Lone worker alarm helps colleagues get back to work

We have a strong safety focus in DFDS. We launched our Safety First programme last year, aiming to increase safety at terminals, warehouses and vessels.

Important initiatives to increase safety have already been launched across DFDS. One of these is a new lone walker alarm system in Peterborough, UK.

The need for the device was made apparent after some colleagues from the Peterborough Group returned to work after serious health concerns.

Operations Manager James Ferguson says: “As part of their phased return to work, we wanted to ensure the complete safety of our colleagues as they were eager to return to the business. Due to the requirements of their particular role, there would naturally be times when members of that team would be working alone for a short period of time.

Since we started to use the device within the Transport BU of the Peterborough Group, we have also found that it increases the safety for our colleagues who work alone in our warehouse operation at Peterborough. As of today, there are 3 devices currently being used throughout DFDS within the UK.”

The company Solo Protect is the supplier of the alarm system which makes it possible to reach out for help in different ways. If a colleague was to have an issue when working alone, they can either pull the lanyard pins from device, press one of the buttons for help or if the device senses you have been immobile for a period of time, it will trigger the alarm. This will then automatically call the support centre where an operator can speak to the colleague through the device and arrange the support of the emergency services if necessary.

Regional Transport Manager Darren Smith says: “I’ve found it very useful to be able to help a colleague get back to work and feel confident that if any issues arise whilst working alone, they wouldn’t feel stranded and we would be able to get assistance to them as quickly as possible. It has allowed colleagues to return to work, whereas without the device, we wouldn’t have been able to do so because of the nature of the operation.”

James Ferguson adds: “This is a great example of how different parts of our business have come together to ensure we are working with the maximum safety of our colleagues in mind. The device has been received very positively by all colleagues who use it and I’d recommend it to any part of the business where colleagues are working alone. If you require any more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Darren Smith or myself”.

Ian Putterill, Warehouse Operative Peterborough, using the lone worker alarm

DFDS invests for the future with new Volvo FH trucks

DFDS upgrades its vehicle fleet with 57 new Volvo FH trucks. With improved fuel-efficiency and driver safety, the new trucks will help us optimize logistics flows and reduce the environmental footprint of road transport. 

Volvo FH matches DFDS’ top priorities

Our long-standing relationship with Volvo Trucks continues with the investment of 57 new Volvo FH trucks. Fuel efficiency, driver safety, and reduced emissions are our top priorities and one of the reasons for the investment. The new trucks will be used for regional transport in Sweden.

Saving fuel and reducing emissions

Over the years, DFDS has made strategic decisions to invest in trucks with the highest Euro-class engines to reduce exhaust emissions and ensure optimal safety and efficiency. The Volvo FH engine meets the Euro 6 regulation and makes full use of the available energy at every stage.

The new Volvo FH trucks will be powered by HVO, a biodiesel made from 100 percent renewable raw materials. Combining HVO with the low emissions of Volvo Trucks’ Euro 6 engines will reduce fuel consumption and emissions heavily. By upgrading the fleet with the new trucks, we will reduce our fuel consumption by 40 000 litres per year.

Improving driver experience and safety

The Volvo FH trucks are designed to be safe and comfortable over long distances. Dynamic steering helps the drivers avoid skidding and unintentional lane changes. Drivers can set the steering wheel preferences or use remote steering control.

An investment for the future

“It is great to once again partner with Volvo Trucks on the journey towards more sustainable road transport. The new investment will support DFDS in staying on top of the emission regulation while at the same time improving fuel efficiency and driver safety,” says Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President & Head of Logistics Division.

Johan Selvén, Sales Director at Volvo Trucks Sweden, says, “We are very happy with this deal with DFDS. We have optimized our Volvo FH trucks for these routes with, for instance, smaller engines and a bigger focus on aerodynamics. It gives DFDS a more sustainable and efficient solution, including the service market. Similar engines and optimization of all trucks leads to lower fuel consumption and less environmental impact.”

DFDS acquires HSF Logistics

Today, DFDS has entered into an agreement to acquire HSF Logistics Group, one of Europe’s leading cold chain logistics providers to meat producers and other food producers that operates temperature-controlled supply chains.

The Group operates four leading brands with HSF Logistics being a market leader in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. N&K Spedition and Skive Køletransport are leading brands in Denmark and Scandinavia, together constituting around half of the revenue of the Group. Eurofresh is a brand focused on the German market.

“I am very excited about the acquisition of HSF Logistics Group as it significantly expands our customer offering to a wide range of food producers. It also opens the door for new growth opportunities and adds freight volumes to our ferry route network,” says Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS.

A testament to DFDS executing on our WIN23 strategy
The acquisition of HSF Logistics is a testament to DFDS executing on the Win23 strategy as the acquisition strengthens DFDS’ customer offering to a wide range of food producers and it opens the door for new growth opportunities and adds freight volumes to the ferry route network.

While the acquisition is subject to EU regulatory approval which is expected within 3 months, the two companies will begin planning the integration already now while continuing their daily business operations. Once acquisition is closed, HSF logistics will be integrated into the Logistics Business Unit within DFDS.

“As part of the family that founded HSF Logistics nearly a hundred years ago in 1923, I am very happy to now become part of the DFDS family. Together, we can grow the business for the benefit of our many longstanding customers and our many loyal, dedicated employees,” says Simon Frederiks, major shareholder of HSF Logistics Group.

A growing relationship
Conversations started in 2018 because main shareholders in HSF Logistics felt the time was right to secure the future of the company with a long-term owner, having similar values to HSF Logistics, but was due to Brexit and then COVID-19 paused. Late 2020 dialogue was reinitiated resulting in today’s agreement to establish the leading cold chain logistics offering in Northern Europe.


Read more here

DFDS improves supply chain solutions with new 35,000 sqm warehouse

35,000 sq m of storage space is what DFDS will be offering customers when it adds a brand new warehouse in the new and attractive industrial area in Borås, Sweden. 

DFDS has been looking to expand its Swedish contract logistics business, offering warehousing and crewing services, and other logistics solutions. On Friday 22 January, it took a huge step forward when Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division, signed the contracts to secure a suitable plot of land in Borås and the construction of a 35,000 sq m warehouse and centre of contract logistics excellence 

“This has great potential for further growing our business with existing industrial customers and attract new ones. Adding a warehouse of this size will enable us to offer additional warehousing services to cover all stages of a customer’s end-to-end supply chain so they can focus on their core business and keep their customers happy,” he says. 

“I am also particularly pleased that this will create new job opportunities in the Borås area. And in close collaboration with our newly established staffing and recruitment company, DFDS Professionals, we will hire people with the right expertise and experience so our customers can be certain that our services are always provided by colleagues with the required skills.” 

The warehouse will have 500 sq m of office space and 6,000 sq m of mezzanine for services such as packaging and wrapping. It will be built by property developer, CH Square, from whom DFDS will lease the warehouse for 10 years with an option to extend further after the lease period. The construction is expected to begin in early February and the warehouse is planned to stand ready at the end of 2021.

New DFDS Express service


Compressed Natural Gas-fuelled van in Belgium delivers within 30 minutes and emits 10% less CO2 at lower operational cost.

DFDS Belgium is seeing increasing customer demand for faster delivery of small shipments from our warehouses to their sites. That is why we have introduced a new DFDS Express service.


Express van deliveries using CNG trucks

We try to find more environmentally friendly solutions wherever we can, throughout DFDS. In Belgium, we now use a Compressed Natural Gas-fuelled van as a delivery vehicle. This van emits 10% less CO2 than your average diesel combustion engines – at a lower operational cost.


First express delivery to Volvo cars in Ghent

The CNG truck got to work last week, when we delivered a pallet to Volvo in Ghent 20 minutes after we received the order.

“We saw that customers needed immediate help when their production was disrupted or they were missing a spare part,” says  Managing Director of DFDS Logistics NV Luc Geysen. “In this situation, it doesn’t make sense for us to send a trailer, so we came up with the idea of introducing an energy-efficient truck. DFDS Express is a great add-on to our product offering for existing customers and they really appreciate it.”

Ghent wins award for growing business

Some of the 55 colleagues from DFDS Ghent Logistics presenting the award

A strong relationship with Volvo, the Volvo V60 contract, and a focus on managing customers’ logistics activities and entire supply chain are some of the factors that contributed to DFDS Logistics Ghent’s award for ‘strongest growing business’ in the category ‘large organisations’. The award was given by business magazine ‘Trends’ last Friday.

Luc Geysen, Managing Director in Ghent for Logistics, says: “Congratulations on this recognition and thank you to the Ghent team. In the Ghent Logistics office, about 55 colleagues manage, among other services, the trailer business from Benelux/France to and from Scandinavia, and warehousing activities. We are active throughout many industries, but mainly carry raw material for production sites in the trailers.

“We also focus on warehousing and being a fourth party logistics provider in the Ghent Port area for different types of customers such as automotive, steel, packaging, and working through the industry pillar of our Win23 strategy.”

The award for the ‘strongest growing business’ in the ‘ large organisations’ category.

Safety survey for employees working at warehouses

A few weeks ago, we launched a safety survey for employees working on terminals and vessels, now a similar survey for employees working in the warehouses has been launched.

The survey is completely anonymous so there is no risk for you. We cannot see name or email of the respondents, and the results will not be used to blame anyone. It will only be used to improve safety.

You will receive an email
It is an online questionnaire, and if you work in one of the warehouses, you will receive an email with a link to the survey from crewing or HR very soon. Please complete the survey and help us make daily work more safe for the sake of you as well as your family.
You can also find a link to the survey on the bottom of the Safety First site.

We will also take the opportunity to thank the many colleagues who have responded to the safety survey for vessels and terminals. The response rate is impressingly high, and your answers are of great value for our common project to improve safety. If you have not completed the survey yet, please do it now as we close this survey on Tuesday 9 June.

We hope to see the same high commitment and response rate for the warehouse survey.

Jesper Hartvig Nielsen and Michael Stig

DFDS Direct now live

Logistics’ online booking service, DFDS Direct, went live today (15 May) and enabled customers to get a quote, book, track transport and manage freight documents directly from their own computer or phone.

“DFDS Direct displays our ambition to constantly improve our services, and it has already attracted many customers. I am also pleased to say we have received very positive reactions from customers who said they found it quick, simple and easy to use. This is exactly what we intended. To grow our business, we must make it easy for our customers to work with us,” says Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of the Logistics Division.

DFDS Direct is a significant upgrade to My Logistics, which will be retired in the next few weeks.

“A lot of praise should go to Gauvain Haulot and his DFDS Direct team who succeeded in making it an efficient and extremely valuable service for our customers and DFDS as well as Riccardo Cereser, Product Owner, who was responsible for the design and technical delivery of DFDS Direct”. I am now really looking forward to seeing how it will help us strengthen our business during the coronavirus crisis, and how such digital solutions developed in fruitful co-operation between business and our Technology Division can support growth afterwards,” he says.

Rune Keldsen, Chief Technology Officer and Head of the Technology Division, says: “DFDS Direct is the beginning of an extensive digitisation plan with the goal of handling a substantial majority of the bookings digitally by 2023. And it is an excellent demonstration of how we will support business and growth by improving our integration capabilities and online services.

“We will keep you continually updated about major developments like this.”

Logistics Finland integrated into IT landscape

As we reported earlier, we started work to integrate the offices of Freeco Logistics (now DFDS Finland), in Turku, Vantaa and Tallinn into the main DFDS IT landscape towards the end of 2019. And as planned, all users were migrated to the DFDS Active Directory and domain during the first quarter of 2020, whilst Velocity, Visma and CapNordic went live on 1 May.

“A vital part of all integrations is to visit the sites, evaluate the business processes, make gap analysis, IT security checks, and on-site application training. And particularly important is the onsite go-live support to help all the new users with the daily challenges of adapting to the new applications. Even though the COVID-19 situation prevented people from travelling, we completed the integration of Freeco Logistics into the DFDS family as planned. The mantra was ‘If we see a problem, we fix it’. In fact, all DFDS behaviours were encapsulated in this integration,” says Chris Coughlin on behalf of the implementation team.

Online training
By using MS Teams and having new users with a very positive mindset, it has been possible to conduct online training sessions in Velocity, CapNordic and Visma, and the Freeco users are now all using the applications.

Daily operations are currently being supported virtually via MS teams, with Velocity being supported by Susanne Eriksen, Emelie Crofts, Simon Brambley and Chris Coughlin.

For the financial tasks, both Visma and CapNordic are supported by Jeppe Vestrup Skivild, Mattia Mariani, Alec Skat Larsen, Dennis Kyhl-Nielsen, Jennie Thorbjörnsson, Annika Ennok and Lene Frydenberg.

IT and infrastructure support has been provided by Paulius Kryzevicius.

“In addition to the system integration, we are also migrating most of the financial tasks to the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSC) in Poznań. Why not kill two birds with one stone?” Jeppe says. “Now, one week into the virtual go-live, everything has gone as planned. The main DFDS applications are in use, and all users and application supporters are in constant virtual dialogue via MS teams or Skype. It is not the same as being on site with face-to-face communication, but it is working.”

Learning process
“Sure, it has been learning process for everyone, but the targets have been achieved, and the DFDS IT-systems are successfully implemented in two different countries remotely. Really proud of all teams involved and perhaps some parts of the process will be taken as new routines in DFDS future implementations” says Timo Ruusunen, MD DFDS Logistics Finland.

A success of co-operation
Valdemar Warburg, VP of BU Nordic says: “I’d like to express a big thank you to everyone involved. It is a new and very challenging task to do a go-live fully remotely, but the excellent co-operation between the business, IT, Finance and other support functions demonstrated what DFDS is capable of. Without your positive attitudes and your determination to make this work, despite the circumstances, this would not have been possible.”

A special thank you goes to the teams in Poznań, such as Joanna Borucka (AR), Weronika Branicka (Cash Management), Halina Sobczak-Kempara (GL), Dawid Strozak (GL), Angelika Knapinska (AP), Joanna Adamczyk (AP) and others. Thank you also to the local finance staff – Marianne Peltola, Aili Metsamaa and Liina Kalam, who are learning these new finance applications whilst migrating tasks to FSC. And to Mikko Viholainen in Turku, for his help in the location co-ordination for all the operational tasks.

The integration team
From DFDS Logistics Turku: Mikko Viholainen, (implementation coordinator), Timo, Henri, Kristian Vihanto, Ulrike Rautarinta, Sami Uotinen, Tuomas Tuominen, Marko Rantanen, Mirka Loimakoski, Tuukka Pulliainen.

From: DFDS Logistics Vantaa: Jukka Jurvela, Ville Kalsta, Teemu Korpinen.

DFDS Logistics Tallinn: Marko Sokk, Asko Lepiksaar, Deniss Vassiljev, Lilian Kaasik, Rainer Kuusemets, Signet Kruger, Kersten Loppe, Liina Kalam, Merlin Anton.

Faster delivery of Proof of Delivery

IT Consultants, Logistics, Curzio Carabelli and Simon Brambley.

When DFDS won a tender to transport drinks around Europe for Monster Energy, they  required a Proof of Delivery (POD) receipt within a few hours after delivery. Since the new flows were to begin imminently, IT Consultants Simon Brambley and Curzio Carabelli quickly developed a robot using Kofax RPA (Robotic Process Automation), a software that automates manual workflows.

The robot retrieves Proof of Delivery documents from Velocity after the driver submits them, optimally via the DFDS Driver App. The robot automatically forwards the documents with identifying data to Monster Energy. This automates a process that had to be done manually and accelerates Monsters own invoicing process as well as improving their cash flow (Monster Energy also requested to receive a weekly performance report detailing the elapsed times between delivery and the sending of Proof of Delivery. Thanks to the robot, this is also now in place.

“Fantastic to see results so quickly. Probably won’t seem like much, but to Monster its honestly game changing stuff,” says Josh Jackson, Supply Chain Analytics Manager, Monster Energy.

Proof of Delivery email that are send to the customer shortly after being submitted by the driver

Available for every single client in Logistics

The robot is not only intended for Monster Energy. It is possible to quickly adapt it so other customers can benefit from it as well. In recent days, three customers have begun to receive Proof of Delivery in this way.

Simon Overkær Hansen, DIO Logistics, says: “The cooperation between Monster and DFDS really outline how we can use our IT and Digital capabilities to differentiate us from our competition. I hope and encourage that we in the future will see many other cases, where we actively use IT and Digital in our commercial activities”

Michael Bech, Vice President and Head of BU Continent says: “Digitizing the core is an essential part of the DFDS strategy, and handling Proof of Delivery is an essential part of Logistics. With the developments based on our client’s needs, we have solved a major logistic problem.

“The feedback from Monster Energy speaks for itself but at the same time we have created a tool and a set of processes that can apply to every single client in Logistics. We already see many clients asking us to deliver almost real time information. By using the DFDS Driver App (Truckcom), together with the POD robot, we are among the very few in the industry that can handle the client’s own paperwork instantly, not only dramatically increasing the service to our clients, but also benefiting our own cash and information flow. Great tool and ready to go, so all we need to do is to tell our clients and implement the process” says Michael.

If you have any potential candidates that might benefit from this new capability or to simply find out more, please contact Simon Brambley or Curzio Carabelli.

DFDS transports huge trees into London

Our colleagues from the sales team in Immingham never know what kind of broad and varied, weird and wonderful web enquires, they will receive throughout the day and it requires a fine understanding to filter them and know which can be converted into won business.

Sarah Holloway, Commercial Director UK, says: “Sometimes we receive web enquiries mostly intended for a private moving company. In other cases, it is more specific requests like this instance where landscape and green infrastructure company, Scotscape, needed the rate for a 17 meter flatbed to deliver 15 meter tall and 6.5 tons trees into the centre of London by a driver with a FORRS accreditation in the middle of the night.

“Helen Edie from the sales team acted quickly and forwarded the case to Craig Sibson from Special Cargo. The project was carried out prior to the corona outbreak, but it was nonetheless quite the challenge due to the special requirements and conditions but with great collaboration between our colleagues, the rate was agreed, and the next time you visit London, you might be looking at trees delivered by DFDS.”

Successful integration model for Freeco

Collaboration is the key word in the great progress of the work to integrate business, systems and our 31 colleagues from Finnish Freeco Logistics into DFDS. The successful model can be used for future acquisitions.

At the end of last year, the Finnish Freeco Logistics became part of DFDS. This boosted our presence in the Finnish transport market, and our international business in Finland is now much larger and includes trailer, container, full-loads, part-loads, special cargo, project cargo, and contract logistics.

However, Freeco doesn’t become a fully integrated part of DFDS overnight. It takes a lot of work, and an integration team consisting of managers from both Freeco and DFDS, from HR, Finance, IT & Digital and Strategy & Consulting has worked hard to integrate Freeco into DFDS and secure the planned benefits.

Among the great results are substantial savings from suppliers, negotiated on the basis of new combined volumes.

Furthermore, the team devised a new business plan for the combined Finland business. “Up until 2023, we still plan to grow business by 10% year on year, mainly via strong collaboration with the Logistics offices in Gothenburg, Oslo, Karlshamn and Liepaja. But also, in Hamburg, Vlaardingen, Ghent, and in the UK, says Timo Ruusunen, MD Finland.

Timo Ruusunen, MD Finland

“Collaboration has been great with our new colleagues at DFDS. We have already seen the first cross-selling of loads between the offices, new business coming in and volumes increasing.  Of course, the coronavirus crisis will put a mark on developments, but so far, we are certainly on the right track for the longer term,” he says.

Access to DFDS network
Our new colleagues now have access to DFDS’ IT network (incl. the Bridge) and are on track to get on Velocity on 1 May.

HR has defined a leadership training program for managers including an introduction to The DFDS Way.

Digital/Branding are migrating the Freeco website to our and assisting the change of on-site signage from Freeco branding to DFDS branding

“The timing will be affected by the Coronavirus situation, but things are well planned, and it has been incredible to witness the dedication we have seen from new and old colleagues alike. I can’t thank you enough for the  work you have done  and the enthusiasm you have demonstrated,“ says Valdemar Warburg, VP BU Nordic.

Valdemar Warburg, VP and Head of BU Nordic

The integration team consists of Timo Ruusunen (MD Finland), Kimmo Salmi (Logistics Director), Henri Hoikkala (Operations Director) and workstream leads (HR: Karolina Landin & Kristina Ziuliene, Finance: Jeppe Skivild & Marianne Peltola, IT: Chris Coughlin, Digital/Branding: Fadrique Avalle-Arce & Amalie Brodersen) with support from S&C (Morten Rødgaard-Hansen) and overseen by Valdemar Warburg (VP BU Nordic), Anne Rømer (CFO Logistics) and Niklas Andersson (EVP Logistics).

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of the Logistics Division, hopes that this approach will set the standard for future integrations.  “High involvement and a rigid structure with clear timelines have proven to be successful, and we will use the learnings for future acquisitions. Thank you to everyone for your hard work!”

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of the Logistics Division

See more about Freeco Logistics here.

Milestone hit for Automated Quotes in Logistics

The new Automated Quotes team in Logistics, celebrating a record week, consists of Kasper Primdal Lauritzen, Henrik Killander, Rebecca Colvin, Michael Mariboe, Joachim Hasseldam and Pablo Pereira (not pictured).


The Automated Quotes (AQ) tool had a record week in February. In Logistics, Sales has been using a tool created by Smart Data and the business that automates and improves the speed and accuracy of quotes to customers.

Now an important milestone has been reached for the Automated Quotes project. For the first time since the inception of the project, more than 1000 sales quotes were generated by the AQ engine in just one week.

In December, ownership of AQ was transferred to DFDS Direct. The team consists of a group of talented Data Scientists and Cloud Developers in Smart Data, and is now managed by Henrik Killander, Business Development and Marketing Lead, who is Product Owner for the AQ development team, and Rebecca Colvin, Operations Lead, who is Project Manager for the roll out of the tool to the markets.

The AQ project belongs to the two tracks DFDS Direct and Digitize the Core in Pillar B in the Win23 strategy, how we digitise services to accelerate growth.

Scaling up the impact of Automated Quotes

For the last three months the team has worked hard to include more markets using the tool, the types of services that can be quoted, such as Part Loads, and building a new backend that can support online pricing in DFDS Direct.

Henrik Killander says: “The 1000 quotes milestone is just the start of a series of developments scaling up the impact of the AQ engine for Logistics. Later in March the tool will also be beta tested in DFDS Direct, the online booking portal, effectively working as the price engine for logistics online.”

Thanks go out to colleagues

The team would also like to thank former members and key stakeholders in the business who have developed and promoted the adoption of the AQ tool.

Rebecca says: “Rasmus Fisker, former Project Manager for AQ in Smart Data, handed over the project to the Direct team in December and has been vital to the project’s success, and Sarah Holloway, Sales Director UK, has been essential in championing the project.”

“When we started AQ, it was Sarah and Perry Schalker who were the business side of the project, where both had vital roles in promoting the tool and helping us mature it.”

Gauvain Haulot, Director DFDS Direct, says: “We are excited about the opportunities enabled by the AQ price engine. Smart Data has done an outstanding job: the tool streamlines the quoting process for sales and customer service. Soon we will be able to fully digitise quotation and see how many quotes we turn into sales. And in the next few weeks AQ will start supporting pricing online in DFDS Direct for a few selected traffics and customers.”

Organisational changes in Scotland

Steve Macaulay, VP & Director Scotland, announces consolidation of Larkhall and Shetland business


Following a review of our business structure in Larkhall and Shetland, I am pleased to announce that we will consolidate the business into one organisation from Monday 16 March 2020.

Mick Devine will head up the Scotland business as General Manager, Scotland.

Hamish Balfour will take on the role of Commercial Director, Shetland.

Greg van Hombergh will join DFDS as Finance Director, Scotland on 30th March. Greg is currently employed by Dawnfresh, a leading business in the Scottish seafood sector.

Mick, Hamish and Greg will report to Steve Macaulay.


We will organise the management of the business by Traffic Direction, with the following managers reporting to Mick Devine.

Mark Kelly, UK Operations Manager based in Larkhall, will be responsible for the southbound flows, primarily Seafood Operations, where both Larkhall and Shetland share many of the same customers

Jackie MacPherson, Operations Manager based in Aberdeen, will be responsible for northbound flows to Shetland. Jackie will be supported by Andy Stewart and Gavin Kelly based in Larkhall.

George Smith is appointed Operations Manager, Shetland and will be responsible for operations on Shetland.

Pat Clinton will be responsible for the management of all Scotland Transport operations, including the optimisation of our own fleet and subcontractors.

David Cranston, Operations Manager – Continental and John Murdoch, Operations Manager – Frozen will continue in their current roles.


Steve Macaulay
VP & Director, Scotland

Thomas Castenschiold accepts job outside DFDS

Thomas Castenschiold has accepted a job outside DFDS. Logistics CFO Anne Rømer gives thanks and also introduces a new team member.


Senior Business Controller Thomas Castenschiold has accepted a new position outside DFDS and will be leaving DFDS at the end of March.

Anne Rømer, CFO of Logistics, says: “We have been very lucky to have had Thomas in the Divisional Finance team for close to four years, where he has had a very important role in improving transparency and quality in our financial reporting.

“Thomas will be missed by everyone as a very helpful and knowledgeable colleague. Please join me in wishing Thomas good luck with his new ventures.”

Thomas says: “It has not been an easy decision to leave. DFDS is a great workplace and I have really appreciated all you great colleagues. I have been part of a fantastic Divisional Finance team and it has, among other, been a good experience to take part in the promising journey, growing the finance business partner network within Logistics. I have enjoyed good cooperation in the broad span of stakeholders within Logistics as well as with Ferry and Group functions. I am now moving on to a finance business partnering role as director in the Danish company, Demant.”

New Business Controller joins the team

Anne says: “We have just welcomed Said Guraieb who started Monday 9 March as business controller. Said is a graduate from Copenhagen Business School and is coming from a position as Business Controller at DuPont Denmark. Please also join me in welcoming Said to DFDS.”

DFDS to operate Cold Store in Liverpool

Eddie Green Head of BU Cold Chain, has just expanded business with the operation of Magnavale Group’s cold store in Liverpool. “Our new Liverpool operation will be a strong platform in the North West of England from which to grow further,” says Matt O’Dell, MD.


BU Cold Chain takes over operation of the Magnavale Group’s cold store in Simonswood in Liverpool on Monday 6 April. BU Cold Chain’s transport operation in Warrington will also move to Liverpool.

DFDS has been working with the Magnavale Group since 2015, providing transport services to customers using Magnavale’s cold storage services. In an important strategic move, BU Cold Chain will take over the operation of Magnavale’s Liverpool cold store on Monday 6 April.

“We have now entered a period of consultation with all affected staff, and we look forward to welcoming our 30 new colleagues into the DFDS family.” says Eddie Green, Head of BU Cold Chain.

DFDS transport operation in Warrington will also transfer to Liverpool.

First of its kind in DFDS

The cold store has a capacity of 18,000 pallets, including a fully automated chamber holding 10,500 pallets. This will be the first warehouse of its kind in DFDS.

Matt O’Dell, Managing Director, says: “This is a great step for BU Cold Chain. The Liverpool operation will form an important link in the Cold Chain network and enable us to provide more customers with both cold storage and transportation services, which will give us a strong platform in the North West of England from which to grow further.”

“The business will be led by Andy Thompson and great credit should go to Andy for his part in negotiating the deal and securing new customers in advance of DFDS taking over the operation. This will ensure a healthy start to the new venture,” Eddie says.

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of the Logistics Division says: “This is an important development in fulfilling the ambitions of our Win23 strategy and the ambition to grow in the cold chain industry. I congratulate Eddie and his team with this important win.”

DLS Immingham trials new truck

Driver Adrian Trushell and the new truck Volvo FH460 LNG

To reduce carbon emissions the DFDS Logistics Services team in Immingham started trialling the more sustainable and energy efficient Volvo FH460 LNG truck. This unit is equipped with an engine that delivers performance equal to the diesel-powered version in a similar model. However, the Volvo FH460 LNG runs on Liquefied Natural Gas resulting in 20% less CO2 emissions. In addition, Volvo reports it is even possible to gain 100% CO2 reduction if fuelled with Bio-LNG and HVO.

Driver Adrian Trushell will drive the truck over the following weeks and so far he confirms that it feels the same as a regular diesel truck to drive.

“This is a very important topic and could reduce the trucking operation’s impact on the environment while providing a saving on cost. We will certainly take this solution into consideration when we are looking for trucks in the future” says Graeme Barker, General Manager, DFDS Logistics, Immingham.

The New Gas-Powered Volvo FH460 LNG

New opportunities with ambient warehouse in Scotland

New opportunities arise in Scotland as Coatbridge operation relocates to a new ambient warehouse in Larkhall.


Late last month we opened a new ambient warehouse to our existing site at Middleton Avenue, Larkhall.

As of 27 January, DFDS Coatbridge staff and operations have relocated from rented premises to the new ambient warehouse in Larkhall.

The warehouse, at 30,000 square feet, offers ambient storage capacity and transhipment options with a racking system that can hold up to 800 ambient pallets.

Mick Devine, General Manager in Larkhall, says: “We look forward to welcoming Andy Stewart, Depot Manager, and his team as they move from Coatbridge to Larkhall. This will bring great opportunities to both the ambient and cold-chain operation as we promote synergies in our Scottish operation.”

Andy says: “We are excited to be able to offer our existing customers value added services whilst pursuing the great potential in expanding our business here in Scotland.”

“Our team is already in collaboration with other Logistics offices, including Immingham and Special Cargo, and we look forward to developing and expanding our services further.”

See the benefits of PrimeRevenue

Building our relationship with suppliers through early payment programme PrimeRevenue


See the benefits of PrimeRevenue, and how the early payment scheme strengthens our relationships with our suppliers, explained in the video featuring Robert Thompson, Haulage Procurement Manager, Anne Rømer, Logistics CFO, and some of our hauliers.

Norway Ferry and Logistics plans strategic initiatives

Last week the Norwegian Ferry and logistics office held their annual strategy meeting in the wonderful Norwegian surroundings of Hurdalsjøen. The office management team in Norway was represented together with Valdemar Warburg, Vice President & Head of BU Nordic, and Kasper Damgaard, Vice President and Head of Forest & Metal and Client Engagement.

Together they had 24 hours to create initiatives for each business area: Ferry, Logistics and North Sea Terminal in Brevik, that will succeed their DELTA23 ambition of doubling the Norwegian revenues to NOK 1 billion from 2018 to 2023. DELTA23 is the Norwegian strategic initiative to support Win23.

Kasper Svenningsen, Director, Shipping Logistics, says: “One of the core initiatives agreed upon at the meeting was the focus and strengthening of collaboration between business areas to provide one sale, one brand and one DFDS to our customers. In this regard, the talk was also moved to Marketing and the importance of how to promote our collaboration together with our services towards our existing and new customers.”

In result of the strategy meeting Norway Ferry and Logistics office did composed an adequate initiative list to support DELTA23.

We do believe we need to put collaboration on the top of our agenda to succeed, therefore the Norway freight and logistics office are looking forward to realizing their DELTA23 strategy in great cooperation with our colleagues as ONE DFDS.

Swedish logistics hauliers meet with DFDS

In Gothenburg, 16 haulier companies and other partners in Sweden met with DFDS to share knowledge and work together to serve customers.


It is very important to remain close with haulier companies and other partners that we work with in Logistics. For this reason, 16 hauliers, planners and self-billing partners were invited to a lunch meeting on 29 January at Arken Hotel in Gothenburg.

More than just a good meal in great company, the meeting aimed to ensure that our partners remain informed about what we are doing and also to ensure that we discuss developments together.

Mathias Dahlström, Managing Director of Sweden, spoke of DFDS in general, the DFDS Way and our Swedish Logistics organisation. “The meeting sparked discussions about how we can do even better together and what practical challenges we expect to face because of Brexit, including customs clearance. It was encouraging for everyone to hear how prepared we are and to get details about what we have done.”

Alice Rrucaj and Simon Allen from PrimeRevenue were also invited to speak about the benefits of early payments, which several of the participating hauliers spoke highly about.

Haulage Procurement Manager in Logistics Sweden, Anneli Hellgren, says: “We spent three enjoyable hours together, and though the busy times prevented everybody from being there, we appreciate the great support. We expect and hope that more hauliers will join in with PrimeRevenue and early payments, as it makes lives easier for both parties, since they get paid for services much quicker, and it also streamlines things for us.”

Karen Baurdoux joins Passenger, new hire joins Logistics Divisional Finance

Karen Baurdoux moves to the Passenger organisation in a new role, and Ozan Sozer is new hire in Logistics Divisional Finance.


It is soon time for a change in logistics divisional finance team as Karen Baurdoux has accepted a new position in Passenger. Karen will be taking a leading role in defining and executing the Win23 strategy for the Copenhagen-Oslo route.

Anne Rømer, VP and CFO for Logistics, says: “Before joining Logistics Karen has worked in an industry similar to Passenger, and she is very much looking forward to come back to that. Karen will support the logistics finance team in finalising reporting for Q1 2020 before heading on to her new ventures.”

“I have been very happy having Karen in my team, as she has brought insight from Local business unit perspective, experience from dealing with our finance service centre, contributing very dedicated to our development journey for the entire Logistics Finance organisation and much more. She will truly be missed. Luckily, Karen will still be located in Copenhagen, so we know where to go, when needed,” Anne adds.

Kim Heiberg, Route Director Copenhagen-Oslo, says: “With Karen as a dedicated resource to run this Win23 project we are better able to both focus on performance and the strategic improvements that will generate new contribution from 2021 onwards. We look forward to welcoming Karen to this exciting new role.”

The exact timing of Karen’s joining Passenger is not finalised, but when she does, she will be part of the Business Development & Strategy team, but sitting with Copenhagen-Oslo Route Management at DFDS House in Copenhagen.

Ozan Sozer joins as new Business Controller

A new resource also joins the Logistics Divisional Finance team.

Anne Rømer says: “Please also join me in welcoming Ozan Sozer. He already started as business controller in our team yesterday. Ozan will be involved in monthly and quarterly reporting, controlling, analysis and support in close cooperation with local finance business partners. Ozan comes with broad experience from finance roles and he also worked as consultant in Deloitte. With the knowledge and capabilities he brings to DFDS I am sure we can continue the development of finance for Logistics in a very good way.”

DFDS in Ireland now AEO certified

Brexit preparations in the important Irish market have been rewarded with customs accreditation


It now seems very likely that the UK will leave the EU on 31 January and that the transition period, in which a trade deal will be negotiated, will then begin. As we have no guarantee that there will be a trade agreement, there is still a risk of a hard Brexit from the beginning of 2021. Therefore, our Brexit preparations continue.

This week, we reached a significant milestone when Ireland was added to the list of locations with AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation. John Coleman, Managing Director of Logistics in Ireland, explains: “DFDS in Ireland has been preparing for Brexit for quite some time and being AEO accredited was a core part of our strategy. We were very much encouraged to do so by our customer base, as Ireland would potentially be one of the most impacted markets, depending on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.”

“Therefore, we are very pleased with the accreditation. It will enable us to promote our customs services and streamline our customs agency operation and relationship with the Customs authorities. It will ultimately lead to the provision of a great service and experience for our customers. I would like to thank the project team involved during the application and auditing process – they have done a fantastic job here.”

Jean Aubert, Head of Group Indirect Taxes and a customs expert, is equally pleased: “It is the sixth AEO obtained by DFDS in 2019, and an important and significant achievement as we expect Ireland to be one of the most exposed and demanding post-Brexit countries, and the AEO status will enable DFDS to further boost our customs reputation. It is the product of hard work from the local team who have also been very active in preparing for Brexit with their customers and prospects. It has been a pleasure to work on this project, that will also encourage those who are putting the final touches on their applications. Thank you to everyone involved across the group.”

DFDS acquires Freeco Logistics in Finland and Freeco Oü in Estonia

Dear everyone,

I am extremely pleased to inform you about a promising expansion of our logistics network. Today we signed the contracts that made the Finnish company Freeco Logistics and Freeco Oü in Estonia the newest part of DFDS.

Freeco Logistics is based in Turku in southwestern Finland and has additional offices in Vantaa and Tallinn in Estonia, employs 31 staff and operates 150 trailers and 8 trucks.

Freeco Logistics is a fast growing company and one of the most profitable road freight companies in Finland

Together with the combined skills and knowledge of colleagues from both companies, we will get critical mass in a market where we have previously only operated with six people from DFDS Finland. Together, we will be able to expand and strengthen Freeco’s and DFDS’ current activities between Finland, Estonia and the Nordic, Continental Europe, the Baltics and UK & Ireland. We will also get more products on the palette as our services will include trailer, container, full-loads, part-loads, special cargo, project cargo, and contract logistics.

In the future, DFDS Logistics will thus have offices in Turku, Kotka and Vantaa in Finland as well as in Tallinn in Estonia.

So now, it is up to us all to support this new and expanded team to get the most out of this fantastic situation.

To do this, we will now start the integration of the two operations in the well-known DFDS Way, in this case with 11 workstreams. The workstreams will be comprised of people from both Freeco Logistics and DFDS and Timo Ruusunen, Henri Hoikkala and Kimmo Salmi will guide the work. The integration work will be overlooked by a Steering Committee consisting of myself and Valdemar, and there will be capable assistance from Morten Rødgaard-Hansen from Strategy & Consulting and Marianne Peltola from Freeco finance.

Please join me in giving our new colleagues from Freeco Logistics a warm welcome to DFDS. We have high expectations, and with our Staying Ahead project and our Win23 strategy, I am confident we can increase our combined Finnish revenues from EURO 35 million to 50 million in 2023 – and in this process win many new and satisfied customers and create new jobs.

We will soon inform you about the integration work in more detail and keep you regularly updated about the process via the Bridge and

Congratulations to everyone in Logistics and DFDS, and thank you to those of you who contributed to this.

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.


Niklas Andersson is Executive Vice President of DFDS, Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division and member of the DFDS Executive Management Team of six. He was promoted EVP on 1 September this year from his previous position as Head of Logistics’ BU Nordic and Continent. Niklas is from Gothenburg in Sweden and moved to DFDS House in Copenhagen, where he now has his office.

Valdemar Warburg is Vice President and Head of BU Nordic. Valdemar joined DFDS in 2017 as Head of Transformation Office and was in 2019 appointed Head of BU Nordic. The new Finnish organisation is part of BU Nordic and Timo Ruusunen will report to Valdemar Warburg.

Timo Ruusunen, who is co-owner of Freeco Logistics will be DFDS’ new MD for our Finnish activities. He will report to Valdemar Warburg, VP and head of BU Nordic, Logistics Division.

Henri Hoikkala, who is the other co-owner of Freeco Logistics, will be the new Operations Director in Finland and Estonia.

Kimmo Salmi, DFDS’ current MD in Kotka, will be our new Logistics Director in the new and much larger Finnish organization.