Covid-19: Newcastle – Amsterdam route resumes service from 15 July

Princess Seaways

Following the announcements from the UK government about the lifting of quarantine restrictions and the restart of travel to many other countries, DFDS is resuming sailings between Amsterdam and Newcastle. As both ships are laid up in IJmuiden, the first departures will take place on Wednesday 15 July from IJmuiden and Thursday 16 July from Newcastle.

In addition, our English Channel services between the UK and France are available again to holidaymakers from the 10th July. The Channel routes have continued to sail throughout the Covid-19 period for freight and essential travellers only ensuring the transport of vital goods to communities both sides of the channel.

Kasper Moos, Head of BU Short Routes & Passengers says, “We are very pleased that we are finally able to welcome our passengers back to our routes between the UK & Continent. However, we will be running on significantly reduced capacity and reduced onboard services as part of our COVID-19 measures to ensure the safety of all staff and passengers”.

“These restrictions mean we will continue to evaluate staff and crew requirements whilst we monitor booking developments closely. Whilst some people will return to work very shortly, many of you will remain on temporary leave for a while longer and we will be in touch with all colleagues to keep them updated on next steps.

I want to express my gratitude for your continued patience and support during the many weeks this route has been suspended.”

Adapted onboard services
Services will be adapted onboard to ensure social distancing and the onboard catering offering has temporarily changed.

On the Channel services, we offered complimentary meals to essential travellers during the crisis and we are now extending that to all passengers and including it within the ticket price.

On the Amsterdam Newcastle service, all meals must be pre-booked before boarding and à la carte dining will not be available.  A reduced buffet service will be available, and all food will be served to passengers by our crew.

You can find out more about the new safety measures onboard here:

A new way to travel
Kasper Moos added, “I’m really looking forward to starting up the service after this extended period without a route between Amsterdam and Newcastle and welcoming holidaymakers back to our Channel routes. I am confident that together we can ensure that our passengers relax and enjoy their crossings while practising social distancing.”

Cruise routes suspension extended until 17 June

Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways will continue to be laid up in Copenhagen. The same goes for King Seaways and Princess Seaways in Amsterdam.

BU Short Routes & Passenger have extended the suspension of our Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo services until 17 June.

“Our ability to resume sailings is, as you know, very dependent on the national measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. “If our passengers can’t cross borders, we can’t sail and therefore have no alternative but to extend the suspension,” says Kasper Moos, Head of BU Short Routes & Passenger.

“Our customer service colleagues are now working hard to inform our customers about this, rebook travel and handle requests.

“We are all very eager to start sailing again, and we are even receiving requests from passengers who can’t wait to get out to sea with us. However, there is little we can do until the relevant nations have reopened borders for travellers and tourists. Even though some governments have indicated they will make a decision about this before mid-June, patience is still required as we don’t know what they will decide. We also need both Denmark and Norway to open their borders before we can start sailing on the Copenhagen – Oslo route. The same goes for the Netherlands and the UK for the Amsterdam – Newcastle route.”

“As we informed earlier, working groups are already looking into which changes a post-Covid-19 operation will require in the market and on board. However, one thing is certain: When the borders reopen, we can offer one of the safest means of travel. There is plenty of space for social distancing on those large ferries, and passengers have their own cabins. We will of course continue to comply with all recommendations for using public areas and restaurants, including extra cleaning and disinfecting touchpoints to protect the health of both passengers and colleagues.”

Covid-19: Amsterdam – Newcastle ferry route suspended

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Amsterdam-Newcastle ferry route will be temporarily suspended. Latest sailings will be on 21 March from Amsterdam and 22 March from Newcastle. DFDS is in consultation with crews on board and staff ashore about the temporary effects on employment.

Following the introduction of new national measures intended to delay the spread of Covid-19 virus, DFDS suspends sailings on the Amsterdam (IJmuiden) – Newcastle route temporarily.

Last sailings will be from Amsterdam on Saturday 21 March and from Newcastle on Sunday 22 March.

“Customers with a booking are being informed individually about this, and we have decided to continue sailing for a few days more to give travelers a chance to get home,” says Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of BU Short Routes & Passenger.

“We had hoped to be able to continue the route on the basis of a reduced operation. However, the situation has developed fast, and the recent national measures to slow down the virus spread, including travel restrictions, give us no alternative but to suspend sailings until 13 April as a minimum.”

Unfortunately, this also means that we will need to send crews and staff in Newcastle and IJmuiden home until the route can be re-opened. Crewmembers will be on board for some days to get the ships ready to be laid up in IJmuiden. We have informed everyone working at the route about the situation and are currently in talks with union representatives and national authorities in the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Germany about this and possible schemes to mitigate the consequences on staff. We will be able to inform people in more detail next week.”

“That we have been able to sail and service our customers until now is only due to the fantastic efforts of our colleagues on board and ashore. They continued working and servicing our customers under extremely difficult conditions, and we owe every one of them our thanks and gratitude. I look very much forward to welcoming colleagues and customers back on the route, as soon as the Covid-19 crisis is under control,” says Kasper Moos.

Changes to commercial organisation on King and Princess Seaways

We have been working for some time now with a new commercial structure which was implemented as part of the Project Starlight recommendations. The role of Floor Manager was introduced in order to bring more focus to the customer experience onboard the Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo routes.

Having now worked with this structure onboard King and Princess Seaways, we have concluded after a thorough evaluation, that it is not the optimum way for us to be organised on the Amsterdam – Newcastle route, because we simply do not have as many outlets onboard our vessels as the Pearl and Crown do.

We have therefore decided that we will do a small restructure onboard where the following will take place:

The Chef de Cuisine will be retitled as Business Leader Head Chef – and will no longer report to the Business Leader Food and Beverage, he will report directly to the Commercial Head.

This will free up the Business Leader Food and Beverage to focus on the customer experience front of house.

One Floor Manager will be refocused to concentrate on Food and Beverage, reporting to the Business Leader Food and Beverage. This will ensure we deliver excellent customer experiences in our bars and restaurants onboard.

This means that there will no longer be a requirement for one Floor Manager position on both King and Princess which means we need to find alternative positions for four of our colleagues.

We are pleased to advise that two of our affected colleagues have already been assigned to vacant Floor Manager positions on the Copenhagen – Oslo route, and we are currently in direct discussions with the other two on various alternative opportunities across the DFDS Fleet.

It is important to note that this change will only take place on the Newcastle – Amsterdam route and the position of Floor Manager will continue on the Copenhagen – Oslo route.

We wish everyone great success in their new or adapted roles.

Teun-Wim Leene, Route Director Amsterdam – Newcastle and
Kasper Moos, VP and Head of BU Short Routes and Passenger

Whodunnit? Who was the murderer?

On 1 November, Princess Seaways was the venue for a dastardly Murder Mystery mini-cruise which the UK sales and groups team organised with Red Herring Events.

Janet Donaldson, Sales & Project Manager, BU Short Routes and Passenger, says: “Red Herring approached us earlier in the year with an ambition to take a group to Amsterdam whilst entertaining them with a fabulously well-played murder mystery on board. So on 1 November, we set sail with 50 passengers taking part in the murder mystery and with many more of our customers curious about the night’s proceedings.”

The premise of the story is Hugh Edwards, the famous novelist and third cousin of the Earl of Rochester, who is travelling to Amsterdam with his new wife and former secretary, Florence Archdeacon. Their recent marriage created something of a scandal in the press, given the 40-year age difference. Love, it seems, knows no barriers. Unfortunately, it seems death also knows no barriers as their honeymoon plans are far from the expected marital bliss. Just as the ship leaves port, an unknown man is found dead in a steward’s cupboard. With the boilers stoked and the great ship already underway, there is little to be done but telegraph the police, who ask that the body be put into cold storage until the ship returns.

Questions abound. Who was the dead man? Why was he killed? And, with it likely that his murderer is still on board, are any of the passengers safe?

Janet says: “After the announcement of the initial murder of the Steward, Trevor Fitzpatrick, suspects were interrogated on the first night. Characters were placed around the ship for guests to ‘interrogate’ to solve the mystery. Our on-board team then delivered a letter under cabin doors during the first evening explaining that Florence Archdeacon, the newly married wife of Hugh Edwards, was missing and presumed dead, and this was later confirmed by the other suspects. It also contained some puzzles which helped passengers open a locked box on the second night. This contained a clue that Imelda Fitzgerald was a German spy, not an American dancer as she initially stated.”

“What came out on the second day of interrogation was that Hugh Edwards came back to his cabin to discover Florence dead in bed. In a panic he turned to Gerald to help him as he was worried that his writing career would be tarnished by this scandal. Gerald agreed to help him throw Florence’s dead body overboard because Gerald gave Florence Valium to help with her nerves that night and was worried he might have accidentally killed her. While Gerald and Hugh were throwing poor Florence overboard, the sand-loving archaeologist Laurence saw them and agreed to stay silent if they funded his work in Egypt – so they did!”

So, who was the murderer? The participants of the mini-cruise now know but who do you suspect to be the murderer? Write your guess in a comment to this article and Janet will tell us who the murderer was in a few days’ time.

Agreement with Moby cancelled

Our passenger ferries on the Amsterdam – Newcastle route offer excellent customer service and will continue doing so until a new solution is in place.

On 6 September 2019, DFDS entered into an agreement with the Italian ferry company Moby to acquire two ferries, Moby Wonder and Moby Aki, for deployment on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route.

Moby would in turn acquire the two passenger ferries currently operating on Amsterdam-Newcastle, King Seaways and Princess Seaways.

The agreement was expected to be completed in the second half of October 2019 but Moby has unfortunately not been able to meet the delivery terms of the agreement. The agreement has therefore been cancelled.

“We will continue to explore solutions for a renewal of the ferries on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route in line with our customers’ wishes and our strategic ambitions for the route and for DFDS.

The two current ferries offer a great service today, and they will continue doing so until a new solution with new ferries is in place. Therefore, this will not change our plans for developing the route, it will merely delay it,” says Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of DFDS’ Ferry Division.

German ship enthusiasts bid farewell to Princess Seaways

Upon the occasion of a bridge visit, society founding member Kai Ortel took the opportunity to hand over to Captain Dánial Vang (left) and Commercial Head Niels Ryslev (right) the book he has written about DFDS

We have received this story from Kai Ortel from the German ferry shipping society.

During its annual members’ trip, the German ferry shipping society DFV in early October bode farewell to Princess Seaways. Many of the 20 ferry enthusiasts travelling on the Mini Cruise to Newcastle had a special fondness for the 1986-built ship, having literally grown up with her when she was in service between Germany and Sweden for her former owners during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

After its initial sale to Australia, no one expected the vessel to return to Europe at all, but in 2003 she was acquired for a North Sea service between Bergen and Newcastle which DFDS took over three years later.

In 2007 and renamed Princess of Norway, the much-travelled ship was put on DFDS’ Amsterdam – Newcastle route which she continues to serve until the present day under the name of Princess Seaways. But in 2020, this 34-years success story will end with the delivery of the vessel to her new Mediterranean owners and the introduction of her successors Newcastle Seaways and Amsterdam Seaways on the North Sea.

The Mini Cruise was rounded off by a group tour of the galley led and moderated by Princess Seaways’ chef de cuisine Tommy Aakjær.

Kai Ortel


Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder visit Princess Seaways

Students from Norham High School on board Princess Seaways

On 20 September, DFDS Newcastle had the pleasure of welcoming 11 students and eight teachers from Norham High School on board Princess Seaways. The students all have Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, a complex development disorder, which means they have difficulties in communicating and some behavioural issues.

They were greeted at the terminal by Chris Whitfield, Operations Manager, and James Cook, Terminal Operations Supervisor, who were on hand to answer the abundance of questions the children had prepared.

Chris says: “Once on board, the children were met by Jack the Pirate who handed them balloons, and Lucas Winther Haagensen, Floor Manager Restaurant, who provided the children with a refreshing iced slush drink. It was a special day for the children, but also for one very special teacher from the group who was celebrating her 60th birthday. The staff from Princess Seaways very kindly presented Mrs Linda Robson with a lovely birthday cake, which was very well received.”

Helen Ashburner, ARP Manager at Norham High School, says: “We really appreciate all the effort that DFDS has gone to in order to provide this opportunity for the children. The children have had a great experience and learned some valuable life skills today, and the cake was lovely! Our compliments to the chefs! We hope that we can make this educational visit an annual occasion.”

Chris says: “When Helen contacted me regarding the visit, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. It is great to see the value that these small visits bring, and the happiness on the children’s faces. Besides, all the teachers took brochures with them for future trips on our vessels. Something as small as this creates great opportunities to grow the passenger business. The school group is based just 10 minutes away from the terminal, and has never travelled! Now they have seen the facility and what we can offer on board, word of mouth travels fast. The group were so grateful for the tour and the time we took to answer questions. It was a fantastic trip for them and required minimal effort from us to facilitate it. My extended thanks to the crew of Princess Seaways and my wonderful port staff who helped make this visit so enjoyable for students and staff alike.

“Special thanks also to Jade Whitfield, Port Office Manager, and Tamara Rebair, Port Office Supervisor, who created some lovely gift bags for the children – containing pencils, maps, stickers and pirate hats!”

A teacher from the group was celebrating her 60th birthday. Here she is with Chris Whitfield

Princess and King invite colleagues on a tour of the ship

When travelling with Princess Seaways and King Seaways on the Amsterdam – Newcastle route, colleagues can look forward to an invitation to a guided tour of the ship

Niels Ryslev, Commercial Head on Princess Seaways, came up with the idea. He says: “It’s always nice to have colleagues on board. Through this initiative, we wanted to ensure that our travelling colleagues have the best experience possible. During the summer many are travelling with their families, and visiting the bridge and other parts of the ferry can be quite interesting, especially for the kids. It’s also nice to get feedback from our colleagues on how we can ensure an even better experience for our guests.”

Janet Donaldson, Sales & Project Manager, went on the tour on board Princess and says: “We started our comprehensive tour of the bridge where I was given lots of information on the instruments, conditions at sea, weather and current forecasting tools and impacts of delayed departures on fuel costs etc. The tour also included behind-the-scenes areas which were fascinating to see, including crew mess, leisure areas and bakery. We also visited the main galley, bar areas, dog hotel and the brig (jail).

“It was so informative in terms of getting insight into how our colleagues work at sea. A huge thank you to Princess Seaways for a great initiative and such a warm welcome on board.”

The warm welcome message waiting for our colleagues in the cabins on board Princess and King

Princess Seaways arrives in Central Klaipeda Terminal

From left to right: Kristijanas Kiseliovas, Terminal Operations Support Supervisor, Alvydas Macius, GM Terminal Operations, Robertas Kogelis, Linas Lesauskas, Onboard Project Manager greeting CKT guests ready to board Princess Seaways, Andreas Mulvad Jensen, Chief officer Princess Seaways, Michael Stig, Director for Group Marine Standards, Danial Vang, Captain Princess Seaways.

As communicated last December, Princess Seaways is about to start service on Karlshamn-Klaipeda route for a six week period to replace Victoria Seaways and Optima Seaways that are docked during February and March respectively.

Princess Seaways proudly arrived at berth in the Central Klaipeda Terminal (CKT) on this chilly windy February morning in Klaipeda, to undergo a Host State Inspection for the starts.

Robertas Kogelis, Terminal Operations Director at CKT and Onboard Sales Director for BU Baltic, says: “We are happy to welcome Princess Seaways in Klaipeda as she is being prepared for the first scheduled departure to Karlshamn on Saturday, 9 February. A project team of experienced professionals from Princess‘ crew, Marine Standards, Fleet Management, Technical Organisation, Onboard Sales and other departments have worked hard to get her ready for the task. Having Princess Seaways here will help us address capacity issues on this route, whereas our Baltic guests onboard will be introduced to a slightly changed type of experience of travelling with DFDS.“

Princess to help out on Karlshamn-Klaipeda for six weeks

It will be an unusual sight for people in Karlshamn and Klaipeda, when Princess Seaways arrives to the route as she looks very different from the usual ro-pax ferries operating on the route.

The reason for Princess’ arrival in the Baltic is a cooperation across BU’s to find the best way of compensating for lack of tonnage during docking periods. Therefore, Princess Seaways will take up service on the Karlshamn-Klaipeda route on 7 February for a six weeks period to replace ships that are docked during this period.

“I am really pleased that we have been able to organise this so we can continue servicing our customers on the route where we need the capacity during this time of year, and as she takes up her interim service directly in continuation of a maintenance docking, she was a good choice for this,” says Per-Henrik Persson, Route Director, Karlshamn.

This means she will be away from her usual Newcastle-IJmuiden route for two months from the beginning of February.

“There is less need for passenger capacity during this time of year. However, we will have a big task in ensuring that we service both our passengers and freight customers the best we can to mitigate the effect of less capacity on the route that will only be served by King Seaways during Princess’ absence,” says Kasper Moos.

Per-Henrik Persson, Route Director, Karlshamn

2018: Best North Sea Sounds yet!

Level 42 playing North Sea Sounds

It’s been quite a November, with two sell-out North Sea Sounds shows on board King Seaways and Princess Seaways.

Level 42, a British funk-pop band, kicked the season off on 9 November with local northern group Smoove & Turrell as support acts, followed by 80s electronic pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, who headlined the second event on 16 November, supported by Tiny Magnetic Pets.

Stephen House, Senior Campaign Manager UK, says: “It has taken us years to build up the credibility of this concept and I’m pleased that we can now land great headline acts such as Level 42 and OMD. It takes a lot of hard work from not only the marketing teams and crew onboard, but also from our dedicated Events Manager, Jen King. We’re looking forward to what next year will bring!”

Andy McClusky, one half of the duo band OMD, says: “This was a very enjoyable event. Great audience, well organised, and we were looked after impeccably.”

We reported earlier this year that the Level 42 gig was the fastest-selling North Sea Sounds ever, but that isn’t the only remarkable achievement this year. It was also the first time that we offered all-inclusive packages only, with evening meals and breakfast, which not only boosted total revenues, but also ensured that a large proportion of November’s pre-catering targets was met.

All staff came to make the weekend a success. Here back stage with Level 42: Jennifer King, Groups Reservations and Events Manager (UK), Jade Whitfield, Port Office Manager (UK), Joyce Dijkhuizen, Campaign Coordinator, and Yvette Eelman, Sales Operations, who are both based in the Netherlands.
“I would also like to mention Lisa Chenery, our Campaign Manager in the UK, who assisted with both events but is not pictured, and to thank all staff on board King and Princess who have worked very closely with us over the last few months to make the events a success,” says Jennifer King, Groups Reservations and Events Manager.


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark playing North Sea Sounds

DFDS UK Facebook Video – OMD


Smoove & Turrell playing North Sea Sounds


Training & Development initiates leadership training on cruise routes

Based on Project Starlight and the new organisational structure on board the cruise routes, which we reported on in May, Training & Development (T&D) has put together a tailor-made leadership training for all business leaders and floor managers on board the four vessels.

The purpose of the training is to ensure that all the new managers get the necessary tools and knowledge to support them in their managerial positions. The training also focuses on the importance of all leaders being coherent in their communication and ‘speaking the same language’, when it comes to business and employee management.

The training consists of five modules covering topics like change management, situational leadership, conflict management, feedback, coaching and the DISC-training based on personality tests. The first module was rolled out on 4 June and the second module during July. They were facilitated by Birgitte Kjærsgaard and Emma Nordström from T&D. The third T&D module is taking place during August, led by the external consultant Annelise Schäfer.

Kim Heiberg, Cruise Route Director says: “We revealed the new organization late May, and one of our priorities was and still is to guarantee that all the new managers receive the support needed and feel well equipped for their new positions. To make this a reality, the Training & Development team worked hard to create the leadership training in such a short time and I am excited to see the training being put to good use by all the managers and leaders. I really appreciate the hard work done by all managers onboard and Birgitte, Emma and Annelise – it hasn´t been an easy task prioritizing this training in the middle of high season and holiday period. “

Port Defender exercise on Princess Seaways



From 9-12 April a huge anti-terrorism exercise took place in Amsterdam and IJmuiden and at sea.

On 11 April, Princess was the centre of the action as she was ‘hijacked’ by a couple of terrorists on open sea. Many emergency services were involved, including Royal Navy and Police special forces, to overpower the terrorists and free the hostages. Specially trained divers in explosives clearance had to secure our berth before the ship could dock and victims were taken to hospital by ambulance.

Due to the scale of the exercise and the involvement of all forces needed to handle a hijacking, this was a perfect way to improve cooperation between land, special forces and ship.

Thank you Rianne Pels for sending this story and video!

The Sertica Procurement roll-out reaches the next milestone

Picture from the training on Princess Seaways on 11 and 12 April. From the left: Johane Rebel, Morten Thomassen, Sylwia Pofelska, Paylo Cherniyenko, Laura Neimetaite (System Project Manager), Thomas Corfitzen (Purchasing manager), Anders Jørgensen.


The Sertica Procurement module, which handles orders from the requisition stage through to the approved invoice stage, was rolled out on all Baltic vessels last year. Now, the roll-out on the passenger vessels is progressing rapidly and with great success.

The most recent roll-out on King Seaways has been a smooth experience with great feedback: “Thomas Corfitzen and I have been on board King Seaways for two sessions to train about 40 staff members, who have all been very cooperative and eager to move to Sertica. They have already created their first 100 requisitions and they were all done correctly,” says Laura Neimetaite, System Project Manager.

For one thing, the implementation of Sertica means that Excel order handling in the Baltics has now been replaced by a digital system. The local procurement team (Zydrunas Martinavicius and Jurgita Martinkute) enjoyed the training and the roll-out, which was managed from Klaipeda.

Sertica will provide great transparency to the vessels’ cost and purchase patterns. This will ensure an improved strategic approach to the spend across DFDS. In addition, the system will add a level of control and compliance that was not feasible in the past.

“I want to thank Andrej Zamkovoj and Thomas Mørk, as well as the superintendents Claus Byder and Steen Haurum associated with the BU PAX roll-out, for the close collaboration on this project. In May 2018, all current DFDS vessels will be ordering via Sertica, and we can finally close down our very old procurement system PO Vessel, which is a benefit to everyone.The Sertica journey will continue. The system will be further developed in close collaboration with Finance, IT and TO to ensure that the user experience is continuously improved and new features are added,” says Pernille Hüls Dyrmose, General Manager, Operational Procurement.

Thomas Mørk, Vice President and Head of Technical Organisation, agrees: “The collaboration with Group Procurement on this project has been great, and I am looking forward to all vessels procuring through Sertica to reap all the benefits of standardised items and processes.

“Soon Workshops and Equipment Pools will purchase via Sertica as well, which is something that we are very much looking forward to,” adds Pernille, “and we are working closely with Christiaan van der Leest, who is the product owner for that part of our business.


Sertica training on Princess Seaways on 11 and 12 April 2018

Great start for new restaurant concepts on Amsterdam-Newcastle

As you may know, DFDS’ cruise ferries on the Amsterdam-Newcastle routes recently opened the Explorers Kitchen restaurant based on a new concept. The guests are offered a buffet which includes tapas as well as Burgers, sushi, pasta, grill specialties, fresh salad and delicious deserts. New is also the Bistro North Sea a la carte restaurant.

And the new concepts have already proven to be very popular.

“On Saturday 10 March, we reached the stunning amount of 876 guests. We believe it is a record for the Amsterdam-Newcastle route,” says Dorte Slynborg, Chef de cuisine on King Seaways. On that evening we saw UK event guests SKATOONS with 598 participants and 278 regular passengers dining on our buffet restaurant. Cooks, waiters & runners have all worked with dedication to make our new world buffet a success, and last weekend we saw the result of their efforts, says Dorte and her colleague Rafal Wojtaszak, Business Leader Food & Beverage.

And there was no less enthusiasm on Princess Seaways “Last Friday we set sail from Ijmuiden with 1064 guest on boards. 797 guest or 74.9% dined in Explorer’s Kitchen and in total 83% of all guest on board dined in either Explorer’s Kitchen or Bistro North Sea. During my 15 years I have never seen such numbers on a “normal Friday”. The atmosphere, the smiles, the many positive comments about the food, quality, selection, service in the restaurant were extremely nice and the team work from all crew on board in order to get all small and big things to succeed – were absolutely amazing, says Morten Thomassen, Business Leader Food & Beverage, Princess Seaways.

“All the positive energy and good ideas from the Food & Beverage workshop in May 2017 has become real and it felt fantastic. I’m confident this is just one of many records to be broken on King and Princess,” says Morten Thomassen.

Passenger missing after Princess’ arrival in Newcastle on Thursday

When Princess Seaways arrived at the Port of Tyne yesterday morning and the passengers had left the ship, the routine inspection of the ship found luggage remaining in one passenger cabin.

A full search of the vessel and terminal was completed but the passenger, a man in his sixties, remained unaccounted for.

DFDS contacted the authorities and a large-scale search and rescue operation that included helicopter search was initiated by the coastguard. However, the search was unsuccessful and was called off by the coastguard on Thursday evening.

The situation is being handled by the UK Police.

Small cabin fire on Princess Seaways

At DFDS we are very focused on educating our colleagues about safety on board all of our vessels and continuously train in how to handle incidents like fires on board. Luckily, it is not very often that the training is applied to real-life action, but this weekend a small fire broke out in a cabin on Princess Seaways.

“Fire on board a ship is something we always take extremely seriously as it can spread if we don’t control it right away. I am extremely proud to see how everyone cooperated from the bridge, including security guards and other crew, to take the right decisions and rapidly extinguish the fire. At the same time, they coordinated and made sure that there was an evacuation plan ready to activate if the fire spread. Thanks to our professional crew this incident did not turn into a serious accident,” says Thomas Mørk, VP of Technical Organisation.

No crew or guests were injured and the police were called to investigate as soon as the ship arrived in Ijmuiden. The police are still investigating.

BUGP Marketing Christmas game set to boost sales

Christmas is approaching fast and we’re getting into the spirit by offering our customers the chance to win prizes in a new online game.

Ferry Christmas was launched in the UK and Netherlands by the new BUGP Conversion marketing team this week. In the game Santa ditches his sleigh and needs the help of our customers to propel him along the Christmassy rooftops. If they score 2000 points they are entered into a prize draw to win a prize and access exclusive offers.

James Butler, Head of Conversion Marketing, said: “This is our first game in the new passenger organisation and we’re delighted to launch in the UK and Netherlands. Our games have been hugely successful, encouraging thousands of customers to try their luck and visit our website in the process. The Christmas period is another great opportunity to attract more visitors to our site using a fun concept that is also proven to boost online sales. Look out for more games across multiple languages and locations in 2018”

You can play the game here: