Organisational changes in Immingham

Andrew Byrne, MD of the Ferry Division in Immingham

From 1 January 2020, there will be the following changes to the Ferry Division’s organisation in Immingham.

Per Lund Jensen to retire

Per Lund Jensen, our Chief Accountant and Company Secretary, has decided to retire on Friday 31 January 2020. Per has been with DFDS since November 1985 and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Per is retiring to spend more time with his family and to take the holidays that Barbara, his wife, has already booked. We are currently reviewing the statutory duties of Per’s role and will advise early in the new year how these will be performed in the future. We of course wish Per a long and happy retirement and all the best for his future.

Per Lund Jensen


Jon Bailey to assume the position of Commercial Director

The changes will also affect our commercial function. From 6 January, Jon Bailey will commence as the Commercial Director, responsible for all commercial aspects of both the unit load and industrial portfolios. This change has been made to align the UK commercial structure with most of our partner countries, to ensure we have a collaborative and cohesive structure that will help the Ferry Divison in Immingham to deliver its part in the WIN 23 strategy. We have a significant part to play in that strategy, being a strategic key to the North Sea network and beyond for both the liner roll on roll off services and the cargo that will fall under the new Business Verticals.

Jon Bailey


Claire Brown to be new Marketing and Automotive Manager (UK & Ireland)

Another change to help us deliver the WIN23 strategy is the introduction of the new role of Marketing and Automotive Manager (UK & Ireland), which Claire Brown has been appointed to. This is an exciting and vital role to help ensure all parts of the new business structure across Ferry and Logistics are working together to get the best overall outcome for the DFDS group and marketing our collaborative strengths in the core markets we are targeting for growth. Claire will be working as part of a team of people appointed to similar roles across the DFDS network to ensure consistent and effective planning and execution of our strategic aims.

Claire Brown


Emma Leam-Saville expands her role to Route Agency and Border Compliance Director
Emma Leam-Saville’s role has been expanded throughout 2019, as she successfully represented DFDS Seaways in Brexit preparations, and helped shape policy and influence decisions that can impact DFDS and the rest of the shipping industry. This has helped place DFDS in a much more prominent industry position and we will continue to build on this throughout 2020. To better reflect Emma’s responsibilities, her title will become Route Agency and Border Compliance Director.

Emma Leam-Saville


These changes are key roles in the organisation, and I want to congratulate everyone and wish them good luck in these roles in the future.

Andrew Byrne, MD of the Ferry Division in Immingham.

Organisational changes in Group Procurement

Pernille Hüls Dyrmose, VP, Group Procurement

To support our continued focus on growing and moving, we have implemented organisational changes in Group Procurement.

Group Procurement is now managed by a leadership team consisting of Frederik Fahrenholtz (Head of Indirect & Onboard Procurement), Manisha Mathur (Head of Direct Procurement) and Pernille Hüls Dyrmose (VP, Group Procurement).

Lene Kragkær Nilsson has been appointed Operational Procurement Manager effective 1 September.

Starting in 2013 as a Business Analyst in Group Procurement, Lene has worked as Sourcing Manager, and most recently as Digital Project Manager. She has delivered great results and been recognised for her efforts. Sertica, the governance around a cross-functional system and user experience, have come a long way under her care. Lene will take on the new and exciting challenge of managing a team of purchasers across DFDS locations (France, Lithuania and Denmark), and Lene will report to me.
Please join me in congratulating Lene Kragkær Nilsson on her new role.

Lene Kragkær Nilsson

We believe that Lene’s new role, the leadership team and the new organisational structure will put Group Procurement in a good position to tackle the challenges of 2020 and contribute towards WIN23. The new departmental structure will also help facilitate even more focus on the various functions, such as digital, operations and compliance. It will also maintain the focus on our key strategic support to the business. In Group Procurement we look forward to working with you all in this new structure.

Please find the updated Group Procurement organisation chart here.

Pernille Hüls Dyrmose

VP, Group Procurement


Group Procurement is currently recruiting for three roles and has started the process already:

Digital Procurement Manager

Compliance Manager

Business Analyst, Direct Procurement


Niels Smedegaard to step down as CEO, Torben Carlsen to take over

From left: Niels Smedegaard and Torben Carlsen

Niels Smedegaard has decided to step down as CEO of DFDS at the end of April.

Torben Carlsen, who has been the company’s CFO since 2009, will become the new CEO.

In close partnership with Niels Smedegaard, Torben Carlsen has been instrumental in making DFDS a larger, stronger and more profitable company and will thus contribute to ensuring continuity in the development and operation of the company.

Niels Smedegaard has been CEO of DFDS since 1 January 2007.

He says: “My time at DFDS has been a fantastic journey, and I am proud of the progress that has been made for the company and its employees, cus-tomers and shareholders since I joined. It has been a difficult decision to say goodbye but having managed the company for over 12 years, the time has come to move on and use my energy and experience in board position. DFDS is strongly positioned for the future, and I feel very confident about passing on the steering wheel to Torben and I wish him good speed for the future.”
“I owe everyone at DFDS – from the individual employees to the rest of the management team and the Board – a big thank you for the good years we have had together. We have shared many great experiences and overcome considerable challenges together. I will take all this with me.”

Chair of the Board, Claus V. Hemmingsen, says: “Niels has executed an im-pressive transformation of DFDS. In the time he has led the business, it has more than doubled in size. DFDS is today a far more profitable company, with highly skilled employees well prepared to continue the growth and deal with the challenges that the future brings, including Brexit and the growing demands for digitisation. On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I’d like to thank Niels for his great efforts.”

He adds: “At the same time, it is a special pleasure for me and the rest of the Board that we can pass on the task of managing DFDS to Torben Carlsen. Over the years, Torben and Niels have worked closely with their col-leagues on the Executive Committee and had an excellent collaboration with the Board. Torben has played an important role in the development of DFDS and, with his broad knowledge of the company, he is the ideal person to ensure continuity and continued success for DFDS.”

Torben Carlsen is 53 and has a broad and international managerial background, with leading positions in Switzerland and the USA, primarily within the airline industry. In addition to this comes experience from private equity.

Torben Carlsen says: “DFDS is a unique company with a long and exciting history, so I am proud that the board is placing its trust in me and I am humble about the task ahead. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the management and our many skilled colleagues to continue the good development of DFDS, based on the strategic plans we have developed in close cooperation with the board.”

New roles in Immingham Logistics

I am pleased to announce a few changes which will take place in the early part of 2019, which we believe will continue to improve the service we provide to our customers.

Tony Brock back in Immingham
Tony Brock who has previously worked for DFDS for many years, has decided to come back to Immingham, after a couple of years living in the south of England. Tony has been appointed as German route manager. Tony will report to Anton Tiggelman

Helen Edie responsible for Inside Sales
In an effort to be more focused on generating sales internally we will bring internal sales closer to the operations so that we actively chase business that fits the gaps where we need it on the day but also follow up on enquiries in a more structured fashion. To do this Helen Edie will take responsibility for the Inside Sales Function and continue to report to Anton Tiggelman. Both Karen Taylor and Wendy Skipworth will report to Helen.

Gary Suckling joins part load export department
DFDS continues to aim at developing our part load activity and the UK is a vital part in that strategy. Gary Suckling has been appointed to join the part load export department, primarily working on Sweden. Gary brings a wealth of experience in part loads, with his most recent position being in NTEX in Immingham. Gary will report to Graeme Barker.

Sarah Holloway will continue to be responsible for the external sales staff, and in addition will take on extra responsibilities for the DIO office in Logistics Division. More about that on The bridge later.

Nigel Phillips joins DFDS
To increase our focus on new business, in particular part loads, we have employed Nigel Phillips. Nigel comes from a position in NTEX as sales manager. Nigel will, like Steve Dolmor and Brian Kirk report to Sarah Holloway.

I am sure you will all welcome the new starters and make ensure they will feel welcome at DFDS.

Klaus Jonassen, Managing Director

Project Starlight: New structure for the cruise organisation

We want our passengers on the cruise routes Copenhagen – Oslo and Amsterdam – Newcastle to enjoy an even greater time when travelling on our two cruise routes. We also want our colleagues on board to thrive in their jobs and feel they make a real difference. This should be the foundation on which we build an even better business and improve results.

With these aims, we launched Project Starlight in February and at the same time transferred the responsibility for the cruise routes to People & Ships for the project period to enable Group BU Passenger to focus entirely on making their new organisation work. This means that the Project Starlight and the cruise routes came under the management of EVP Henrik Holck with Cruise Director Kim Heiberg reporting to Henrik.


Stronger Business Leader roles, visible floor managers

Since March, the project group has worked on eight identified workstreams covering nearly all parts of operations. One of the workstreams focused on the organisation, and the project group is now ready to present the new structure for the two routes.

In the new structure, we will maintain a Commercial Head on board each ship but reduce the number of Business Leaders from up to six (seven on Pearl where there is a casino) to three Business Leaders on each ship. The below description is for Copenhagen – Oslo, on Amsterdam Newcastle the titles and areas differ slightly:

Business Leader Food & Beverage (F&B) will replace the three previous Business Leaders: Restaurant, Bar and Chef de Cuisine. This is to ensure that we utilise the synergies and knowledge from all three areas and along with Floor Managers (see below), become more visible to our customers in all restaurants. With this setup, we expect to increase our service and have a more dedicated focus, to ensure an even higher customer satisfaction in the future.

Business Leader Shop & Conference will have the responsibility for the shop and the conference on the Copenhagen – Oslo route. This will make room for the crew to care about customers and ensure that we are always aligned with products and concepts on board. Bringing the shop and conference business areas together will also make it easier to offer an enriched experience for our conference guests and make room for a more holistic way of thinking about their entire customer journey.

Business Leader Accommodation & Service will be a merger of the previous accommodation and guest service, which was formerly under the Business Leader Conference responsibility. Many of the questions asked in the Guest Service Centre are about cabins, beds, upgrades, cleaning etc. Therefore, it will be valuable to strengthen the knowledge and focus within the two areas.


Floor Managers

All areas will have Floor Managers who will be part of the daily work and at the same time have managerial responsibility. They will report to Business Leaders in specific areas. For example, the Business Leader F&B will be supported by Floor Managers in the restaurants. This is to ensure that we always have a visible manager on the floor in all outlets, to send a positive signal to our guests and support our crew. Up until now the Business Leader has been responsible for appearing in each restaurant every day.

See the organisational charts for both routes here:

Copenhagen – Oslo

Amsterdam – Newcastle


New structure in Cruise Routes’ central organisation

We want to ensure that all of our outlets on each route offer the same great experience, service and products and have the same advantages in relation to procurement and sales. Our guests should be able to recognise our concepts no matter which of our ships they are travelling on. Therefore, many of the responsibilities will be moved to the central organisation. To be in a better position to provide the necessary competencies and support, the previous On-Board Sales department will change from one overall supporting role for all areas into three more specific and focused departments. They will report to Kim Heiberg. This is to increase the cooperation between ships and shore in relation to competencies and areas of responsibilities.

The three new positions will be Head of Travel Retail, Head of Onboard Concepts and Head of Projects & Communication, who together with Peter Holleufer’s existing role as Head of Performance Management are essential for mirroring the onboard set-up, aligning the ships and support and follow-up on all areas onboard.

See the new structure for Cruise Routes’ central organisation here

“With this new organisation, we will simplify all workstreams and make sure that the crew can focus on the most important thing: our customers. The management will be much more visible, which makes a difference to both employees and guests. It will hopefully make our passengers even more satisfied with their journey with us and our colleagues thrive more in their jobs. I am looking forward to following the process closely in the coming months,” says Kim Heiberg.

All Business Leaders, floor managers and coordinators have been informed about their new roles, and Kim Heiberg will hold a staff meeting on Crown today and on Pearl tomorrow (1 June).

Teun Wim Leene will have a staff meeting onboard King today and on Princess tomorrow (1 June).

“I would like to thank everyone on board and all of you who have been part of Project Starlight. I am thankful for your great efforts and I hope that you will all be able to see the benefits of our hard work across ships and land. I am proud to be part of the cruise organisation and I am confident that with these new changes we will be able to improve and move for all to grow,” says Kim.


Lotte Weaver to leave DFDS

In the new structure, Lotte Weaver’s position as Head of On-Board Sales (OBS) will cease to exist. Lotte has been offered another position, but she has chosen to leave DFDS. “Lotte has been one of the strongest forces in the past half year in Project Starlight where she has put enormous amounts of effort into the project. I have had the pleasure of working with Lotte for the past seven years, and she has really done a fantastic job. She is extremely hardworking, reliable, strategic and competent, and it is very unfortunate for DFDS that Lotte has chosen to leave,” says Kim. Lotte will stay until August as a consultant, making sure that the new organisation is well implemented and to help recruit three new managers to the Cruise Routes’ central organisation. “I would like to thank all of my great colleagues whom I will certainly miss. The past seven years with DFDS have truly been a journey for me, and I wish you all the best,” says Lotte, who will be leaving DFDS to take care of her daughter, who will be coming home from hospital after lengthy treatment for mental illness.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kim Heiberg.

BUGP Contact Centre Director – Update

Last month, I was delighted to announce that after a long search we had found our new Contact Centre Director Jason Stanton. Unfortunately some sudden and unavoidable personal circumstances have led to Jason tendering his resignation this morning and he will leave with immediate effect.

Whilst this is a temporary set-back I am very pleased to advise that Gemma Griffin VP HR and Crewing has agreed to step back into the role of Contact Centre Director on an interim basis to support and guide the current transformation of the Contact Centre.

“Although I am disappointed that we are back to square one on the recruitment process for a permanent Contact Centre Director, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the fantastic team of Contact Centre colleagues. I have learned so much from them and I am more than happy to continue this journey and to support Brian and his team,” says Gemma Griffin.

A new external recruitment process will commence immediately and will be led by myself and Gemma. We are confident that we will find the right person very soon.

Brian Thorsted Hansen

VP of BU Group Passenger

Preparing for the future: Reshaping the Logistics organisation

During the last two years, there have been many developments in the Logistics organisation with the acquisition of Italcargo (now DFDS Lilla Edet), Alphatrans (DFDS Special Cargo) and Shetland Transport (DFDS Shetland). More recently the businesses in Belfast, Italy and Norway terminals have been downsized. All this takes place in a rapidly developing digital world and makes the timing right to adjust the organisation to adapt to the changes and prepare for the future.

Digital & IT

To ensure that Logistics takes full advantage of the increasingly important Digital and IT tools available to us, Jens Antonsen (pictured) will dedicate the majority of his time to the role of Digital and IT Officer (DIO). Jens’ vast logistics experience will ensure the Division secures the full benefits of DFDS’ sizeable investments in IT and Digital. Jens will also support various projects in the future and will for now support the integration and development of Special Cargo along with Martin Bos. Peter Andersen will also report to Jens.





Nordic, Continent and Baltic

In addition to being VP for the Nordic Cluster, Niklas Andersson (pictured) will lead BU Continent and the Baltic Cluster with Michael Bech, Sven Ohlsen, Geert Liefhooghe, Dick van Herwaarden and Oleg Bambulyak now reporting to Niklas.

To create time for Niklas to undertake his new role Mathias Dahlstrom will oversee Lilla Edet and Karlshamn on top of his responsibilities for the Swedish International traffics in Gothenburg.

Oleg Bambulyak will lead the Baltic Cluster to take benefit from potential combinations in Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Kimmo Salmi and Lars Thorsen will report to Oleg.




UK & Ireland

The UK & Ireland International & National Clusters will in future both report to Allan Bell (pictured) and it is expected to develop a number of commercial and operational synergies from this merger.

Steve Macaulay will be overall responsible for Scotland and Northern Ireland.  DFDS has achieved a strong position in Scotland and there are further opportunities for growth. In Northern Ireland we are rebuilding our business. Steve will provide the leadership and experience to ensure success in both. Nick McCullough will become MD in Belfast reporting to Steve.

Matt O’Dell will in future report to Allan and in addition to his responsibilities for Peterborough, Grimsby, Warrington and Chesterfield will take care of the unaccompanied refrigerated trailers arriving in the UK as there are clear opportunities to reduce empty running and generate revenue by integrating the trailers into the UK network. Scott Mullen was recently appointed as Network Manager to drive the development of the UK network.

Klaus Jonassen will be in charge of all aspects of the Immingham organisation, as MD, as well as the important task of equipment control.

John Coleman is appointed as MD for Ireland and retains responsibility for the DSL joint venture.

Anton Tiggelman will return to the UK from Italy in the summer and his new position will be announced beforehand.


Extended management 

Through a new set of communication lines and changed meeting structure the management team is being extended. The country managers will get the opportunity to be more deeply involved in key decisions and projects and to influence and develop our ambitions for profitable growth.

I expect that DFDS will benefit from the reorganisation in many ways, not least by increasing  knowledge sharing and developing more sales opportunities across the business.

Our strategy has delivered profitable growth and steps have been taken to rationalise activities which took our time and effort but did not deliver acceptable returns. The new organisation puts us in good shape to grow the business further and the management team is looking forward to doing just that.


The new Logistics organisation

See the entire new organisation here


Best regards,

Eddie Green, EVP of Logistics



DFDS adapts head office functions

Head office functions have changed, and tasks and positions have become redundant. Though DFDS has found solutions for many of the 29 positions that will disappear, 17 colleagues will unfortunately still be affected. They have all been informed.  

DFDS has grown considerably in our head office functions to support changes in business and systems. However, at the same time we need to improve efficiency continuously by adapting the head office organisation to new ways of working – and to changed requirements because old systems, tasks and positions are disappearing.

In this process, we have come a long way by doing our utmost to find opportunities to offer new positions to available colleagues with the right competencies, by not re-filling vacant positions and by encouraging other colleagues to go into early retirement. However, this will unfortunately not be enough to ensure the necessary efficient set-up in our head office departments where a total of 29 positions are disappearing.

Regrettably, this means that 17 colleagues will be leaving DFDS. They have all been informed today.

The main impacts will be within the Finance & IT Division where there are most staff.   As a structural change, we have decided to integrate Procurement in a new Group Transformation department managed by Group Transformation Officer Valdemar Warburg. The new department is explained in more detail in a separate communication today. As VP Karsten Johansson does not wish to continue managing Group Procurement in this new structure, he has decided to leave DFDS.  Karsten has built a strong organisation and successfully managed the procurement transformation and procurement optimisation programmes that have greatly contributed to improving DFDS’ bottom line over several years. He will leave once a handover to Valdemar has been completed.  Furthermore, Søren Jerris will be leaving.

In Group Branding & Innovation, Ebbe Vincentzen and Michael Tofft will be leaving.

IT will be the most affected department with a total of seven colleagues leaving, those being Kevin Walsh, Peter Schimmell, Jim Andersen, Jimmi Bønnelycke, Janne Kolbo, Jens Uhrenholt and Klaus G. Frederiksen.

Group Accounts will see Vicky Nielsen leaving, and Business Intelligence (BI) Frans Henriksen.

In the Logistics Division’s head office functions, Vivi Bohn Theisen and Claus Thamdrup will be leaving. Claus has successfully established a container pool. However, this will in the future be managed from Immingham where we centralise the management of the equipment pool.

In the Shipping Division, Anders Hjorteberg, Shipping Finance, will be leaving along with Thomas Morsing, Stevedoring in Copenhagen.



We want to emphasise that this is due to the structural and necessary changes, which are making some functions and positions redundant. We thank every one of those affected for their work and commitment to DFDS and we wish them all the best in the future.

We will naturally assist the affected in the best possible way under the circumstances and will offer external outplacement assistance to everybody.


The Executive Committee

DFDS vil lukke godsterminal i Esbjerg

Med lukningen af passagerruten, kun et skibsanløb om dagen og mere standardiseret gods, er det ikke længere hensigtsmæssigt at drive egen terminal i Esbjerg. DFDS vil i stedet købe terminalservice fra Blue Water Shippings terminal. Det må desværre forventes at betyde, at alle 67 medarbejdere må opsiges. Sagen behandles i øjeblikket i terminalens samarbejdsudvalg.

DFDS’ forretning i Esbjerg har igennem årene ændret karakter, og derfor skal DFDS også løbende tilpasse forretningen, så vi er rustet til at servicere vores kunder, møde konkurrencen og bedst muligt kan bidrage til fortsat vækst i samhandelen.

Med færre, men større skibe, lukningen af passagertrafikken og mere standardiseret gods, er godsterminal i Esbjerg ikke længere konkurrencedygtig. Det giver ikke driftsmæssig mening at drive egen terminal med kun et skibsanløb om dagen og lastning og losning af relativt ensartede trailere.

”Der mangler simpelthen kritisk masse. Terminalen er betydelig større, end vi har behov for, og det er heller ikke muligt at udnytte arbejdsstyrken på en hensigtsmæssig måde, når lastning og losning kun finder sted i ca. fire timer om dagen. Det vil heller ikke være muligt at sikre et rimeligt afkast på nødvendige investeringer i en modernisering af terminalen og udstyret,”  siger Lars Hoffmann, fragtdirektør i Danmark.


Vil benytte ekstern terminal

DFDS’ hovedforretning i Esbjerg er ruten, og derfor ønsker vi i stedet at købe vores terminalservice af Blue Water Shippings nye terminal, som tilbyder helt nye faciliteter, ramper og udstyr, der baner vej for effektiv lastning og losning. Samtidig er den bedre placeret end DFDS’ terminal, så vores kunder kan spare fra 8 til 15 minutters kørsel i hver retning.

Første anløb fra den nye terminal planlægges til den 22. december 2017.


Medarbejdere forventes opsagt

Lukning af DFDS-terminalen forventes desværre at medføre afskedigelse af samtlige DFDS-terminalens 67 medarbejdere i driften og på kontoret.

”Det er vi kede af, især da mange har været hos os i mange år. Men udviklingen har fjernet grundlaget for drift af egen terminal. Vi bliver ganske enkelt bedre rustet til at udvikle og fremtidsrette vores kundeservice ved at gå over til en ekstern terminal, hvilket vi i øvrigt gør i alle havne med omtrent samme anløbsmønster som Esbjerg, ” siger Lars Hoffmann.


See the English version here

DFDS to close freight terminal in Esbjerg

With the closure of the passenger route, only one ship calling each day and more standardised cargoes, it is no longer sustainable to operate a separate terminal in Esbjerg. Instead, DFDS will buy terminal services from Blue Water Shipping’s terminal. Unfortunately, we expect that that this means that all 67 employees will become redundant. The matter is currently being discussed by the terminal’s works committee.

DFDS’ business in Esbjerg has changed its character over the years, and as a result DFDS must  continuously adapt the business so that we are equipped to service our customers, tackle the competition and contribute to continued growth in trade.

With fewer but larger ships, the end of passenger traffic and more standardised cargoes, the freight terminal in Esbjerg is no longer competitive. It does not make sense operationally to run a terminal with only one ship calling each day, and loading and unloading relatively uniform trailers.

“The critical mass is simply missing. The terminal is significantly larger than we need, and also it is not possible to utilise the workforce in an efficient manner when loading and unloading only takes place for approximately four hours a day. Nor will it be possible to ensure a reasonable return on necessary investments in modernising the terminal and equipment,” says Lars Hoffmann, freight director in Denmark.


Will use external terminal

DFDS’ main business in Esbjerg is the route, and therefore we want to buy our terminal services from Blue Water Shipping’s new terminal, which offers brand-new facilities, ramps and equipment that pave the way for efficient loading and unloading. At the same time, it has a better location than DFDS’ terminal, so our customers can save 8-15 minutes driving in each direction.

The first call at the new terminal is scheduled for 22 December 2017.


Employees likely to be laid off

Closing the DFDS terminal is unfortunately expected to result in the DFDS terminal’s 67 employees in the operation and in the office becoming redundant.

“We are sorry, especially since many employees have been with us for many years. However, the development has removed the basis for operating our own terminal. We will simply be better equipped to develop and future-orient our customer service by switching to an external terminal, which we do in all the ports that have roughly the same pattern of ships calling as Esbjerg,” says Lars Hoffmann.


See the Danish version here