Great start for SIRS in Brevik

Thorbjørn Aasig Lund and Stian Larsson
As part of the initiatives for the Safety First Programme, a new reporting tool SIRS (Safety Incident Reporting System) has been introduced in various terminals and warehouses.

At Brevik terminal, the tool has taken off with a great start. Shortly after introducing the tool, we saw the first reports for Brevik, and the terminal was quick to implement and start using the new reporting system.

“The old deviation report was outdated and on a small paper. It had a few regular health and safety lines and a little empty blank space where we could write down in short words what had happened. Having our mindset on being more innovative and more focused on safety and the environment, SIRS came just in perfect time for us,” says Safety Representative Stian Larsson. “I am very happy with this improvement and especially how easy it is to use”.

Small stickers with QR codes have been placed in machines and buildings, which makes it very easy for employees and third parties to report it if an incident should occur. The follow-up and possible corrective actions needed to rectify the safety reports are done by the safety representative and managers all together.

MD at Brevik terminal Thorbjørn Aasig Lund says: “When we have a bit more data, the next step for us in Brevik will be to evaluate safety performance and share findings and best practice with our colleagues in the terminal in Brevik and within the rest of the DFDS network”.

Climate Plan – The long-term track

Watch this video and get a better understanding of what the long-term track of the Climate Plan entails.

Jakob Steffensen, Innovation Lead, explains the three focus areas that make up the long-term track.

DFDS develops ambitious climate plan

We want to become climate neutral by 2050 and are aiming for a relative reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by close to 45% from 2008 to 2030. That corresponds to an approximate reduction of 25-35% between 2019 and 2030. These are the main goals in DFDS’ new climate action plan.


In 2019, DFDS emitted ~2 million tons of CO2. 90% was from our vessels. Continuing to do so would have a negative impact on the environment and climate. It would also put us at significant economic risk: customers will find more climate-friendly suppliers and the costs related to regulatory requirements will increase.


DFDS’ response to this is a new strategic climate action plan that will make us climate neutral by 2050. We are aiming for a relative reduction of GHG emissions by close to 45% from 2008 to 2030. That corresponds to an approximate reduction of 25-35% between 2019 and 2030.


Team members from the Technical Organisation, Innovation & Partnerships, CSR, and Strategy & Consulting have supported management in the development of this plan, and the Executive Management Team will track its development on a quarterly basis.


Three tracks leading to the finish line
The  plan consists of two overall tracks covering the tonnage adaption in short term and long term, as well as a third track ‘getting the house in order’ that covers all other things like facilities and terminal equipment.


The short-term tonnage adaption plan consists of initiatives to be implemented throughout the next 10 years, resulting in close to 45% reduction from 2008 to 2030. It widely consists of minor technical upgrades, including solutions like the use of the correct coatings on vessel hulls and decision support systems. But the fleet will also undergo major upgrades, like modifications of bulbs and propellers.

The long-term tonnage adaption plan is all about how we replace fossil fuels with the new generation of zero emission fuel. The new sustainable fuels are renewable energy stored in the form of for instance ammonia, hydrogen, or methanol. Storing, handling and using these new fuels is very different to how we do things today. We need to learn a lot to be able to make the right strategic decisions. Projects and partnerships will help us learn and share knowledge and reach our goals. The long-term tonnage adaption plan focuses on our new generation of ships.


Getting the house in order addresses the remaining 10% of our total emissions. In short, emissions that don’t come from our vessel-related activities. Initiatives like electric trucks, energy consumption for buildings and hybrid/electric company cars will engage all our colleagues across the business in helping DFDS develop ways of becoming more sustainable. Many of these initiatives are done in cooperation with key suppliers to reduce environmental impact.


DFDS CEO Torben Carlsen says: “I am very happy that we now have this ambitious and comprehensive climate action plan in place. It clearly states how we can and will take responsibility for the environment. It will also help us stay relevant as a service provider in 10, 15, 50 years from now. With the support of every one of our employees, we will be able to turn this plan into reality and at the same time continue our existing efforts to support the environment and local communities.”


More on this in the coming weeks

BU Med “Carry for Women”

Fuat Pamukçu, Melek Yıldız, Özlem Dalga, Emine Erdem and Lars Hoffmann

BU MED recently initiated the corporate social responsibility project “We Carry for Women” in cooperation with KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey).

The project involves transportation of 50 female entrepreneurs’ goods (2 containers for each elected enrepreneur) by DFDS free of charge for a year. Turkish international freight transport and logistics companies have shown a great interest to support women entrepreneurs in Turkey by participating in this project together with DFDS.

“We Carry for Women” is designed to encourage women’s participation in business life, help them stand out in social life, and contribute to their export capabilities. Products of female producers will be shipped free of charge by DFDS in its maritime (departures from Pendik, Yalova and Mersin) and railway networks. This support has grown vastly, particularly during and after the pandemic, and the first transport took place in the last week of June.

The project was introduced to the Turkish press on 3 July through an online press conference with participation of Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU MED, Emine Erdem, President of KAGİDER, and Fuat Pamukçu, VP Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy.

As part of the multi-stranded communication plan designed for the project, “Route of Women Entrepreneurs” TV show started to broadcast on 25 July on Bloomberg HT channel. Emine Erdem and Fuat Pamukçu were the first guests of the TV show, and they pointed out the importance of the project which contributes greatly to making female entrepreneurs more competitive in global markets and helps them get access to the markets overseas. Every Saturday, with the moderation of Özlem Dalga, Corporate Communications Manager in BU MED, “Route of Women Entrepreneurs” will continue to tell stories about female entrepreneurs and provide logistics mentoring and coaching with our business partners as guest hosts.

This TV advertorial for the project was shown on national TV

This is the first episode of the TV show (selected clips have English subtitles)

Fuat Pamukçu says: “The female entrepreneurs to benefit from the “We Carry for Women” program will be chosen by KAGİDER and DFDS. Women’s involvement in the economic life is very important for gender equality as well as for the democratic development. We are very happy to realise this project with KAGİDER, a non-governmental organisation working to empower women by entrepreneurship.”

Özlem Dalga says: “We are positively surprised that the “We Carry For Women” project has been so well received and are very happy that this collaboration project in the logistics sector will help women entrepreuners in this pandemic periode.”

Part 2 of 3 – Interview with CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel

As you may know, DFDS launched the Annual Report 2019 and the CSR Report 2019 on 24 February. The reports took lots of efforts to create, and fortunately they have been very well received externally.

In three interviews, CFO Karina Deacon, CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel and Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft will share their thoughts about the reports, and they will explain what you can expect to find in the reports and why they might be interesting for you to read.

In this second interview, Anne-Christine will tell about the CSR Report 2019 and especially the People side of it.


All DFDS reports can be found here



Part 3 of 3 – Interview with Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft

As you may know, DFDS launched the Annual Report 2019 and the CSR Report 2019 on 24 February. The reports took lots of efforts to create, and fortunately they have been very well received externally.

In three interviews, CFO Karina Deacon, CPO Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel and Head of CSR Sofie Hebeltoft will share their thoughts about the reports, and they will explain what you can expect to find in the reports and why they might be interesting for you to read.

In this third interview, Sofie will tell about the CSR Report 2019 and especially the part about our environmental footprint.


All DFDS reports can be found here



Eco-friendly ballast water on DFDS’ ships

Watch this video showing the installation of a new ballast water treatment system on Regina Seaways. Enjoy a tour of the 3D model environment and a time-lapse series of the yard installation.

As you may know, water is used as ballast on board ships to maintain safe operating conditions during a voyage by improving stability, reducing stress on the hull, and improving propulsion efficiency.

Last year, DFDS initiated a programme for installing ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) on all vessels in our fleet in order to support the marine environment and to comply with the international convention on ballast water management. The system prevents the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species through the use of ballast water on ships operating across different regions. This is done mechanically, using a combination of filtration and UV radiation to render the organisms non-viable.

For the last six months, the project team has been busy clarifying the batch 2020 ships’ system capacity needs, developing the new ship specific documentation, obtaining required approvals from the maritime authorities and planning the yard installations.

Jacob Johannesen, Project Manager & Naval Architect, Newbuilding & Major Conversions, says: “It is a challenging task to install the system with all its auxiliary components in an already-crowded machinery area. DFDS has teamed up with a design facility that uses a 3D scan of the relevant spaces to model the installation in a point cloud environment. This helps reduce the margin of error in the design and the installation time required.”

Five BWTS installations already in place

During the first two months of 2020, five BWTS installations have been made: Côte des Flandres, Regina Seaways, Dunkerque Seaways, Delft Seaways and Seven Sisters now all clean the water thoroughly before sending it back into the sea.

“Many colleagues within the organisation are involved with the programme during the different phases. However, a special thank-you must go to our good colleagues in Technical Organisation who are ensuring timely installations at the yard,” says Jacob.

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, says: “Supporting the marine environment is part of our CSR strategy, and the installation of BWTS is an important part of this. It’s great to see how this is actually brought to life, both with the 3D simulation and the time-lapse film. Thank you to the team for sharing this with us.”

The programme will continue until end of 2024.

Local children Sail with Santa

DFDS recently held an exclusive ‘Sail with Santa’ event for local families as part of the UK charity Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas appeal.

The event took place on King Seaways at the Port of Tyne and saw over 200 children and their families attend a specially arranged Christmas party. Activities on board included Christmas entertainment, face-painting and a festive meal prepared by the chefs. Children also got the opportunity to meet the Captain, several Disney Princesses, Captain America and the main man himself, Santa Claus.

Guests were invited to the event by Cash for Kids, a children’s charity with regional bases across the UK, established to improve opportunities and provide life-changing experiences for young people across the UK. Sail with Santa offered hundreds of local children from disadvantaged backgrounds or with life-limiting illnesses the chance to enjoy some festive fun.

Lucy Chambers, Brand & Content Specialist, says: “We’re incredibly proud to have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children in our region. The Sail with Santa event spreads plenty of Christmas cheer and provided a fun day out for local children and their families.”

“Huge thanks to everyone in the Newcastle office and onboard King Seaways who helped organise the event. Our very own Chris Whitfield even dressed up as Captain America for the occasion!”

The day came to a close with a special performance of ‘Let it Go’ by the Princesses, complete with snow! Every child left the ship with a gift from Santa, a special passport full of Princess autographs and magical memories of a festive party with a difference.

Children celebrate onboard King Seaways with the Captain, Santa and his elves.


Merida from Brave enjoying a dance onboard.


Sleeping Beauty signing autographs.


The Captain and staff onboard King Seaways feeling festive.


Captain America greets our guests.


DFDS Polska support fundraising for child with a brain tumour

DFDS Polska organise cake sales to raise money for 6-year-old Jasiu Woźniak

The Christmas period is a special time of the year, where among all this chaos of buying presents and finishing all our important festive stuff, there is also a bit of time for reflection and taking part in charity events.

This year in DFDS Polska we have an opportunity to help one of our employee’s family – 6-year-old Jasiu Woźniak – in raising funds (more than 700.000EUR is required) for his lifesaving brain tumour treatment.

As always in such cases, time is crucial, therefore we decided to organise on Wednesday 11 December in DFDS Polska building, a bake sale during which we were collecting money for his treatment. We were selling homemade cakes prepared by DFDS Polska employees and encouraging everyone from the many business in our building to share our initiative via social media and help us towards the financial goal. The action was really well received, and we would like to thank all those who baked delicious cakes and contributed to the success of the event:
@Marta Norkiewicz, @Patrycja Brzezinska, @Katarzyna Gizińska, @Magdalena Plonka, @Joanna Kicinska, @Anna Sut, @Agnieszka Plichcińska, @Marta Przybyl, @Katarzyna Jankiewicz, @Aleksandra Appelt, @Monika Brzoska, @Weronika Branicka,@Karol Janochowski

The goal of 700.000 EUR is a long way from being reached, but encouraged by the success of our cake sale, we decided to organise it again on Wednesday morning 18 December.

We are aware that with such a huge collection it’s important to engage as many people as possible. There are other local initiatives in Poznań city which are already taking place, so if anyone else would like to join us and support, please share via your social media profiles and link to the official fundraising site for Jasiek:

We all believe that even though the treatment is extremely expensive and not affordable by any individual, by sharing, engaging and collaborating – especially with the festive spirit – it will save Jasiek’s life and we may all be part of it.

Christmas lunch for homeless once again a heart-warming event

Part of DFDS’ CSR strategy is to support local community engagement, and one of the original initiatives in this area is the annual Christmas lunch for homeless men and women in Copenhagen and Oslo.

On Tuesday 3 December, DFDS once again invited 250 of Copenhagen’s homeless people on board Pearl Seaways to enjoy a wonderful Christmas lunch. This year marked the 10th anniversary of this tradition, and the ship was bursting with Christmas spirit from Mr and Mrs Santa Claus, the VoiceZone choir and much more.

Stine Rysgaard Jensen from the Marketing Brand team says: “Ten years ago, it all started as an idea among the employees on board Pearl. Today, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it! I’m really happy to be part of it, and despite the fact that time changes, the DFDS Christmas lunch for the homeless doesn’t. Its ‘same procedure as last year’ – every year – because it works, and the homeless men and women look forward to it long before Christmas. It is truly heart-warming to see how much they enjoy this event and how grateful they are.”

As an extra add on – in relation to the 10th anniversary – ahead of this year’s event, colleagues in DFDS House made contributions which were spent on new jackets and Christmas presents for 24 men and women at the RG60 youth shelter in Copenhagen.

Stine says: “A huge thank you for all your contributions! This year we’ve made a little video to show you what went on in all the preparations for the event. A way of giving you an introduction to the happiness that 250 homeless people can feel when being welcomed back ‘home’ on Pearl. We hope you enjoy it.”

Check-in staff at the Karlshamn office Wear Waste

The Karlshamn check-in staff in their new uniforms

Every year, enormous amounts of plastic end up in the sea. And as traditional plastics do not decompose and the decomposition process for biodegradable plastics takes a very long time, the world’s oceans are increasingly turning into landfill sites. This is having devastating, long-term effects on marine life.

The Karlshamn office has recently bought new uniforms for the check-in staff, partly made of plastic waste from the sea!

Simon Johansson, Sales Coordinator, says: “As we work on and near the sea, it is very important for us to contribute to reducing litter and to help clean up the seas in the best way we can. 53% of the fabric in our new uniforms is made from recycled plastic from the sea.”

According to the manufacturer of the uniforms, only 5% of the plastic in the oceans is washed up on the beaches, while the rest remains in the sea. If this trend is not broken, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Looks good, Karlshamn!


BU Med attends diversity conference

Ayberk Eskin, Route Director and Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent

To raise awareness about equality, BU Med attended a conference called #WomanEqualsManFullStop, organised by Yanındayız Association on 24 October 2019.

The aim is to create better awareness and active involvement in the struggle against challenges and prejudices that create gender inequality and discrimination.

Some 600 people from businesses all over the world got together to share their insights into numerous initiatives and existing work to support women, including company strategies, projects and advocacy. Inspiring stories about women in exciting positions were also shared with the participants.

On behalf of DFDS, Ayberk Eskin, Route Director, and Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent, took to the stage and spoke about how DFDS supports women in the business and the challenges facing women on their career journey.

Ayberk highlighted the benefits of increasing diversity and equality in traditional male-dominated businesses. Şima Demir, the first female master of a DFDS vessel, stated how proud she is of her job. In her speech, she made important points about how women can deal with the challenges that may arise, and how she has never felt any regrets during her career, even when things were difficult at times.

The conference ended with stories of our world-class female athletes. They highlighted gender equality and equal opportunity in every area of life by saying #WomanEqualsManFullStop.

Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent and Ayberk Eskin, Route Director

Are your books gathering dust?

Then you can donate them to an initiative which helps our guests and the environment at the same time.

Line Nors Frandsen, who is Concept Manager in BU Short Routes and Passenger, is behind the initiative, and she says: “We want to make a bookcase where people can exchange books on board Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways. Many of you may be familiar with the concept which has gained popularity in recent years. Guests may either borrow a book or exchange one for one of their own.”

“We hope that our guests will welcome this opportunity for a good read while taking in the beautiful sea view when looking up over their reading glasses. To get the project going, we need 100-150 books, so we are reaching out to our colleagues in the hope that you may have some pre-loved books on your shelves that you might want to donate. Any genre and language will do, however, we would prefer languages that match our passenger mix, so books in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese or English.”

If you have one or more books that you no longer read, you may hand them in to Line Nors Frandsen at DFDS House. She sits in the back of the room on the 2nd floor North, or to Linda Palmquist in the marketing department in Norway, who is located on the 2nd floor, Vippetangen, Skur 42. On board the vessels, you can hand in books to Business Leader Accommodation & Service.

The bookcase will be in the back of the area where Espresso House is located. Check it out next time you are on board the Oslo ferry.

First ever DFDS Temple Ewell run

Thanks to Naomi Harper, PR Manager, BU Short Routes & Passenger, for sending this story.

On a slightly grey and soggy Sunday 13 October DFDS Dover sponsored the first ever DFDS Temple Ewell 10k run, starting and finishing at picturesque Kearsney Abbey, a couple of miles from the Whitfield office and port of Dover.

PTFA (Parent Teach and Family association) chair Vicky Chambers says: “It’s a small school and we are always looking for funds to help. The idea for the run came from knowing that Dover didn’t have its own running event, while most of its neighbouring towns do. But it had to be something different to attract interest, and we hoped by offering a multi-terrain route that we might get our new event off to a great start – helped by DFDS’s backing for at least three years.”

The running community liked the idea too, as the target of 300 entrants was reached easily, coming from all over Kent and even far beyond – one runner travelled from Leicestershire.

After some words of wisdom and a great send off from local hero and 1976 Olympics Team GB marathon runner Barry Watson, also a former teacher at the Temple Ewell school, the pace slackened early for the steep gradient to Scotland Common, which then opened onto a flatter route on the Minnis and around Ewell Minnis, before the descent back to the abbey.

But the mixed route earned a thumbs up from locals and visitors alike: “It was lovely to have an event on our own doorstep and it was an excellent course,” said Ladies’ V35 winner Rachel Tappenden (Dover Road Runners) who covered the 10k in 51m 42sec.

Joint Race Director Glenn Mousley said: “The race ran smoothly despite wet conditions underfoot. We spent a considerable amount of time on the course the day before, spreading straw to improve grip for the runners and this paid off with some excellent performances. It’s a new race and we were really pleased with the support from local runners. We look forward to welcoming them back next year.”

Medals were awarded to all participants, while the trophies were presented by Kasper Moos and Temple Ewell C of E Primary School Head Teacher Angela Matthews.

DFDS employees that took part included Gemma Nightingale, Clive Allon, Owen Hides, Stefanie Morris, Mark Hazard, Andrew Meek, Alex Ledger, Adam McCarthy and Bradley Ellison.

“DFDS is delighted to support an event that delivers a double benefit for the Dover community where we are based, and I must congratulate the enthusiasm of the runners in such overcast conditions,” says Kasper Moos.

Amazingly the total raised for this event was just over £4,000 with all profits going to the Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School PTFA (Parent Teach and Family association) fund which provides vital equipment for the school such as computers, furniture and educational trips.

DFDS have agreed a three-year sponsorship commitment to boost the port town’s athletics community as well as the funds of the primary school in Temple Ewell village, so there’s time now to start training for next year’s run!

Thanks too goes to Monika Copley for providing the new DFDS mascot costumes on the day and support from Laura Charlton, Paul Robson, Lewis Mackie and Ray Currie who helped on the day.

Shore power in Copenhagen

Torben Carlsen and Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port, sign a Letter of Intent about establishing a shore power connection in Copenhagen for our Oslo-Copenhagen ferries.

DFDS and Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) have signed a so-called Letter of Intent about shore power in Copenhagen. According to the agreement, CMP will invest in a shore based power connection that will enable the Copenhagen-Oslo ferries, Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways, to receive power from shore based plants.

An onshore power plant reduces emissions of air pollutants such as NOx, SOx and particles, which goes hand in hand with both CMP’s and DFDS’s ambitions to contribute to a greener Copenhagen.

Work on designing the plant is now starting, and construction is scheduled to start in 2020.

Pearl Seaways was refitted for this at the beginning of 2019, and is already receiving shore power in Oslo. Crown Seaways will follow at the beginning of 2020

“We are very pleased that it will now be possible to connect the vessels to a shore-power installation also in Copenhagen for the benefit of our neighbours in the city and the climate. We look forward to working with Copenhagen Malmö Port and the City of Copenhagen to secure a more sustainable ferry service between the two capitals in the future.  It is also very pleasing that we can thus benefit fully from the quite heavy investments in on-aboard equipment which we have made to prepare the ships for receiving shore power,” says Torben Carlsen.

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, says: “I am extremely pleased with this. We get daily questions from our passengers about what we do for the environment, and now we show in a very visible way that we care and do something about it. It has also been a wish among our neighbours in Copenhagen for a long time. So this is a good day for the route.”

DFDS Calais stands out to support abandoned pets

Mélanie Declercq, Operations Agent, and Florent Dagbert, Head of Ligue de Protection des Animaux du Calais (LPA), met at the port of Calais. Florent expressed special thanks for the support from DFDS, and Mélanie presented Florent with some special treats from DFDS for the pets.

Pets are an important part of our passenger business, and their welfare is a top priority for our colleagues on our Dover – France routes.

To permit travel to the UK, pets must be compliant with the Pet Travel scheme, but at times this is not the case.
Mélanie Declercq, Operations Agent at Calais, says: “Sadly we have experienced dogs and cats being abandoned at our terminals by their owners as they are unable to pay the costs for the treatment which is extremely upsetting for us to see.”

“We are not permitted to take the pets home for our own safety and welfare reasons so I researched what DFDS could do to help, and I met with Florent Dagbert from Ligue de Protection des Animaux du Calais (LPA). LPA were delighted we got in touch and a collaboration to help the abandoned pets has now been established.”

LPA is a local private organisation which provides care for abandoned pets. They ensure the pets are looked after and returned to good health, complete all vaccinations which are required and rehome the pets with a local family.

“Animals and the environment are very close to my heart, and I believe this is a great first step. We are now looking at the next steps of further support between DFDS and LPA, and I and my colleagues are extremely happy with this solution as we all want to ensure these beautiful pets a good life. It is very sad but this is the reality that we see in France on a daily basis, along with a recurring theme of puppy trafficking too which we are working with the authorities at all times to prevent,” says Mélanie.

LPA are also very happy with the new partnership.
Florent Dagbert, Head of LPA, says: “This partnership is great and very useful as the port of Calais is highly frequented and many pets travel. It is our duty to provide good care for animals and find a solution for them when abandoned. With Brexit coming soon, it is important to have a great collaboration between DFDS and LPA as the animal controls will intensify prior to departure and at arrival, and a lot more smuggled puppies might be discovered too.”

Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Short Routes & Passenger, says: “The passion and dedication from Mélanie and her colleagues is overwhelming, and this is a moment where you feel extremely proud to be part of DFDS. The team have seen a problem and fixed it by living the behaviours of the DFDS Way. We are all very appreciative of the time and hard work that has gone into this project by Mélanie.”

Mélanie has shared this new solution with her colleagues in Dunkerque, where a similar solution is being investigated, and even with our good neighbours at P&O Ferries, who also find the collaboration of great interest.

Some special treats from DFDS for the abandoned pets being taken care of by LPA

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder visit Princess Seaways

Students from Norham High School on board Princess Seaways

On 20 September, DFDS Newcastle had the pleasure of welcoming 11 students and eight teachers from Norham High School on board Princess Seaways. The students all have Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, a complex development disorder, which means they have difficulties in communicating and some behavioural issues.

They were greeted at the terminal by Chris Whitfield, Operations Manager, and James Cook, Terminal Operations Supervisor, who were on hand to answer the abundance of questions the children had prepared.

Chris says: “Once on board, the children were met by Jack the Pirate who handed them balloons, and Lucas Winther Haagensen, Floor Manager Restaurant, who provided the children with a refreshing iced slush drink. It was a special day for the children, but also for one very special teacher from the group who was celebrating her 60th birthday. The staff from Princess Seaways very kindly presented Mrs Linda Robson with a lovely birthday cake, which was very well received.”

Helen Ashburner, ARP Manager at Norham High School, says: “We really appreciate all the effort that DFDS has gone to in order to provide this opportunity for the children. The children have had a great experience and learned some valuable life skills today, and the cake was lovely! Our compliments to the chefs! We hope that we can make this educational visit an annual occasion.”

Chris says: “When Helen contacted me regarding the visit, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. It is great to see the value that these small visits bring, and the happiness on the children’s faces. Besides, all the teachers took brochures with them for future trips on our vessels. Something as small as this creates great opportunities to grow the passenger business. The school group is based just 10 minutes away from the terminal, and has never travelled! Now they have seen the facility and what we can offer on board, word of mouth travels fast. The group were so grateful for the tour and the time we took to answer questions. It was a fantastic trip for them and required minimal effort from us to facilitate it. My extended thanks to the crew of Princess Seaways and my wonderful port staff who helped make this visit so enjoyable for students and staff alike.

“Special thanks also to Jade Whitfield, Port Office Manager, and Tamara Rebair, Port Office Supervisor, who created some lovely gift bags for the children – containing pencils, maps, stickers and pirate hats!”

A teacher from the group was celebrating her 60th birthday. Here she is with Chris Whitfield

New electric car for the operations team in Klaipėda

Alvydas Mačius, Terminal Operations Manager, charges the new electric car

The Klaipėda Terminal operations team performs various task for which a car is necessary. Therefore the team has purchased an electric vehicle – the NISSAN e-NV200 – which has zero-emissions and can travel up to 300 km on a full charge.

Terminal Operations Manager Alvydas Mačius says: “This mini-van is a perfect working tool for our terminal with a capacity of 4.2 m3. It is 100% electric, and we already have excellent facilities for charging the car, as the Central Klaipėda Terminal has a quick charging station near the office. This charging station will be able to charge the car for further use in about 40 minutes.
It is a good idea to use an electric car as it is ideal for short-distance driving and it is also a great opportunity to show to our customers that DFDS is always going with the latest technology.”

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, agrees: “I am very happy to see that the Klaipėda Terminal operations team has chosen this eco-friendly solution.”

DFDS supports campaign to attract more women into the maritime industry

The Blue Denmark – a term applied to shipowners, shipping companies and many other businesses in the maritime industry – have dedicated September to women who work in shipping.

The campaign, called ‘GirlPower’, aims to attract more women into the maritime industry. It is a male-dominated world, where only 3% of Danish seafarers are women, for example.

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, says: “We’re really getting behind this initiative. We have loads of exciting career options at DFDS and we’d like to see a more uniform gender balance. It’s something we’re already actively working on and which has an important place in our CSR strategy.”

“In a few years’ time, the entire maritime sector will experience a labour shortage, so it’s even more important that we get more women to consider the many opportunities we can offer at sea and ashore.”

During the campaign, the Blue Denmark will highlight a number of talented and focused young women who have all chosen a maritime career, including DFDS’ own Saira Haider, Product Owner in Logistics.

See the GirlPower campaign page here – read the portraits and get information about maritime education and career opportunities (in Danish).

Report from To BEE in DFDS – Gothenburg

Here you can see the brood in the middle of this honeycomb and honey in the corners at the top.

The bees on the top of the roof at the DFDS Logistics office in Gothenburg are doing very well.

Hans Forsberg, Planner Logistics – Automotive Desk, says: “Since we brought our bees here in early May, they have grown to be healthy and also found a lot of good flowers with nectar and pollen. By bringing bees into the Skandiahamnen area, we have contributed to more pollination of flowers in the neighbourhood and hopefully, and most certainly, there will be more flowers next year. In addition, our bees have made life and surviving easier for other pollinating insects in the area.”

“Our plans for the next few months are to harvest honey and start preparing for winter. In our next report we will tell you how much honey our bees in Gothenburg have made and give a status on our bee hives in Karlshamn. We are very thankful that everything has gone so well so far.”


It’s all about collaboration

Colleagues from marketing, the contact centre, onboard services and sales in Klaipėda gathered to build bridges

Last Friday, colleagues from marketing, the contact centre, onboard services and sales in BU Short Routes and Passenger located in Klaipėda gathered to build bridges, not only between each other but between departments too.

Arlandas Gibėža, Onboard Sales Manager, says: “One of the most powerful reasons for teambuilding is to get people involved in the process of creating bonds, which later turns into better, work-related, results. Our recent teambuilding event took place at the St Francis oncological centre, where we cleaned staircases and windows and helped with outdoor works. Not a single task was rejected and even heavy rain didn’t stop the action.”

“After that – also known as the fun part – the teams headed out of the city to a beautiful mansion where a scavenger hunt started. It took about six kilometres and two hours for the teams to solve all the tasks and find the hidden things. As it turned out, the things that the teams had found were the ingredients for their own dinner, so the evening ended by tasting delicious meals prepared by all the teams, from snacks to deserts. Food really brings people together. Thank you to all the participants for a wonderful and rewarding day.”

Colleagues had a wonderful day at the Pride Parade

The Copenhagen Pride Parade took place last Saturday, and no fewer than 50 colleagues and family braved the bad weather to join the parade and support diversity. By request of colleagues, the Core Committee had arranged DFDS’ participation and provided maritime themes, including temporary tattoos and sailor hats for the participants.

“On behalf of Karen Baurdoux, Karolina Landin and myself I want to thank everyone who supported this initiative, either by participating, contributing to the planning or by sharing the good story. It was a special day and we were happy to share it with colleagues from the UK and Norway who came all the way to participate,” says Sofie Hebeltoft, Director and Head of CSR.

No doubt they all had a wonderful day with lots of smiles, joy and colours as you can see in the images below.

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BU Baltic: Team-building and CSR go hand in hand

Lars Hoffmann & Peter Kristensen

On a sunny day in June, the BU Baltic management team gathered in Klaipėda for their annual team day. And this team day indeed stood out compared to the previous ones as the Training & Development department had organised a handyman work-day in the local organisation ‘Lakstute’, which takes care of disabled people.

Tatjana Kochetkova, Training & Development Consultant, says: “The management team were offered an extensive list of activities to choose from but not surprisingly, the team was ambitious enough to head for delivery of all tasks on the list, including: digging the 45 square metres of land for a mini-golf area, painting three garden houses, painting 200 square metres of the summer terrace and 100 square metres of fence.”

All the participants agreed that it had been a very fruitful experience which gave rise to many thoughts and reflections on humbleness and gratitude. The residents at Lakstute had for a long time had a big wish to have a mini-golf area and being able to give it to them was a great satisfaction for the management team.

Robertas Kogelis, Director of Terminal Operations & Onboard Sales, says: “Putting myself into someone else’s shoes was a valuable experience – to see how some people choose careers with complete focus on helping those who need it most. I have to say, I absolutely loved the team day.”

Lars Hoffmann, Vice President & Head of Business Unit Mediterranean, says: “It was a very memorable experience, and during activities like this, you always get to see the ‘true face’ of your colleagues, for example those willing to walk the extra mile and those who prefer freewheeling. Nevertheless, digging or painting – we laughed a lot in our team.”


Anders Refsgaard (standing) & Jonas Nazarovas


Aleksej Slipenciuk


Robertas kogelis

New eco-friendly dry cleaning supplier

From left Michaela Rehorova, Sourcing Manager, Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR and Breda Čok, Senior Category Manager

For several years, Group Procurement has been wanting to focus more on CSR and the environment when changing and adding new suppliers.

Recently, Michaela Rehorova, Sourcing Manager, negotiated a change of supplier for dry cleaning services at HQ, the same supplier who won the tender for laundry on our ships last year.

Michaela says: “Berendsen, our new supplier, offers a much more eco-friendly service, and has a digital solution, an app, for ordering dry cleaning. This means we don’t need to use paper forms, and, more importantly, they use cotton bags with names on them instead of plastic bags. In addition to these obvious advantages for the environment, they also use eco-friendly cleaning products.”

“I want to thank Christina Groth, Concept and Operations Manager, Cruise Routes, and Henrik Svane, HR Back Office Manager, for their great contribution and insight in relation to this project,” says Michaela.

Sofie Hebeltoft, Head of CSR, says: “Companies have a great opportunity to take responsibility through their supply chains by adding other factors to the selection criteria. I am excited to see this development in our procurement department; recently Procurement and the CSR team have also been discussing sustainability factors within different categories such as ship paint, coffee and motorised equipment. In cases like this it becomes clear to me that CSR and sustainability are becoming more and more integrated in our everyday life in DFDS.”

Berendsen will take over from 1 August, and nearer that date we will provide detailed information on how to get started with the new dry cleaning service, and how to use the app for ordering.
Procurement can, however, already reveal that after tough bargaining, Michaela succeeded in negotiating the same, very favourable price for HQ users as the one they are paying today.

Breda Čok, Senior Category Manager, says: “Procurement has the CSR policies very much in mind when sourcing, and when, as in this case, we can keep a very low price and at the same time get more environmentally friendly suppliers, it all comes together in the best possible way. A big thank you to Michaela for her great work on this project.”