New Director in BU Med

Önder Ulaş Başboğa, former Sales Marketing Manager at Ulusoy Sealines, started his new role as Sales & Business Development Director in BU MED on 18 February. He will be reporting to Fuat Pamukçu, VP Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy.

Önder will be working on developing sales and marketing strategies and creating new business opportunities for BU Med. In his new role, he will also focus on existing and future trends of operational methods which are applicable and supports BU Med.

Önder says, “First of all I am glad to be a member of the DFDS family. Wıth my experience in the RoRo business, I look forward to work on customer satisfaction, all sales activities and market strategies of the BU. Along with my colleagues, I am certain that we will move the DFDS brand and services into an even better prestigious position.

Fuat says: “The first block of DFDS Way is to be customer driven, and I believe Önder’s appointment as the Sales Director for BU MED is an important step in promoting DFDS’ Ferry services and brand in the Turkish market, not only to the large logistics customers but to a larger variety of Turkish logistics and transport companies. I warmly welcome Önder to the DFDS family and wish him success in his new role.”

DFDS visits Turkish Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications

On 30 January, Torben Carlsen, CEO, Peder Gellert Pedersen, EVP & Head of Ferry Division, and Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med, met with Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the Turkish Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, to extend and strengthen the cooperation between DFDS and Turkey.

Ali Kurumahmut, former member of the Council of State appointed by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Selim Dursun, Deputy Minister, and Ahmet Selçuk Sert, Deputy Undersecretary & General Manager of Maritime and Inland Waters Regulation, also attended the meeting on behalf of the Ministry. Levent Şinel, Port Operations Manager, and Arif Akkoz, Agency Manager were also at the meeting on behalf of BU Med, alongside Lars Hoffmann.

During the meeting, the history of DFDS and current investments, including IT, made by DFDS in Turkey since 2018 were discussed by Turkish officials and DFDS executives. They also highlighted DFDS’ trust in Turkey and the Turkish logistics sector as one of the most crucial elements, and discussed the upcoming investments plan.

Lars Hoffmann says: “It was great to have Torben and Peder in Ankara to meet the Minister of Transport and the Undersecretary. The Ministry is handling most of the formalities relating to our Turkish-flagged vessels, terminals etc. It is important for BU Med and DFDS to have good relationships with the authorities in Turkey. I am sure this visit will benefit BU Med in the long term, as the Turkish Government values our investments in Turkey, and understands our business. A special thanks to Arif and Levent, who have achieved the extraordinary feat of establishing this meeting with the help of their relationships.”

The Turkish Minister of Transportation Mehmet Cahit Turhan and Torben Carlsen holding the honorable gift from the minister.

From left: Peder Gellert, Torben Carlsen, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Lars Hoffmann, Selim Dursun, and Levent Sinel

BU Med starts DFDS Academy for customers

Earlier this month, BU Med organised the first “DFDS Academy” inviting more than 70 customers to familiarize with DFDS’ brand, network, and way of doing business.

Our colleagues from BU Med informed the customers about the DFDS network, intermodal operations, freight booking systems and health and safety issues in ports.

Each part had a following Q&A session, where our customers asked questions and expressed some operational issues, which made the event very benefical as our colleagues and customers got the chance to collaborate and make our operations much more efficient and smoother for both sides.

The highlight on the agenda was the customers introduction to MyFreight system, our online booking platform for freight customers, which they had the oppurtunity to see for the first time thanks to a sneak preview video.

Dursun Arslan, Superuser from BU Med, talked about all the details regarding the system. He also mentioned Phoenix to remove all question marks in customers’ minds.

The Academy ended with a great networking session.

Dursun Arslan, Italy & Greece Route Deputy Operations Manager says: “In the Academy, customers from company operations departments were informed about our new booking system My-Freight. Thanks to our managers for providing this initiative and all attendees for joining us on this event. This programme is the first one of the year but of course will not the be last.”

Event storming workshop in Turkey

The Bosphorus team from our IT Development Centre in Turkey is currently working on the XMS project, which is the software used by the cross-dock terminal in Arendal.
The team has identified 15 modules consisting of various features that the final app must offer the customer. The development of the first two modules is already completed.

Jan Devrim, Director of IT Development Centre Turkey, says: “We invited stakeholders for a two-day workshop with the whole development team.
To create a business model that we can use during development, we used the workshop-based method, Event Storming. It involves gathering all stakeholders to align understandings of the business domain and the problem at hand. This results in a solution that ensures the business domain experts and technology experts reach a common agreement before developing the app.

With the help of sticky notes and an enthusiastic group, we acquired an insight of the terminal operations and warehousing that we are trying to model and enabled technical experts to communicate clearly and transparently. Together with Product Owner Jonas Granlund, we planned the project from the beginning to the end.

The team and stakeholders matched expectations about the big picture and the flows of the project. Software Developer Ahmet Aydın also shared a demo showing the current status of the existing app. By identifying the business value and complexity for the 15 modules, the participants could agree on the absolute minimum viable product (MVP) which is a version of the app with just enough features for the business to use it beneficially and also aims to capture feedback for future development. It was determined that the task management and warehouse modules would define the MVP.

A new name was needed for our application with the addition of the warehouse module, and the participants went with “Astrid”.

New year’s update on BU Med

Lars Hoffmann gives an update on a busy time in BU Med where the colleagues have experienced many changes and challenges – and are on the right track for the future


I have now been in Istanbul for six months, and it has been an extremely positive experience though we have had and will continue to have challenges in the business.

There is still a way to go, but we are certain that together in BU Med, we will be able to deliver on our Win23 targets.

I have met really friendly colleagues and customers, and in general, Turkey is a great place to stay, and I like living here. The Turkish economy is still challenged, but the heavy drop has stopped, and things are catching up and getting more stable now.

We have started the journey of making The BU Med “really Blue” and working the DFDS way. My colleagues have really embraced the change of name to DFDS and promoted it with an impressive enthusiasm and energy. It has been a pleasure to experience this, and the timing was excellent as we at the same time moved into our new and very nice office in Istanbul.

Together with my colleagues in The Management Team, we developed a plan for the change relatively fast as it was quite obvious to us what we needed to fix.

We are investing a lot in developing and restructuring our organisation so it has the DFDS skeleton.

Our IT and Development Team is expanding and has demonstrated its ability
to deliver efficiently on their targets.

From early January, additional DFDS colleagues will come to work in Istanbul, and we are continuously doing training and had the pleasure hosting our Horizon Talents in November. We have introduced a new organisation based on DFDS’ general Route Director structure. We are setting up a BU Med claims desk and initiated a Health and Safety campaign on our vessels and terminals.

We have been focusing on our operations to achieve a necessary improvement of our reliability in regard to terminals, sailing schedules and transit times in general. We also closed our operations in Toulon and are now focusing only on Sète where we also have our own agency.

Phoenix will be installed early January, following GTMS, which for sure will be to the benefit of us all.

All in all: We are on the right track, but there is still a way to go, including in our cooperation with our customers and adapting behaviours to a new business model.

New Year’s Eve in Turkey is almost the same as Christmas Eve in Europe. We will therefore have our New Year’s Evening Dinner on 23 December, where almost 300 colleagues will celebrate the end of 2019, wishing each other and BU Med a prosperous 2020.

Thank you to all my colleagues in BU Med for embracing all the changes we have made.
I wish you all a Happy New Year.


Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med

BU Med’s Starfish programme started

Our newly selected talents for BU Med’s trainee program, Starfish, started their competency training on December 4.

The young starfishes began their first training learning the history of DFDS and the DFDS Way, and then continued with self development, identifying different personalities and behaviours by referring to personality type’ studies.

Three more training sessions are planned with the project depending on our young talents’ main improvement points. These trainings will cover effective communication techniques, management skills and public speaking skills.

BU Med has many ambitions with the Starfish such as improving young talents’ interpersonal skills to create a more collaborative working environment in the future whether when they are on board or in the office. By this program, talents is educated within the DFDS culture and values.

Gizem Şen, PR & Corporate Communications Jr. Specialist, says: “I think the word that should be used to summarize this amazing program is commitment. We, all Starfishes, are improving esprit de corps day by day and this strengthens the bonds among us and DFDS. I look forward to meeting future talents in this program.”

Orientation Day in BU Med

New employees in Turkey get thorough onboarding with monthly port visits to see daily operations.


For new DFDS employees, learning and observing the daily operations is usually exciting, and it provides valuable workplace experience in addition to the regular onboarding process.

In BU Med, the onboarding takes six months. In addition to standard orientation and administrative parts, we have been conducting port visits with our newcomers every month.

On 3 December, a group went to our port in Pendik to meet colleagues working portside. During the day, they discussed port operations, the agency and the daily challenges. They also saw the unloading and loading of Ephesus Seaways, one of the biggest ro-ro ships operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Özlem Dalga, new PR & Corporate Communications Manager in BU Med, says: “It was a great experience to see the terminal on a busy day. I think this is very important to get a practical understanding of one of DFDS’ core services. As newcomers from various departments, we definitely realised what is meant by the common quote ‘We move for all to grow’. I would like to thank Seran Yüzbaşıoğlu, Evren Serindağ and Hanife Turan from HR for this great orientation.”

TURDEF visits BU Med

From the left: Capt. Uğur Demir, Crewing Superintendent; Erkan Dereli, Chairman of TURDEF; Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Med; Capt. Bengi Şan, Capt. Cengiz Karabiber and Capt. Koray Karagöz, Executive Board Members of TURDEF

In late November, Erkan Dereli, Chairman of the Turkish Maritime Association (TURDEF), and executive board members visited DFDS’ office in Istanbul to convey their support to BU Med for the increasing number of female officers on board.

Erkan Dereli and the board members were informed about the DFDS diversity policies and initiatives by Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Mediterranean, and Uğur Demir, Crewing Superintendent.

BU Med is currently focusing on increasing the number of female seafarers on board the vessels.

Crewing Superintendent Uğur Demir says: “Superintendents and HR colleagues from BU Med have joined many career days to answer questions about careers at DFDS and tell stories about female seafarers working at BU Med. Şima Demir is one of them, and she became the first female master at DFDS. This has already inspired and encouraged future seafarers to start their own careers with DFDS.”

These initiatives and other gender policies have made DFDS the leading maritime company in Turkey regarding gender diversity.

Uğur Demir continues: “It’s been a pleasure for us to meet associations and people who are willing to improve equality and support women in the maritime industry. It is great to see that our initiatives make a great impact.”

BU Med attends diversity conference

Ayberk Eskin, Route Director and Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent

To raise awareness about equality, BU Med attended a conference called #WomanEqualsManFullStop, organised by Yanındayız Association on 24 October 2019.

The aim is to create better awareness and active involvement in the struggle against challenges and prejudices that create gender inequality and discrimination.

Some 600 people from businesses all over the world got together to share their insights into numerous initiatives and existing work to support women, including company strategies, projects and advocacy. Inspiring stories about women in exciting positions were also shared with the participants.

On behalf of DFDS, Ayberk Eskin, Route Director, and Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent, took to the stage and spoke about how DFDS supports women in the business and the challenges facing women on their career journey.

Ayberk highlighted the benefits of increasing diversity and equality in traditional male-dominated businesses. Şima Demir, the first female master of a DFDS vessel, stated how proud she is of her job. In her speech, she made important points about how women can deal with the challenges that may arise, and how she has never felt any regrets during her career, even when things were difficult at times.

The conference ended with stories of our world-class female athletes. They highlighted gender equality and equal opportunity in every area of life by saying #WomanEqualsManFullStop.

Şima Demir, Marine Superintendent and Ayberk Eskin, Route Director

IT Development Centre Turkey develops new tool

Logistics and shipping businesses are creating lots of freight documents that customers usually are not aware of. These documents are transported with the cargo and provide details about the shipping and customs as well as storage information.

However, handling physical freight documents is time-consuming. It requires a lot of manual work, and it is inefficient, time is lost and errors occur. It also takes up a lot of space to archive physical documents, and it takes time to find them again.

Per Hjelmström, Process Development Manager, says: “In a fruitful collaboration between DLC Arendal and the Bosphorus Team from the IT Development Centre in Istanbul, we have developed a document scanning solution. It focusses on the cross-docking version of GTMS (General Terminal Management System), XMS, which is the software used by the cross-dock terminal in Arendal. Here, products from a supplier or manufacturer are distributed through an inbound dock and then directly transported to the outbound transportation dock with little to no handling or storage time.”

The aim is to only handle the documents once, that is when they are being scanned and stored in a digital format in the cloud. The system takes care of the rest. When the documents are digitised, they are searchable, accessible and easily shared internally or with our customers via links. We’re also planning to make the documents available to customers via a web portal. That way, we can increase our transparency and provide our customers with faster services.

Developer from Team Bosphorus in Istanbul, Anıl Taşçı, says: “This solution was the first module that was developed for the XMS (X-dock Management System), and it is the first step in our digital transformation journey in Arendal. It fulfils the need for digital transformation and digital archiving of paper documents. Two specific main functionalities are splitting up and merging PDF documents, which is the most common format for holding and sharing digital documents, and it is supported by almost all scanners, browsers and mobile devices today.”

This way of handling documents has led to quality improvements for our customers and a lean and more efficient outbound process where the sources of errors have been significantly reduced.

The digital document management is a prerequisite for further digitisation of the Arendal X-dock, with a goal of simplifying operations and delivering transparent X-dock services of an excellent quality to our customers.

With XMS, you can upload freight documents. When the documents are uploaded, they are searchable, accessible and easily shared internally or with our customers via links.

Great visit to Pendik

During his tour of Pendik earlier this week, Torben Carlsen met many colleagues in the port and agency. At a staff meeting, he informed them about the status of DFDS and the implementation of our Win23 strategy and its significance to BU Med.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit our port operation in Pendik. On a tour of the port, Port Operations Manager Levent Sinel explained how the operation has seriously improved recently. For example, loading and unloading of Ephesus took 18 hours at the beginning – this week it took only 10 hours.

Apart from the dedication of our colleagues, the improvement has also been supported by the simplification of our route network, which means that all vessels from Pendik now call at Trieste whereas before, France-bound vessels also called at Pendik but are now calling from Yalova. And as agency manager Arif Akkoz and Lars Hoffmann told me, the first steps in our improvement work have so far resulted in a more structured operation that has removed the queues we have previously seen building up at the terminal gate.

I was also very pleased to listen to Levent explaining the extensive safety measures undertaken at the port following the recent tragic incident in Trieste, emphasising that speed of operation must never happen at the expense of safety.

After the tour, I had the opportunity to meet the full crew in Pendik. I was thrilled to see the motivation and eagerness of all my colleagues to do a good job for our customers and was challenged by a few of my colleagues with questions showing their focus and dedication.

Torben Carlsen

BU Med wins ‘The Coolest Agile Board’

Yesterday, on 24 October, BU Med was among the sponsors of the Agile Turkey Summit, the biggest Agile event in Turkey gathering Agile enthusiasts from all over the country. The Oxygen Team was among colleagues from BU Med that attended the summit where they won the award “The Coolest Agile Board”.

The team who develops mobile apps and systems attended the summit to share how they are being agile and brought their self-designed agile board to showcase. The board was so well received that it was awarded “The Coolest Agile Board” in the competition held by the Agile Turkey Committee on Twitter.

Hakan Adıgüzel, Scrum Master, says: “Our agile board keeps everything about a project visible to everyone. We already knew the value it brings to the team however it’s super cool that other Agile enthusiast acknowledges it as well.”

Volkan Biçer, Lead Developer, says: “Transparency is the most important thing in the team. The agile board is the biggest piece of this puzzle.”

Oxygen Team’s award winning agile board

Ayşe Bilgin, UX Designer, says: “The design tells much about DFDS’ transport operations. On the board; we start with a warehouse full of boxes called “PBI’s”. Then boxes are loaded into a truck and transported to a DFDS ship. The truck represents the TO DO part and the DFDS ship sailing to another port represents IN PROGRESS. In the final part, we see some trailers which are ready to pick up, and it is called DONE. We added some dinosaur skeleton and fossils at the bottom, just for fun. And there is also an undersea view to represent our curiosity, passion, and wonder to the work we do. Our board motivates us. We are very glad that it won the best agile board in 2019 in Turkey.”

BU Med initiates birthday tradition for a cleaner sea

Our colleagues in BU Med now have a good reason to look forward to their birthdays. On 4 October, they celebrated World Animal Day by starting a new initiative to improve conditions for marine life.

“Every time we celebrate a birthday, we will contribute with a donation to the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association,” says Seran Yüzbaşıoğlu, HR Director.

“Our earth and every living creature are precious and sacred to us. We therefore want to support repairing the damage that is sadly done by us, humans, even if it is just a little with this small donation.”

Challenging week in BU Med

By Lars Hoffmann, VP and Head of BU Med. 

We faced a very challenging situation in BU Med this week.

On Sunday, there was the tragic incident on board Ephesus Seaways in Trieste that cost the life of a fireman. We are investigating the incident and are supporting the driver involved and colleagues, both on board the vessel and ashore. Our driver was personally connected to the deceased fireman, so it is difficult to describe how sad the situation is.

The Port of Trieste ceased work for a few days, which is fully understandable, but it affected five waiting ships and a lot of trailers. However, all our customers showed their respect and patience.

A minute’s silence
The incident also started the management conference on a very serious note as Torben Carlsen spoke about the tragic incident in Trieste in his welcome speech and asked everyone to join him in a minute’s silence in respect for the fireman who lost his life. At the end of the conference, he quoted the Chairman, who in his speech reminded us all of our responsibility to make DFDS a safe place to work.

We now have an overview of the procedure and investigation, which will go on during the coming months. We have started operations again and are slowly getting back to normal.

Focus sailings in Port of Sète
Furthermore, DFDS announced on Monday that we will move our operation in Toulon to the Port of Sète. Not because of a poor performance in Toulon, but because Sète is strategically correctly located for our future business with easy access to important markets and intermodal connections.

Unfortunately, it will have a significant impact on many jobs and families in Toulon, and therefore we decided to be in Toulon when we announced the decision in person to our long-term partners with information about the reasons behind it.

We did see full vessels in Sète this week and the market has so far reacted positively to our changes, so we are confident it was the right thing to do for the business. Next week, we will commence our new schedule in BU Med so we are slowly moving ahead.

We still have a lot to do regarding safety on our vessels and terminal. This was already planned, but last week just demonstrated how important this is.

Many have worked hard under difficult and emotional circumstances – especially in Triste. Your effort and handling are highly appreciated. So, thank you to all colleagues in BU Med, and for the support we have received from Copenhagen.

BU Med joins the Dragon Boat Festival

It was long strokes and full speed for 22 colleagues from BU Med when they grabbed their paddles and put their strength to the test as they participated in the Dragon Boat Festival in Istanbul.

It was the second time that the BU Med rowing team attended the big event, which had 46 teams competing this year. They participated in the second best category ‘fun sport’ and finished 26th.

Team Captain Fırat Şener, Financial Control & Reporting Supervisor, says: “Once again, we see that these races are strengthening our friendship and solidarity while focusing on the same goal. I believe our young team gained valuable experience and we will come back much stronger in the upcoming tournament.”

Gizem Şen, Corporate Communications Junior Specialist, says: “It is always exciting to be part of this amazing competition as the BU Med rowing team. We exercise, row, and enjoy time together. I hope our fantastic team will come in first in the next race, in June.”

DFDS to focus Turkey-France sailings in Port of Sète

As you know, DFDS offers sailings between France and Turkey via two ports, the Port of Toulon and the Port of Sète, and recently, DFDS decided to test both ports, listen to customers’ reactions and monitor operational consequences.

“Based on this we have now decided to concentrate all sailings in the Port of Sète as there is a steep rise in the need for intermodal services, which can be offered in Sète, but not in Toulon. Already today, more than 60% of the trailers are transported to and from the end markets on rail waggons, and with truck drivers facing visa challenges, this will only increase in the future,” says Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Med.

“Sète is also strategically right for our customers as it is close to most of our markets – the Spanish market and the important fruit and vegetable markets. In addition, the Port of Sète offers facilities for refrigerated cargo,” he says.

“This change is necessary for us as well as our customers. We all need to adapt to an economic downturn, which Turkey is not recovering from as fast as we had hoped. But it is with mixed emotions we make this decision as this means we will no longer be calling the Port of Toulon – a change which unfortunately will impact employment in the port.”

“We regret this very much and thank everyone in Toulon for great collaboration over many years. However, we strongly believe that the new transport structure will benefit our customers and trade, business and employment in the markets in general,” says Lars Hoffmann

There will be three weekly calls to and from the Port of Sète where arrivals and departures will be as aligned as possible with the schedules of the rail services.

Success for IT Development Centre in Istanbul

Our teams at the IT Development Centre in Istanbul have many reasons to be happy these days. They just moved into a brand-new office, joining the rest of their BU Med colleagues, and since the start of the centre last November, they have welcomed over 25 new team members. With Senior Director Jan Devrim at the helm, the centre now employs over 30 colleagues working with IT solutions for mobile apps, cross-docking and warehousing for Volvo and Arendal. The team works on electronic data interchange (EDI) that automates the way we communicate and exchange business documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, and they provide integration services too. Very soon a Phoenix team and a warehouse team is expected to join the office, increasing the number of colleagues to 40.

Gert Møller, VP & CIO, says: ”In its short lifetime, the Development Center has already created great value to DFDS. The cooperation regarding cross-docking and warehousing is highly appreciated by business representatives at both Arendal and Volvo also Logistics in DFDS is very pleased with having dedicated EDI developers in Istanbul. Likewise, Sophie-Kim Chapman, VP & Group Digital Officer, is very complimentary about the mobile app team.

The products are delivered on time, and they are also both sustainable and developed in the correct way. The IT Development Centre is a great example of our ability to constantly develop the most effective IT and digital solutions that support our future growth and success in line with Pillar B of our strategy WIN23. It gives us the opportunity to establish development teams for projects and tasks we previously outsourced, and it provides important support to our IT development teams in Copenhagen and Immingham. Jan Devrim has been fantastic at managing his teams, and he has contributed heavily to the current success of the IT Development Centre” says Gert

Senior Director of the IT Development Centre in Istanbul Jan Devrim says: “Our great cooperation with the other IT teams at different locations ensures that we always end up with a solution that has been tested and reviewed thoroughly. I hope this rapid success will continue and pave the way for more solutions. We have to keep the momentum going, which is why we are sending teams to attend relevant training and events around Europe to be up to date on cutting-edge technology for implementation in the end product. “

New intermodal connection from Istanbul to Cologne

Our terminal in Trieste will ensure that our customers’ goods have a smooth transition between train and ferry

Our cooperation with transport company Ekol is turning out to be very good for our customer service. As a result of our agreement with Ekol on transport of trailers in the Mediterranean, DFDS can now provide a direct connection between the Istanbul region in Turkey and Cologne in Germany. Ekol will continue to use this connection, thus providing the volumes to make the start-up phase smooth.

Giancarlo De Marco Telese, Intermodal Operations Manager, says: “This became possible when the connection between Trieste and Cologne shifted from ‘Ekol only’ to ‘open’ for all customers of DFDS and Kombiverkehr (the railway partner in the project). With this, customers can reach northern Germany quickly. It is easier for our customers to plan transport as they only communicate with DFDS, and it reduces the lead time compared to alternative solutions. The train runs eight round trips per week with a weekly capacity of 512 units, and it only takes 20 hours to go between Cologne and the DFDS Trieste terminal in Italy.”

Together with Munich and Ludwigshafen, Cologne is the third direct connection with Germany, proving that intermodal transportation is a lively market as more and more customers realise the added value of moving unaccompanied units by rail.

Promotions in BU MED

Emil Hausgaard and Christina Mørup

Emil Hausgaard to Trieste
After organising and facilitating the work to integrate U.N. Ro-Ro into DFDS, Integration Coordinator Emil Hausgaard has been promoted Deputy Director in Trieste, Italy from 1 September.

In Trieste, he will be working on intermodal connnections between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe as well as optimising shipping and intermodal schedules. Further, he will be responsible for terminal optimisation programs in Trieste and select European customers.

Jens Peder Nielsen, Managing Director of Samer Seaports & Terminals, says: “I am very pleased to see Emil as Deputy Director in our great team. I am sure that he will continue his successful career here in Trieste.”

Lars Hoffmann, Head of BU Med, says: “Emil has proven his ability by managing the integration process of U.N. Ro-Ro to DFDS over the last year. With his knowledge and expertise, he is an excellent choice as Deputy Director for Trieste.”

Christina Mørup to Istanbul
Furthermore, Christina Mørup will move from DFDS’ Strategy and Consulting Department to a postion as Senior Commercial Development Manager in BU Med in Istanbul on 1 September, reporting to Lars Hoffmann. “I welcome Christina Mørup and wish her all the best in her new position. We look forward to working with her and welcoming her to BU Med,” says Lars.

Her primary role will be to link the intermodal business with the rest of the DFDS’ network, review the pricing setup, and explore new business opportunities.

Smiling and dancing at the BU Med welcome party

If you visited a certain office in Istanbul on 2 August, you would quite possibly have been met with happy faces and laughter.

To mark the beginning of BU Med’s new office and a successful rebranding, a special welcome party was arranged for colleagues in İstanbul.

Lars Hoffmann, VP & Head of Business Unit Mediterranean, started the party with an opening speech in which he spoke about his colleagues’ high ambition for continuous improvement, a fresh start in the new office, and BU Med’s success through the years.

“On 10 July, we officially rebranded UN Ro-Ro to DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit. A lot of hard work has been put into the integration and I am very happy that our colleagues in Turkey have met the rebranding with open arms,” says Lars Hoffmann. “I am certain that we will continue to create great value for DFDS, we definitely started our journey together in great fashion.”

The welcome party continued with DJ performance and dancing under a sunny sky. Our colleagues enjoyed the great company and left with a smile.

Gizem Şen, PR & Corporate Communications Jr. Specialist, says: “It was so pleasing and exciting to see how happy my colleagues were. We all are looking forward to sharing fond memories at our new office.”

For those of us who could not take part in this fun event, we’ll have to make do with this video from the party.

BU Med introduces welcome package

New colleagues in Turkey can not only start their DFDS journey in a brand new office but also experience a series of actions to support being a caring employer and seek continuous improvement in every regard. One such action is a ‘Welcome Package’ for newcomers. The package shows DFDS’ warm sentiment to make new colleagues feel part of DFDS right away.

The first welcome package was received by Furkan Kubilay who just joined DFDS as an IT developer. What is more special is that it is his first professional work experience in this industry. He will work with the IT Development Centre team and help us to grow even further in developing new solutions for DFDS.

BU Med colleagues move into new Istanbul offices

New offices in Istanbul welcome the BU Med headquarters staff and the new IT Development Centre. Staff moved in Tuesday 16 July


New surroundings can inspire new ideas and move all to grow, and this week our colleagues in Istanbul made the move to impressive new offices.

To provide a more efficient working environment with our growing organisation and business volume, BU Med moved to the eighth and ninth floors in Nidakule Ataşehir, Istanbul. The new office premises now host both the new IT Development Centre in Istanbul and the BU Med headquarters. Decoration of the new office has been kept simple and reflects the DFDS style. Also, to show the heritage of BU Med – from UND to DFDS – five model vessels and route maps have been put on the walls and in the hallway.

Tamer Karadağ, Procurement Manager and Project Manager of the new office project, says: “This move is a significant milestone in the history of our company and transition to DFDS. Thanks to all the parties involved, the move has been a huge success and I am glad to see that all our colleagues are happy in our new home.”

Sinan Asil, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy Manager, says: “It’s quite a challenge to move such a big organisation to a new office building, but thanks to the endless efforts of my colleagues we are now settled in. I hope our colleagues from the different DFDS locations will enjoy seeing pictures of our new offices.”

Significant vessels proudly displayed

CRM Sales Pipeline and Opportunity Process training in Istanbul

CRM training participants. From left to right: Meltem Sahin, Alisan Yapici, Alihan Murat Tütüncü, Ceren Eren, Dorte Lützhøft Knudsen, Irmak Goksu, Tayfun Kaya, Emre Dagli, Dursun Arslan, Agnes Galant, Asil Sinan

Last month Dorte Lützhøft Knudsen and Agnes Galant from CRM Centre of Excellence introduced our sales colleagues from Istanbul to the sales tools in CRM and how to use them.

The two-day training included many practical exercises for recording sales opportunities in CRM. The CRM training also focused on the most important concepts in the DFDS Way of Selling toolkit such as: stakeholder identification, understanding customer pain points, summarising details of decisions with confirmation emails, as all these activities are incorporated in the CRM Opportunity Process.

“It was very useful training for the whole Sales Team of BU Med. Thanks to Microsoft CRM, we will be able to monitor and report on our work regularly. The benefits of this will definitely be reflected in our daily routine,” says Ayberk Eskin, Sales Director, BU Med.

“Thanks to all our sales colleagues in Istanbul who quickly learned how to work with sales opportunities in Microsoft CRM. Next week when you are going through the DFDS Way of Selling programme, I hope there will be a happy recognition of tools like Spider Web, win plan and confirmation e-mail,” says Dorte.

“Many thanks to Sinan Asil, Ayberk Eskin and Irmak Goksu for arranging and hosting this training at the Istanbul head office. “I want to especially thank Irmak for assisting me over those two days by translating my English instructions into Turkish, which I am sure was very helpful for everyone attending,” says Agnes.

First sailing on the new Sète – Pendik route completed

In June we announced the addition of the Sète – Pendik route to our France – Turkey route network. Yesterday our freight ferry, UND Ege, completed the first sailing on the route and arrived in Sète with 170 units on board. As you can see below, she was happily welcomed by Peder Gellert Pedersen, EVP & Head of the Ferry Division, his wife Carina Pedersen, Kemal Bozkurt, VP of Operations for BU Med, and Jimmy Marolle, Route Director.

Kemal says: “We will have two weekly sailings between Sète and Pendik, with the ferries UND Ege and UN Karadeniz operating on the route. In total we have four weekly sailings between Turkey and France”

“This route brings a lot of possibilities and potential for growth due to its existing intermodal facilities. It will enable our customers to use trains to central Europe and connect to our DFDS network in northern Europe, forming a more unified transport solution across Europe.

“The small Sète team was assisted by three colleagues from the office in Pendik. They all did a great job working through a tough job on a busy day” says Kemal.


Time for a quick group picture with UND Ege in the background completing her first sailing on the route. From left: Carina Pedersen, Kemal Bozkurt, Peder Gellert Pedersen and Jimmy Marolle

UND Ege unloaded 170 units and loaded 110 in Sète


Kemal Bozkurt, Captain Ismail Besikci and Peder Gellert Pedersen