Milestone hit for Automated Quotes in Logistics

The new Automated Quotes team in Logistics, celebrating a record week, consists of Kasper Primdal Lauritzen, Henrik Killander, Rebecca Colvin, Michael Mariboe, Joachim Hasseldam and Pablo Pereira (not pictured).


The Automated Quotes (AQ) tool had a record week in February. In Logistics, Sales has been using a tool created by Smart Data and the business that automates and improves the speed and accuracy of quotes to customers.

Now an important milestone has been reached for the Automated Quotes project. For the first time since the inception of the project, more than 1000 sales quotes were generated by the AQ engine in just one week.

In December, ownership of AQ was transferred to DFDS Direct. The team consists of a group of talented Data Scientists and Cloud Developers in Smart Data, and is now managed by Henrik Killander, Business Development and Marketing Lead, who is Product Owner for the AQ development team, and Rebecca Colvin, Operations Lead, who is Project Manager for the roll out of the tool to the markets.

The AQ project belongs to the two tracks DFDS Direct and Digitize the Core in Pillar B in the Win23 strategy, how we digitise services to accelerate growth.

Scaling up the impact of Automated Quotes

For the last three months the team has worked hard to include more markets using the tool, the types of services that can be quoted, such as Part Loads, and building a new backend that can support online pricing in DFDS Direct.

Henrik Killander says: “The 1000 quotes milestone is just the start of a series of developments scaling up the impact of the AQ engine for Logistics. Later in March the tool will also be beta tested in DFDS Direct, the online booking portal, effectively working as the price engine for logistics online.”

Thanks go out to colleagues

The team would also like to thank former members and key stakeholders in the business who have developed and promoted the adoption of the AQ tool.

Rebecca says: “Rasmus Fisker, former Project Manager for AQ in Smart Data, handed over the project to the Direct team in December and has been vital to the project’s success, and Sarah Holloway, Sales Director UK, has been essential in championing the project.”

“When we started AQ, it was Sarah and Perry Schalker who were the business side of the project, where both had vital roles in promoting the tool and helping us mature it.”

Gauvain Haulot, Director DFDS Direct, says: “We are excited about the opportunities enabled by the AQ price engine. Smart Data has done an outstanding job: the tool streamlines the quoting process for sales and customer service. Soon we will be able to fully digitise quotation and see how many quotes we turn into sales. And in the next few weeks AQ will start supporting pricing online in DFDS Direct for a few selected traffics and customers.”

DFDS to operate Cold Store in Liverpool

Eddie Green Head of BU Cold Chain, has just expanded business with the operation of Magnavale Group’s cold store in Liverpool. “Our new Liverpool operation will be a strong platform in the North West of England from which to grow further,” says Matt O’Dell, MD.


BU Cold Chain takes over operation of the Magnavale Group’s cold store in Simonswood in Liverpool on Monday 6 April. BU Cold Chain’s transport operation in Warrington will also move to Liverpool.

DFDS has been working with the Magnavale Group since 2015, providing transport services to customers using Magnavale’s cold storage services. In an important strategic move, BU Cold Chain will take over the operation of Magnavale’s Liverpool cold store on Monday 6 April.

“We have now entered a period of consultation with all affected staff, and we look forward to welcoming our 30 new colleagues into the DFDS family.” says Eddie Green, Head of BU Cold Chain.

DFDS transport operation in Warrington will also transfer to Liverpool.

First of its kind in DFDS

The cold store has a capacity of 18,000 pallets, including a fully automated chamber holding 10,500 pallets. This will be the first warehouse of its kind in DFDS.

Matt O’Dell, Managing Director, says: “This is a great step for BU Cold Chain. The Liverpool operation will form an important link in the Cold Chain network and enable us to provide more customers with both cold storage and transportation services, which will give us a strong platform in the North West of England from which to grow further.”

“The business will be led by Andy Thompson and great credit should go to Andy for his part in negotiating the deal and securing new customers in advance of DFDS taking over the operation. This will ensure a healthy start to the new venture,” Eddie says.

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of the Logistics Division says: “This is an important development in fulfilling the ambitions of our Win23 strategy and the ambition to grow in the cold chain industry. I congratulate Eddie and his team with this important win.”

Passenger to implement Agile around core teams to improve performance

Declan Walsh and Kasper Moos have been working with Passenger to put lean and agile structures in place that are conducive to great teamwork, improved productivity and shorter time to market.


The Passenger organisation is fully on board with the Win23 strategy, and now with a new agile structure to drive productivity and increase revenue.

Declan Walsh, Business Development & Strategy Director & DIO and Kasper Moos, VP and Head of BU Short Routes & Passenger have been working with the wider Passenger organisation to put lean and agile structures in place. The concept is well known, and the general idea is for this to lead to great teamwork, improved productivity and shorter time to market.

Core teams working small projects

The structures are built around core teams for Copenhagen – Oslo, Amsterdam – Newcastle, Baltic Routes and Eastern Channel, with Western Channel in progress. As shown in the illustration below, these core teams have cross-functional responsibilities to address challenges and issues on their routes without the need for intervention from Passenger Management.

Declan Walsh: “We are evolving the responsibilities of these core teams so that they are also responsible for defining development objectives and deploying resources.”


Development objectives are small, narrowly defined projects that will improve the proposition for any given route, and in some cases for Passenger as a whole. Projects run for four to eight weeks with people typically allocated to work on them one day per week in parallel with their usual duties.

“The output can be a new strategy. Other times it might be a new proposition for a prioritised target micro segment, and in other instances it might be some analysis or a tool that allows better decision making,” Declan says.

When a development objective has been completed, it is handed over to the Core Team so that they can assess and test what value can be generated from the development objective, resulting in a Win23 contribution that is tracked in the same way as other Win23 initiatives.

Example: Copenhagen – Oslo route project

VP and Head of BU Short Routes & Passenger Kasper Moos says: “The completed project Copenhagen – Oslo: Seniors in Q1 & Q4 is a perfect example of this. The objective was to utilise unused capacity during the week on Copenhagen – Oslo in Q1 and Q4, and seniors are one of the few micro segments that can travel when that capacity is available.”

The development objective was led by Senior Campaign Manager Rikke Welløv with team members from OBS, PDM and Partnership, who allocated 20% of their time in a month, and worked together in a collocated manner two half days a week.

Rikke says: “Work included running customer surveys to determine what that micro segment wants and then designing supporting propositions and campaigns. The output of that work is currently being tested so that we can see what impact this could have on the Win23 strategy.”

Norway Ferry and Logistics plans strategic initiatives

Last week the Norwegian Ferry and logistics office held their annual strategy meeting in the wonderful Norwegian surroundings of Hurdalsjøen. The office management team in Norway was represented together with Valdemar Warburg, Vice President & Head of BU Nordic, and Kasper Damgaard, Vice President and Head of Forest & Metal and Client Engagement.

Together they had 24 hours to create initiatives for each business area: Ferry, Logistics and North Sea Terminal in Brevik, that will succeed their DELTA23 ambition of doubling the Norwegian revenues to NOK 1 billion from 2018 to 2023. DELTA23 is the Norwegian strategic initiative to support Win23.

Kasper Svenningsen, Director, Shipping Logistics, says: “One of the core initiatives agreed upon at the meeting was the focus and strengthening of collaboration between business areas to provide one sale, one brand and one DFDS to our customers. In this regard, the talk was also moved to Marketing and the importance of how to promote our collaboration together with our services towards our existing and new customers.”

In result of the strategy meeting Norway Ferry and Logistics office did composed an adequate initiative list to support DELTA23.

We do believe we need to put collaboration on the top of our agenda to succeed, therefore the Norway freight and logistics office are looking forward to realizing their DELTA23 strategy in great cooperation with our colleagues as ONE DFDS.

Ralf Kohlen comes back to Logistics

Ralf returns as Business Development Manager in the Hamburg office.


It is always a pleasure to welcome back great colleagues that have been away from DFDS and feel that they want to return. We are happy to report that Ralf Kohlen has re-joined the company in a new role, and he is starting in December as Business Development Manager.

Many colleagues got to know Ralf Kohlen over the past 11 years as he has contributed to our success in different functions at DFDS, both in Hamburg’s Logistics Department, for the past three years in Business Finance and previously in Immingham and Cuxhaven.

Ralf decided to look for new challenges outside DFDS and left in June of this year, though he promised to be back at some point. However, he is fortunately returning after just six months to continue the important work with the Win23 strategy in particular.

Ralf says: “I’ve been with DFDS for more than 11 years now since starting in Cuxhaven, and one of the deciding factors for my return is that DFDS and the colleagues here do a lot to make you feel happy and welcome, beyond what I think is the norm. I’m looking forward to working on the development of the commercial strategy with our local sales department and management, and of course to seeing all the familiar faces.”

Managing Director for Logistics Hamburg and Ralf’s Manager Sven Ohlsen says: “Please join me in welcoming Ralf back. We will surely benefit from his extensive experience on our Win23 journey, as we increase our focus in Logistics Hamburg towards reaching the strategic goals set out for Logistics.”

Great visit to Pendik

During his tour of Pendik earlier this week, Torben Carlsen met many colleagues in the port and agency. At a staff meeting, he informed them about the status of DFDS and the implementation of our Win23 strategy and its significance to BU Med.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit our port operation in Pendik. On a tour of the port, Port Operations Manager Levent Sinel explained how the operation has seriously improved recently. For example, loading and unloading of Ephesus took 18 hours at the beginning – this week it took only 10 hours.

Apart from the dedication of our colleagues, the improvement has also been supported by the simplification of our route network, which means that all vessels from Pendik now call at Trieste whereas before, France-bound vessels also called at Pendik but are now calling from Yalova. And as agency manager Arif Akkoz and Lars Hoffmann told me, the first steps in our improvement work have so far resulted in a more structured operation that has removed the queues we have previously seen building up at the terminal gate.

I was also very pleased to listen to Levent explaining the extensive safety measures undertaken at the port following the recent tragic incident in Trieste, emphasising that speed of operation must never happen at the expense of safety.

After the tour, I had the opportunity to meet the full crew in Pendik. I was thrilled to see the motivation and eagerness of all my colleagues to do a good job for our customers and was challenged by a few of my colleagues with questions showing their focus and dedication.

Torben Carlsen

DFDS is Denmark’s 37th biggest company

Torben Carlsen was interviewed by Danish media Group Berlingske, speaking about the strategy, Turkey, Brexit, and the future.

In the Danish media Group Berlingske’s survey of the 1000 largest companies in Denmark, DFDS was on Friday 25 October ranked as the 37th largest. Furthermore, we were listed as Denmark’s second largest shipping company after Maersk.

However, it wasn’t only about size. In an accompanying article, focus was on the transformation of DFDS into a much more profitable company that has grown results by every year since 2009 and achieved its best ever results in 2018. Light was also shed on developments in BU Med and Brexit’s effect on us – including our robust preparations.

“It is very pleasing that people appreciate our extremely positive development, which we sometimes forget to appreciate ourselves because we are deeply engaged in developing our company for the future and implementing our Win23 strategy,” says Torben Carlsen who was interviewed for the article.

Changes in BU Med Organisation

Dear all,

As you know we are continuing the integration of BU Med into DFDS and incorporating the DFDS Way in our organisation. With this aim, we have today made the following changes:

• Sales Director, Ayberk Eskin, will take on the role of Route Director for France, and in accordance with the structure in the rest of our network, it will include Profit & Loss responsibility. Ayberk will continue to report to Fuat Pamukcu.

• Fuat Pamukcu, VP Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy, will add the additional task of Route Director for Italian and Greek routes, including Profit & Loss responsibility.

• To support our Route Directors, we will create two new operations manager positions in Istanbul. They will report to the route directors. Their tasks will be customer service, and include Phoenix integration, optimisation of operations and utilisations, simplification of procedures and working The DFDS Way. We hope to be able to recruit people internally as knowledge of our system will be beneficial.

• Kemal Bozkurt, VP Operations, will gain the additional task of responsibility for Technical Operation and Marine Standards of the BU Med fleet. This is in general alignment with the DFDS fleet, and link to our corporate functions.

• Our HR, Legal and Finance set-up will continue unchanged. Locally focused, but with a cooperation link to align with the Group.

• The position of Procurement Manager in Istanbul will be terminated. Procurement will be handled locally in Istanbul, in cooperation with the Group. Unfortunately, this means that Procurement Manager Tamer Karadag will be leaving us.

• We will establish a new intermodal team, which is today a part of Sales/Operation. To head the team, we are looking for an external candidate for the position of Intermodal Director and head of the team. The Intermodal Director will be placed in Trieste and report to Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med.

• Jens Peder Nielsen, Managing Director of Samer Seaport Terminal Trieste, and Jimmy Marolle, Agency Manager France, will report to Lars Hoffmann.

• We are in the progress of establishing a new set-up in Séte. We have been able to attract five staff, who we know well, from Toulon. We are now eight colleagues in DFDS Agency in Séte.

These changes are part of BU Med’s journey towards adapting our operations and implementing the “best practises” that have helped create success for DFDS.

We move the Profit & Loss responsibility out into our organisation and streamline our set-up to the benefit of our customers and to enable us to set the right schedules and clearer lines for operations and sales.

Our Intermodal set-up is such a large part of our business, wherefore we need to strengthen this area and invest further in it.

I am confident that this will strengthen us in the market, enable us to deliver on our Win23 responsibilities and in the end give us better tools to meet new challenges and create more jobs and career opportunities.

Lars Hoffmann

Win23 strategy kick-off to go local

The nearly 200 managers who participated at our Management Conference 2019 were part of the kick-off of our Win23 strategy. Now it’s time for everyone at DFDS to get involved. Win23 was at the very heart of the conference and at the first staff meeting in a group wide series of meetings that were held in DFDS House last Friday. Here Torben Carlsen informed about the conference including how the Win23 strategy can become a success.

“Win23 is extremely important for the future of everyone working at DFDS, and everyone working at DFDS is important for our ability to implement the strategy and create a future that benefits us all. More collaboration throughout our company is going to be key for success. By pulling together, we can create remarkable results that will make DFDS stronger for the benefit of us all,” says Torben.

The Win23 communication team will now distribute a short version of the presentation used in Copenhagen to local management to enable everyone to become more familiar with the Win23 implementation projects.

The Win23 communication team will also contact managers to offer assistance with adding local projects and issues to the presentation.

See a video of the staff meeting in Copenhagen about the Management Conference in DFDS House here.

See the video about Win23 here.

See the animation about Win23 Pillar B here.

DFDS House colleagues were invited to a staff meeting about the Executive Management Team’s Management Conference 2019

Win23: Logistics launch “Staying Ahead” project to continue growth

DFDS Logistics have been very successful and seen strong results compared to the industry in general.

“I am extremely proud of the way our local offices have taken their own initiatives to secure growth and margins. However, with slower growth in some European economies, and Brexit likely to challenge business, we will need to create the future growth ourselves even more,” says Niklas Andersson, EVP & Head of Logistics Division.

“Therefore, in line with our Win23 strategy, DFDS Logistics will launch Project Staying Ahead to secure a profitable growth and ensure we stay ahead of the average logistics companies, even under those more difficult market conditions.

“With the project, we want to be better at sharing our initiatives, experience and the tools developed over the last few years so we can grow our Logistics business more than the market growth the next 4 years and at the same time ensure slightly better results than today,” he says.

“The project will be run with local management in the driving seat, and local business partners tracking the changes. The role of the project team will be to facilitate the discussions and initiatives, but we know that all offices are more than capable and very used to this structure of continuous improvements.”

The project team is currently being formed and will be presented on the Bridge as soon as the core team and project management is in place.

“The core project team’s first task will be to visit all Logistics offices over the coming 18 months to learn from the many initiatives and the experience gathered in all our locations, so we can share the learnings, best practices and tools developed,” says Niklas.

We will follow up with an update about the project next week.

Success for IT Development Centre in Istanbul

Our teams at the IT Development Centre in Istanbul have many reasons to be happy these days. They just moved into a brand-new office, joining the rest of their BU Med colleagues, and since the start of the centre last November, they have welcomed over 25 new team members. With Senior Director Jan Devrim at the helm, the centre now employs over 30 colleagues working with IT solutions for mobile apps, cross-docking and warehousing for Volvo and Arendal. The team works on electronic data interchange (EDI) that automates the way we communicate and exchange business documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, and they provide integration services too. Very soon a Phoenix team and a warehouse team is expected to join the office, increasing the number of colleagues to 40.

Gert Møller, VP & CIO, says: ”In its short lifetime, the Development Center has already created great value to DFDS. The cooperation regarding cross-docking and warehousing is highly appreciated by business representatives at both Arendal and Volvo also Logistics in DFDS is very pleased with having dedicated EDI developers in Istanbul. Likewise, Sophie-Kim Chapman, VP & Group Digital Officer, is very complimentary about the mobile app team.

The products are delivered on time, and they are also both sustainable and developed in the correct way. The IT Development Centre is a great example of our ability to constantly develop the most effective IT and digital solutions that support our future growth and success in line with Pillar B of our strategy WIN23. It gives us the opportunity to establish development teams for projects and tasks we previously outsourced, and it provides important support to our IT development teams in Copenhagen and Immingham. Jan Devrim has been fantastic at managing his teams, and he has contributed heavily to the current success of the IT Development Centre” says Gert

Senior Director of the IT Development Centre in Istanbul Jan Devrim says: “Our great cooperation with the other IT teams at different locations ensures that we always end up with a solution that has been tested and reviewed thoroughly. I hope this rapid success will continue and pave the way for more solutions. We have to keep the momentum going, which is why we are sending teams to attend relevant training and events around Europe to be up to date on cutting-edge technology for implementation in the end product. “

Passenger kicks off Win23 Pillar D implementation

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, Copenhagen-Oslo, sharing some insights about current performance at the kick-off in Oslo


Kasper Moos and his team in BU Short Routes & Passenger have been busy working on how the Passenger organisation can best work together to deliver great results for DFDS and implement their Pillar D Win23 strategy of creating more value for our passengers.

“It was fantastic that Torben Carlsen was able to headline growth in Passenger earnings in the Q2 Quarterly Report, it is a real testament to the great work being done on our vessels, at our ports, and in the agency,” says Kasper Moos, Head of the BU.

But we can’t stand still. Torben has given Pillar D very ambitious Win23 targets and we are confident we can at least deliver his minimum expectations from projects already underway such as Tour Operator, Optimisation of Revenue Management and Onboard Spend Development. But we want to exceed expectations,” says Kasper.

Passenger Win23 was kicked-off in Oslo harbour onboard Pearl on Wednesday 11 September, with a second kick-off in Copenhagen the following day, and kick-offs in Newcastle & IJmuiden this week.

More focus on value

“To reach our Win23 targets we will have to optimise the propositions we are offering our customers, deliver more value to them, and get more value back in return,” says Casper Puggaard, Sales & Service Director.

“A shift from volume focus to value focus will be crucial to future success on some routes,” adds Lucas Kragh, Yield & Revenue Director.

Pete Akerman, Marketing Director, responding to a question from the floor at the kick-off in Newcastle

The kick-offs in Newcastle and IJmuiden included some more details on the new Amsterdam-Newcastle tonnage with Teun-Wim Leene giving the teams some insights into how these new vessels will impact the route, the propositions we can deliver to our guests, and the projected financial impacts from this in Win23.

Teun-Wim Leene gave the teams some insights into how these new vessels will impact the route

Chris Parker, Performance Director, and Steve Newbury, Onboard Services Director, joined the kick-offs in Newcastle and IJmuiden and will be taking Passenger Win23 to colleagues on the Eastern Channel in the weeks to come.

Passenger Win23 includes a number of Development Objectives that will impact all routes that have passenger activities, with Baltic Routes & Dieppe-Newhaven yet to come. All staff in passenger will be invited to a global kick-off via Skype in early October.

For further information about Passenger Win23 please contact Declan Walsh, Business Development & Strategy Director.

Win23: Klaus Erik Hansen is new Head of Client Engagement

In accordance with our WIN23 strategy of growing in select industries, the Ferry Division established the new BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement that is being headed by VP Kasper Damgaard. He is now in the process of getting his team and BU structure in place.

Klaus Erik Hansen has been promoted to Head of Client Engagement, a key role in the BU, which will consist of Customer Focus Initiative, CRM and DFDS Way of Selling. Klaus will be reporting to Kasper Damgaard, Head of the BU.

“Klaus Erik Hansen has been with DFDS since November last year and due to the nature of his position as Senior Project Manager in Strategy & Consulting, he has been involved in many projects throughout DFDS. It is especially his work with One Sales that makes him a great fit for his new position, where he will be responsible for the client engagement strategy in the new BU and the overall One Sales strategy for the entire organisation by facilitating cooperation between logistics and ferry.”

“I am very pleased that we were able to find a great candidate among the many talented young people at DFDS, and thus show that DFDS provides excellent career opportunities for all colleagues,” says Kasper.

Major improvements to terminal management system in key locations

The team responsible for rolling out upgrades to terminal systems. From left: Lee Collins, Phil Henning, Sam Ling, Matthew Penistone, Amber Horth, David Maynard, Ian Clipsham, Matthew Woodward, George McDowall, Mark Silvey and Carl Robinson. Team members not pictured: Fiona Hoad, Daryl Leak, Stephen Foster, Keith Williams and Patrick Short


Big things are happening in our freight terminals, with six key terminals now fully up to date with the latest version of the terminal management software and thus the ideal foundation for future development. It also supports Pillar B of the Win23 strategy: Digitising services to accelerate growth.

The software, called Group Terminal Management System (GTMS), is key to all operations for freight at a terminal, including the functions of the gates and the planning involving the vessels carrying ro-ro (roll-on/roll-off), side-port and lo-lo (lift-on/lift-off) units.

Terminals in Vlaardingen, Ghent, Immingham, Gothenburg, Brevik and Copenhagen were all working with different software versions. The GTMS was also built on an older technological framework, which is a legacy solution by current standards today and would have difficulties to support in the future. Now they have been unified and standardised in staggered rollouts over the last 14 months with a new, flexible and scalable GTMS.

This single system allows terminal staff to have an overview of operations and the precise information needed to carry out various tasks, such as a foreman using GTMS to plan the optimal use of the tugmasters to carry freight on and off the ferries, prioritising in the loading of containers to and from hauliers. It also makes it possible to manage the movements and position of every new car handled at the terminals into lanes for export, import and individual vehicle dispatch.

The importance of the GTMS cannot be overstated. It is critical to terminal operations. Over 3.6 million work orders have been made so far in 2019, each of these being the moving of a unit from one place to another. This is not counting port location warehouse activities, for which GTMS supports the handling and inventory management of approximately 1.6 million tonnes of forest and metals products.

Amber Horth, Product Owner, says: “In addition to immediate improvements, this roll-out enables a future-proofing of the terminals. The system becomes better and more stable in its functions, while allowing new components to be built on top and more easily rolled out, without specialists having to physically visit and perform installations at each terminal.”

Sean Potter, Divisional Head, Digital & Systems, says: “GTMS is in the capable hands of a structured team, with a new product owner and a team of analysts that have made a huge effort with the installations and supporting work in this period. This makes a big difference to the terminals. They can now be more easily improved with projects for their particular needs. This includes the new gate system in Ghent, improved Graphical Planner functionality for loading and discharging of vessels and Work Order Manager features advancing the Priority-Based Booking project, as well as updated software for the tugmasters’ on-board computers at all sites. This greatly supports the Win23 strategy and our ambition for enabling growth by digitising services.”

GTMS team members testing an installed kiosk, from top left: Matthew Penistone, Ian Clipsham, Matthew Penistone (again), Sam Ling, Fiona Hoad and Phil Henning

New Cold Chain management team meets to discuss strategy and plan ahead

The Cold Chain management team met to discuss strategy, align goals and plan ahead for the new, strategic BU. From left: Geert Liefhooghe, Managing Director in Brugge, Steve Macaulay, VP, Eddie Green, VP and Head of BU Cold Chain, Rutger Van Der Linden, Director, Vlaardingen and Matt O’Dell, Managing Director in Peterborough & Grimsby.

DFDS has a major Cold Chain business, and this was established as a new Business Unit earlier in the year, in accordance with our new Win23 Strategy and part of Pillar A of growing in selected industries being Automotive, Cold Chain and Forest & Metal. Eddie Green has now assumed leadership of the BU and, following a tour of the various offices, he arranged a management team meeting at the Peterborough office on 29 – 30 August to discuss strategy, align goals and plan ahead for the new, strategic BU.

As well as Eddie, the Cold Chain management team consists of Rutger Van Der Linden, Steve Macaulay, Geert Liefhooghe and Matt O’Dell. Andreas Björnsson from Strategy & Consulting came to facilitate the meeting.

The outcomes of the two-day meeting were great discussions on a range of topics, including:

  • Introductions to the areas of cold chain and local operations by each Managing Director
  • Strategy regarding geographies, services and products
  • Mergers & acquisitions strategy
  • Potential for collaboration on network efficiencies and joint customer leads
  • Which strategic risks to take
  • Resources needed to succeed

Eddie Green says: “In the short time we spent together, the opportunities to grow the Cold Chain business became even clearer. These include a number of major customers with untapped potential which the creation of a more structured network will allow us to develop. We have high ambitions for this business including doubling the income and with the strong reputation DFDS Cold Chain is building, we can be confident of turning our ambitions and the Win23 strategy for Pillar A into reality.”

Win23: New DFDS Direct team to grow digital offerings in Logistics

A new DFDS Direct department has seen the light of day. The new department will build the digital business within the Logistics Division in line with the strategic goals of Win23 Pillar B. It will be placed under Valdemar Warburg, VP of BU Nordic, and will be headed by Gauvain Haulot as its new Director

September will be the month in which we focus on our plans to implement strategic initiatives of Win23 Pillar B, which is about how DFDS will digitise services to accelerate growth.

However, we start already today as the first Pillar B initiative takes off with Logistics Division merging My Logistics and DFDS Direct into a new department under the name DFDS Direct.

The new department will be placed under Valdemar Warburg, VP of BU Nordic, and it will be headed by Gauvain Haulot. He will move from a position as Senior Project Manager in Strategy & Consulting to be Director and Head of DFDS Direct. He will report to Valdemar. However, as his role will be to build a digital business within the Logistics Division in general, he will also report to a Venture Board chaired by Torben Carlsen.

Three priorities are set for the team:
• Boost adoption of current digital booking and post-booking services by our existing customers.
• Enhance digital value proposition for our existing customers.
• Scale digital value proposition to new customers.

“The team is not yet complete as we are currently working on recruiting new colleagues externally as well as internally. Recruiting starts immediately for an Operations Lead and a Data/Business Analyst, and we hope to be able to present the whole team soon,” says Gauvain who emphasizes that his team will be collaborating closely with Digital & Marketing as well as IT to make DFDS Direct a joint success. In particular Riccardo Cereser from Digital & Marketing has been appointed product owner.

Valdemar says: “I am excited to welcome Gauvain to Logistics. Having worked with Gauvain during the last year, I know he is just the right one to drive the roll-out of DFDS Direct. He has an excellent understanding of our business, he is good at listening and reaching out to his colleagues while also maintaining a high ambition and keeping a strategic direction.”

Gauvain was born and raised in France, and he joined DFDS in July last year as a Senior Project Manager in Strategy & Consulting after holding positions at Boston Consulting Group in Copenhagen and Intel Corporation in the USA. He holds an engineering diploma from École Polytechnique in Paris and a PhD in engineering from University of California in Los Angeles.

I congratulate Gauvain on his promotion to Director and thank him for his great work in our Strategy & Consulting team. He has been an important part of the team and we are proud of sending him on to this new challenge. Given his success in Strategy & Consulting, we have no doubt that he will make DFDS Direct equally successful,” says Filip Hermann, VP of Strategy & Consulting.

Torben Carlsen presents the new DFDS strategy WIN23

Today CEO Torben Carlsen presented the new strategy WIN23 at a staff meeting at DFDS house.

Download Torben’s presentation from the staff meeting here

If you need the presentation in the power point format, please contact Group Communications.

See a short video about WIN23 here.