipped ferry terminal it is intended to be.

“When completed, the extra area will enable us to introduce a far better layout of the terminal and – in combination with new digital solutions – ensure a more efficient operation that eliminates the congestion issues we have previously experienced at the busy terminal.”

May 29, 2020