Route Director Aleksej Slipenciuk to head Kiel, Fredericia and Oslo (freight) agencies

Aleksej Slipenciuk will be Director of BU Baltic’s Kiel and Fredericia agencies, as well as the freight agency in Oslo, in addition to his role as Route Director Kiel ‒ Klaipeda. He will report to Anders Refsgaard, VP & Head of BU Baltic.

Aleksej Slipenciuk will take on responsibility as Director of BU Baltic’s Kiel and Fredericia agencies, as well as the freight agency in Oslo, in addition to his roles as Route Director Kiel ‒ Klaipeda and Klaipeda – Copenhagen – Fredericia.

“I am very pleased that we can now introduce a permanent management of those agencies, following Jacob Andersen’s move to Rotterdam and Lars Hoffmann’s to Turkey. I am equally pleased that Aleksej has accepted this huge task, for which he is better suited than anyone I can think of. As a Route Director for the Kiel ‒ Klaipeda route since 2017, and with previous route responsibilities on his C.V., he brings extremely valuable experience with our customers and markets to his new job. He is well-known and respected by customers and colleagues alike, he is a very good manager of people, and good at setting a strategic direction, keeping a firm course and spreading trust and confidence in DFDS.

“I think we are lucky that we have been able to fill such a key position for our business with an internal candidate of Aleksej’s calibre, and I wish him all the best in his new and challenging role. I am also confident you will all support him the best you can in making the new management structure a success for BU Baltic and DFDS,” says Anders Refsgaard, VP and Head of BU Baltic.

Aleksej Slipenciuk (49) was born in Omsk, Russia, and graduated as a Marine Engineer in St Petersburg. Following some years at sea, he joined DFDS Baltic Line in Klaipeda in 1996 as a booking agent for the Klaipeda ‒ Fredericia ‒ Copenhagen route. Since DFDS acquired the Lithuanian shipping company Lisco, he has had a number of operational roles and route director responsibilities for the Klaipeda – Karlshamn and Kiel – St. Petersburg/Ust Luga routes. He was an MD for DFDS in St. Petersburg for five years until he was appointed to his current position as Route Director Klaipeda-Kiel in 2017.

Aleksej will be reporting to Anders Refsgaard, and as his office will be in Kiel, he will soon be moving to Germany.

The change takes effect from now, and agency staff were informed at staff meetings earlier today.

DFDS as a Tour Operator – successful test of new concept

Project Manager, Lee Christensen (left) and Björn Hauksson, Product Administrator (right) with colleagues from the Norwegian Contact Centre celebrating the Proof of Concept going live

In a very important passenger project, DFDS has been testing a new concept for DFDS as a tour operator. And as the test was successful and proved that the new concept works, it moved out of its test phase. This happened on 10 May, when the Steering committee of Peder Gellert, Gert Møller, Sophie-Kim Chapman, Brian Hansen, Peter Akerman and Declan Walsh approved new investment in automating Finance related business processes so that use of the new DFDS Tour Operator platform can continue.

“During the test period, we sold City Breaks to Copenhagen on our Norwegian website using an off-the-shelf platform supplied by VisitGroup. Starting on 28 March, it ran over the course of six weeks, and although there have been some issues, performance exceeded our expectations. In addition, the average Seafare for these City Breaks is higher than for Minicruises, and when commission for hotels is included, these bookings generate 55% more sales than Minicruises. Therefore, the average basket size is considerably higher than for Minicruises,” says Lisa Chenery.

It also allows better campaign planning as bookings are made 14 days before the journey, compared to 7 days for Minicruises.

“When the business case for this was originally presented I thought the numbers looked very ambitious, but I am very pleased to see that Declan and his team are generating the sort of value that they believed would be possible. They have worked very hard to make this happen, encountering and overcoming obstacles along the way, so I am very proud to see this success happening in Passenger. It shows that when our people are tasked with solving the right problems innovative and value adding solutions emerge. I am very thankful to the team for their energy and commitment so far, and I am very excited to see what the next steps with this will bring for DFDS” says Peder Gellert EVP for Ferry.

“The core team of Lisa Chenery (Product Manager), Björn Hauksson (Product Administrator) and Lee Christensen (Project Manager), collaborating with colleagues from Marketing, Yield & Revenue Management, Sales, Contact Centre, Digital, Finance, Procurement, Legal & IT, have done an amazing job in getting the Proof of Concept live on our website, and executing this Proof of Concept” says Declan Walsh.
“Colleagues in Finance deserve special mention here, as several Finance tasks resulted in extra effort from our finance teams. Once these Finance processes have been automated the next step in the project will be to use the VisitGroup platform to sell City Breaks to Oslo, and Ski Holidays in Norway, on the Danish website.”


Oslo inaugurated shore power for cruise ferries

Shore power celebrations: Kim Heiberg, Route Director, DFDS; Johan Edelman, Trade Director, Norway, Stena Line; Kjetil Lund, Vice Mayor, Business Development and Public Ownership, City of Oslo; Lan Marie Berg, Vice Mayor, Environment and Transport, City of Oslo; Ola Elvestuen, Minister of Climate and Environment; and Ingvar M. Mathisen, Port Director, Port of Oslo.

It was quite a celebration with music, Norwegian seasonal delicacies and lunch on board Stena Line’s ship in the Port of Oslo on 8 January. The port had invited government and city officials, including Ola Elvestuen, Norway’s minister for the environment, and partners to the official inauguration of the new shore power system for Stena’s and DFDS’ ferries in the port.

DFDS was represented by Kariann Jacobsen, Margrethe Sand,  Linda Palmquist and Route Director Kim Heiberg. He received flowers from the port and was interviewed by journalists.

The interest was huge, as could be seen from the many news reports in Norwegian and international press after the ceremony.

Stena Line is expected to start using the system shortly and DFDS’  Pearl Seaways will do so in February  after maintenance docking in Fayard in Denmark, where the necessary on-board equipment for receiving shore power is installed. The other ship on the route, Crown Seaways, will have equipment installed in January 2020 during the scheduled maintenance docking.

“We have decided to install shore power equipment on board our ships to support the environmental policies of the City of Oslo and Port of Oslo and their investment in shore power facilities. With the investment in the equipment on board, we’re helping to ensure that the expensive power installation ashore is used as intended to reduce the emission of harmful substances in an urban area. We are obviously pleased to contribute to this,” says Kim Heiberg.

The aim is to make the maritime industry as environmentally friendly as possible and support the Port of Oslo’s journey towards becoming a zero-emissions port.

Christmas for the homeless on board Pearl and Crown

Yesterday, you could truly feel the Christmas mood light up when Crown and Pearl welcomed homeless men and women for the annual Christmas lunch in Oslo and Copenhagen.

The feeling of joy and warmth was all over the 325 guests in Oslo and 250 guests in Copenhagen who enjoyed a delicious Christmas buffet and great company while listening and dancing to well-known Christmas tunes prepared and performed by volunteers.

Cecilie Aasen, HR & Administration Consultant, says: “A wholehearted thank you to all the 63 volunteers from the Church City Mission, the Salvation Army, the Ambulance service and the DFDS office who together with the crew on Crown made the event in Oslo a great success. The professional musicians Jon Olav Trøen and Odd Arne Sørensen from Contrazt & Ingmars volunteered this year and entertained with well-known Christmas songs, making sure everybody got into the Christmas spirit. Loads of happy and grateful guests left the ship talking about the event as the highlight of the year.”

Stine Rysgaard Jensen, Content & Brand Specialist, says: “Both guests and crew had looked forward to this special event for weeks and it certainly lived up to our expectations with an appearance from Mr and Mrs Santa Claus, musical performances from the gospel choir Voice Zone and Pearl’s very own troubadour with a special guest performance from a WeShelter guest on oboe.

This unique occasion is a result of a collaboration between WeShelter, DFDS employees and sponsors such as Københavns Bustrafik, who were kind to transport all guests to and from the ship. We want to send a great big thank you to everyone who participated in making the day such a success, and we hope to host this special event for many years to come!”

Please enjoy these pictures full of happy faces from the Christmas lunches on board Crown and Pearl.

Project Starlight handed over to the business

In February, People & Ships launched Project Starlight by taking the responsibility to develop our cruise routes and prepare them for future growth. The aim was to enhance customer and job satisfaction, and boost results for our two cruise routes, Amsterdam – Newcastle and Copenhagen – Oslo.

Since then, a lot of great results have been achieved, and therefore the steering committee has agreed to hand over the project to the business.

“For the past nine months, eight workstreams have been identified and many tasks have been completed. It has been an educational and inspiring journey which has taken a lot of work and much effort on board our ships, in Group HR and in the Central Department (previously On Board Sales). I would like to thank everyone for the great inter-departmental collaboration,” says Kim Heiberg, Route Director.

We have highlighted some of the main achievements from all workstreams during the project.

Customer experience
By implementing early boarding, our guests can board the ships almost three hours earlier than before, which means reduced waiting time and queuing in terminals, and our guests are more likely to visit our bars and restaurants before departure. Early boarding often means an earlier departure as well, and reduced bunkers in turn. The communication to customers has been updated and optimised, and this helps guide our customers on board and in the terminals, and improves the customer experience.

By improving the email communication and upselling in ports, our guests are now much more likely to book their meals before departure. Many of the restaurants have been upgraded with a new menu, range of dishes and furnishings. This is starting to provide results, with more guests upgrading their meals when they visit the restaurants.

Another exciting development is on Pearl, where the casino will be transformed into a deluxe business area to attract new customers, ones who have high expectations and are willing to spend big money. “I look forward to benefiting from the fact that everybody involved with Business sales is organised within the route structure, and that they are able to develop the optimal concept. The sad thing of course is that we have to say goodbye to some of our colleagues who fought hard to make the casino profitable enough – but the odds here were extremely hard. Thank you for your efforts,” says Kim.

Organisational set-up
A few months ago, a new structure for the cruise organisation was introduced. It separated the cruise routes into two new organisations: the Copenhagen – Oslo route moved into People & Ships and the Amsterdam – Newcastle route went into BU Channel.

The management structure on board all four ships has previously been reorganised with fewer, but stronger, business leader roles and visible floor managers. This makes us even more focused on our guests, it decreases administrative tasks and supports crew on the floor.

Restructuring the On-Board Sales department with specialised heads ashore has increased centralisation and alignment and will have a much more supportive impact on all outlets on board. Lastly, by separating the B2B sales department from BU Group Passenger, sales are now closer to the Copenhagen – Oslo route, the only one with conference facilities.

“The thinking behind the organisational changes is highly adapted in the Cruise organisation. This is also without doubt because almost no positions are vacant at this point, and the leadership training is well underway. Thanks a lot to all of you for hanging in there during the tough times we went through, but I am sure it was worth the investment, and we have prepared ourselves for a better future,” says Kim Heiberg.

All managers have been trained by Training & Development to have a common grounding and the same set of tools in their managerial toolbox. All crew have been trained in the ‘Yes We Will’ approach. We have decided to continue our close collaboration in leadership training between the two cruise routes, as we still see a lot of synergies. Emma Nordström from Training & Development will continue to ensure training across routes in the future, as well as launching the third Next-In-Line programme as a joint venture.

Procurement & Shop
A range of supplier contracts have been negotiated, which means savings on a variety of products and new suppliers. The communication in and around the shop has been improved and visualised in a new lay-out with deals at sea to increase awareness and attract more customers to the shops on board.

We have implemented an onboarding programme to make sure new crew members are informed about their duties to a greater extent than earlier. To ensure continuous motivation and engagement, comprehensive training has taken place for crew members. And to understand how we can improve, we have developed and implemented exit interviews on board to discover if there are any trends or issues as to why people leave.

“I am very pleased and grateful for the engagement from everyone who has contributed to achieving these fantastic results, and it is even more satisfactory to see that our guests are also happy with the changes,” says Henrik Holck, EVP of People & Ships.

A biweekly survey shows increased overall satisfaction from our guests – up 4.12% on Copenhagen – Oslo and 1.85% on Amsterdam – Newcastle since the Starlight Project was launched.

The early boarding concept is also showing great results, with a 6.69% increase in the satisfaction score.

Thank you all for your great efforts
Project Starlight has come to an end, and the project will now be incorporated into day-to-day business.

“Many things happened during Project Starlight, and it makes me proud to see we are still able to turn things around. Especially the early boarding, which was a real collaboration across the whole route, turned out to be a fantastic success with better customer flows, increased Customer Satisfaction Survey scores and higher earnings,” says Kim.

Henrik adds: “Congratulations to all of you on board. You should all be very proud of these achievements. Now we will hand the project over to you, and I am confident that you will keep the right focus and make sure we keep learning and optimising.”

Price brothers record on board Pearl

James (left) and Adam (right) in the midst of a recording for the new season of “Spise med Price”

Our two cruise ships on the Copenhagen – Oslo route have always been popular settings for numerous TV recordings. This time, Danish brothers James and Adam Price were on board to film for the new season of their prime-time TV show “Spise med Price” or “Dine with the Prices”, where they travel around Scandinavia tasting local recipes. The Price brothers are famous nationwide for their different take on food programmes as their show is made with humour and entertaining moments.

The food-enthusiast brothers naturally took the opportunity to try the food in our gourmet restaurant SJØ, and they fully agree with the fine review by Søren Frank, as well as believing in SJØ’s ambition to achieve a Michelin star. James, Adam and their TV crew of nine were all grateful for the hospitality and great service on board, saying that they had been treated like kings on their journey to Oslo.

Rikke Welløv, Senior Campaign Manager, says: “Their praise has been very well received, especially coming from James and Adam, who have travelled across the world trying all kinds of great food. It was exciting having the Price brothers on board, and we are happy that they chose Pearl for their recording location. I am looking forward to seeing the episode when it airs next spring. Hopefully it will make some of the viewers want to follow in the footsteps of the Price brothers and experience the voyage for themselves.”


A Crown full of metal

This weekend was one of the louder ones on board Crown, when close to 300 metalheads gathered for a weekend of metal music as the second Metal Cruise between Copenhagen and Oslo took place.

Two Norwegian, one Swedish and four Danish metal bands played in the Sky Club on Friday and Saturday before a passionate and headbanging crowd. The artists were crowd-surfing and growling during the concerts, while Crown was sailing smoothly and unaffected by the thundering music and fans.

“This year, the tickets for the cruise sold out within a few weeks. We are extremely happy that everything went without a hitch and it seemed that all participants were happy from the moment they boarded the ship,” says Lene Helweg, Campaign Coordinator in BU Group Passenger.

The event is based on the popular Danish metal festival Copenhell, which takes place every year in June. This year DFDS was present at the festival via screens by the stage with videos promoting the Metal Cruise.

We borrowed some of the pictures from Copenhell’s Facebook page. You can see more pictures here.

Knitting campaign spreading warmth in Oslo

Every year, the Church City Mission brings colour across Norway with knitted orange scarves. The orange scarves are a result of a nationwide knitting campaign, in which thousands of people participate, and with more than 15,000 homemade scarves being distributed throughout the country.

On 16 October, volunteers decorated cities in Norway with their scarves, made with care and representing warmth and inclusion. Originally, they were intended for the homeless who have to spend the cold winter nights outside, but it is now perfectly okay for anyone to wear the scarves as a symbol of solidarity.

Cecilie Aasen, HR & Administration consultant, says: “For three years in a row, our colleagues in Oslo have participated in the campaign, and we are very happy and proud about our contribution. Knitting and donating the scarves as a group is very positive for our working environment, as working together for a good cause also creates a good atmosphere in the office.

Following this campaign, we are also looking forward to hosting the annual Christmas lunch for the homeless on board Crown on 6 December in Oslo, in collaboration with the staff on board, the Church City Mission and the Salvation Army”.


Food critic Søren Frank visits SJØ on board Pearl

During September, Pearl Seaways had Danish food critic royalty on board, as Søren Frank, food and wine editor for the national Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, visited our gourmet restaurant SJØ.

Søren Frank is known as a highly-respected critic, and he always makes reservations in another name to make the experience as authentic as possible and to avoid special treatment from chefs and waiters.

When top chefs Søren Westh and Christian Mortensen were affiliated with the project, Søren Frank knew that this wasn’t just a publicity stunt, but on the contrary, serious and ambitious business. So naturally Søren Frank ventured on a voyage to taste if the cuisine from SJØ could change his opinion of the food, which is traditionally served on ferries.

Søren was served the menu “Rejsen”, which means “the journey” and consists of seven courses including carefully selected wines and champagne.

After the dining experience, Søren was ready with his final verdict: “The meal was well above what you would usually expect from food served on a ferry. The service was nice and accommodating. The wines were served with a generous hand but selected in a slightly unimaginable way, as they were all sourced from the same importer. The food was generally delicious and held a five-star level at times, but the initial servings that did not hit 100 percent and the cafeteria-like surroundings at the start of the meal make me end up with four of the big ones.”

Kim Heiberg, Cruise Route Director says: “Everyone from SJØ have worked endlessly to create a unique experience for our customers, so it is fantastic to receive such a fine review within a short time of the opening. The constructive criticism from Søren Frank is something we can work with to continue our improvements, but I am especially happy that the essential product, the food and the service, was so highly praised.”

“It was with excitement that some of our colleagues involved with SJØ read the review, and we naturally wanted to capture their reactions to what Søren had to say about the project that they have been working on for years,” Kim Heiberg says.

Watch Head of Travel Trade & Retail Hancy Anna Djurhuus proudly commenting on the review in English:

You can also see reactions and comments about the review in Danish from Kevin Thyge Helsinghof, Kim Heiberg, Morten Berg, Maria Lentz-Greve, Viktor Dahlgren together with Hancy Anna Djurhuus and Henrik Schadegg.

“I want to congratulate the chefs and waiters on this fantastic achievement. This is just the beginning but with this recognition, we are off to a good start. With the creative and innovative team from SJØ, I know we can create a great culinary experience that belong with the stars. I hope the review will inspire people to visit SJØ and taste for themselves,” says Kim.

You can get a glimpse of the food served and read the full review in Danish.

Major brand campaign runs in Copenhagen and Oslo

This week saw the launch of a major new branding campaign by the BUGP marketing team. The campaign includes a mix of posters and digital displays in busy locations in both Copenhagen and Oslo.

The posters promote our Oslo and Copenhagen mini cruise and our onboard dining experiences.

Rikke Welløv, Senior Campaign Manager said: “The objectives of the campaign are to generate interest in our mini cruise and drive the public online to find out more about our wonderful onboard restaurants.”

Stine Rysgaard Jensen and Isabel Cooke from the brand marketing team booked the campaign and managed the creative for the designs, which are in the new DFDS brand style.

Catherine Jowett, Head of Brand Marketing said: “Isabel, Stine and the graphic designer Mark worked extremely hard to deliver the campaign in short timescales. They secured some excellent poster sites and the designs look fantastic in-situ.”

Nordic Passenger workshop in Oslo

On 7 June, the Nordic Campaign team, the Norwegian specialist team and Celest Jansen, Head of Campaign Management, met in Oslo to discuss a new MiniCruise campaign strategy. The focus of the workshop was to find new initiatives to implement in the Nordic Campaign Plan for Q4, primarily for Norway, but also for Denmark for the Copenhagen – Oslo route.

On the agenda for the workshop were topics such as overcoming barriers to achieve targets, adding value for Norwegians to encourage early booking, product development and innovative campaign ideas. Rikke Welløv, Senior Campaign Manager, says: “We need to get away from the “hamster wheel” way of working, with last-minute mitigation plans and tactical low-pricing campaigns. It was a productive and very positive workshop, and outcomes from the day were some follow-up actions and a draft for the new Nordic MiniCruise campaign plan.”

Havnelangs 2018 – a perfect opportunity to meet new customers

Every year Port of Oslo invites all the companies and attractions connected to the Oslofjord to take part in the cheerful and family-friendly event Havnelangs (“Along the Harbour”). It is a well-known and highly regarded tradition for the city as well as for DFDS and this year, the event took place on 3 June, a warm and sunny Sunday.

Isabel Cooke, Content and Brand specialist, says: “This is the most important event for DFDS Norway to present our services to potential customers during the year. DFDS had a stand outside the terminal where approximately 1,000 young children tried their luck at the popular duck pond and won a small prize, while older kids and adults could win a free cruise to Copenhagen on an online horse race game. Some 1,000 adults received a DFDS beach bag, which was quite visible along the harbour and in the city centre. Jack the Pirate also showed up to meet, greet and hug the visitors.”

Nina Edwardsen, Campaign Manager, adds: “It was one of our most successful Havnelangs events ever with no less than 3,000 visitors at the DFDS stand and almost 500 visitors at the open ship event on board Crown Seaways. Here our guests spent time on the sundeck enjoying the view of Oslo, the children were playing and free sausages were served. Thanks to Nina S., Tone H. and Alex from Customer Care in Oslo for helping out on this important and very happy day and also thanks to Lene and Stine, who came from Copenhagen to support us at the event.”


Interesting visit to CargoNet site at Alnabru, Oslo

On 19 April, the rail team from DFDS Norway/Lysaker (Stein Lyberg, Mikael Närman and Anne Wyckmans) visited CargoNet’s site at Alnabru in Oslo under a clear blue sky. The team was invited to take part in a guided tour of this central site for all cargo rail transport to and from Norway, and they had the opportunity to watch a loading/unloading operation using one of the big cranes high above the ground.

CargoNet and Railcombi handle cargo for about 50 trains daily at the Alnabru site, and the loading/unloading operation per train with 20 double-pocket wagons is performed within 45 minutes.

“DFDS Norway is cooperating with CargoNet for the southbound shipment of paper from Norske Skog in Skogn, Trondheim, to Italy, and for the northbound shipment comprising mainly wine and food from Italy to the Oslo area, so it was very interesting to find out how the operations at the CargoNet site work,” says Anne Wyckmans from the intermodal team in Oslo.

The CargoNet site

The rail-team of DFDS Norway visiting CargoNet The rail-team of DFDS Norway visiting CargoNet


Seminar with participants from Port of Zeebrugge in Fredrikstad

From left: Emmanuel Van Damme (Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Zeebrugge), Vidar Karlsen (Managing Director, DFDS Logistics), Theo Milliau (Head of Multipurpose Operations, PSA Zeebrugge), Tore Lundestad (Port Director, Port of Borg) and Bjørn Waglen (Sales and Business Development, Andersen & Mørck AS). Photo: Tove Irén Becker

Just before Easter, Vidar Karlsen from DFDS Logistics Oslo took part in a seminar organised by Fredrikstad Næringsforening, where there was also an opportunity to meet with Emmanuel Van Damme, Chief Commercial Officer in Port of Zeebrugge, and Theo Milliau, Head of Multipurpose Operations in PSA Zeebrugge (our stevedore partner).

Vidar Karlsen, Managing Director, says: “We met at a similar meeting in Zeebrugge a couple of months ago, and it was great to be able to share experiences once again, and this time to show our business partners something from our home ground.”

“Both Emmanuel Van Damme and Theo Milliau gave a presentation to the lunch meeting held by Østfold Logistikforeningen, and I also had the chance to talk about our new service from Frederikstad. In the past, our side-port ships sailed to Moss before sailing to Norske Skog Saugbruks in Halden to load paper, but now we are sailing Fredrikstad-Halden-Zeebrugge-Immingham-Fredrikstad with one ship, and Oslo-Halden-Hamburg-Immingham-Oslo with the other. We started this service last autumn at the request of our customers, and the meeting here was an exceptional opportunity to talk about it, as large parts of the regional business world had come together,” concludes Vidar.

The DFDS Logistics offices in Oslo and Hamburg expand their cooperation

In cooperation with DFDS Logistics in Hamburg, Logistics in Norway now ships containers on Lysvik that used to go via external shipping partners on the leg from Hamburg to Immingham.

Since DFDS added Hamburg – Immingham as a fixed call to the Lysvik Seaways loop, the Logistics offices in Hamburg and Oslo have worked to find a good solution for part of the door-to-door containers that DFDS Logistics Hamburg is shipping every week between Germany and the UK.

“The volume has until now been shipped by an external supplier. In week 44, however, we transported a successful test shipment of a few units with Lysvik. The following week we shipped 15 units and the volume is expected to be around 15-20 units per week. We are very happy that we now can keep the sea freight turnover in-house, and I trust that we have created a win-win solution that is beneficial for both offices,” says Kasper Svenningsen, Director, Shipping Logistics, Norway. “I would like to thank Sven Ohlsen and his team in Hamburg for the support. The volume is good and we are very pleased to have the Hamburg Logistics office on board, also on this leg. The Hamburg office has used this service from Oslo to Hamburg in recent years when shipping MT units. These units were sent to Oslo from Immingham, so the door-to-door container shipments of the past between Germany, the UK and Norway are now finally carried by DFDS all the way through,” he says.

Students support charity in Oslo

Thursday 2 November was the day of “Operasjon Dagsverk” in Norway, which is the day when students offer to work for free. They donate their wages to a charity that helps youngsters in less resource-rich areas of the world to get an education.

The focus of the charity this year was organisations supporting the protection of the environment, and their local partner in the Niger Delta, which educate young people to help make the oil companies responsible, and thereby create a better future for themselves in an environment with a more sustainable use of resources.

The students have to find a job for the day themselves, and once again this year DFDS Norway welcomed the children of employees who had asked to work at DFDS on this particular day. So Petter from the 9th grade at Brannfjell skole, Philip from the 8th grade at Hovseter skole and Sebastian from the 8th grade at Opsall skole, all came to work at the Norwegian DFDS Contact Centre, helping out with various tasks, all for a good cause. And of course, these three young men also visited Pearl Seaways.