D365 HR live in HQ Denmark

Betina Lund and Hanne Hallstrøm from HR Denmark

In mid-May, HR Denmark went live with the new global HR system D365. It was a more digital roll-out and launch than expected due to the current corona circumstances, but it was successful, nevertheless.

Now both Continent and Denmark are live on D365 HR, and around 1,500 workers have been created in the system. Next up is BU Short Routes and Passengers which according to the plan will go live in week 27.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement. The aim for HR is to have implemented D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities by the end of this year.

Betina Lund, HR Coordinator, says: “In order to ensure that we have the correct employee information on the Bridge as well as in D365, it is crucial that all managers with employees in Denmark inform HR regarding changes such as job titles, manager etc.”

Hanne Hallstrøm, HR Coordinator, adds: “The more correct data we receive, the better output for us all. Together, we can look forward to deliver “one data truth” in DFDS using the D365 system.”


Acknowledging and dealing with mental stress

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel

As you know, we have in DFDS taken numerous covid-19 measures, to keep our people safe and to get DFDS through these challenging times in the best possible way. Almost 2.800 of our colleagues are partly/fully on governmental aid packages, and even more of our colleagues work from home, primarily behind a desk and a screen and with only digital interfaces to the outside world. Our lives have been impacted in a way that few would have imagined before the crisis.

In general, humans are not cut out for a life in isolation. We seek the company and proximity of other people, and we need our family, friends and – not least – colleagues around us, to feel safe and to feel that we matter and make a positive difference for other people.

Be mindful of your mental health

In a situation like this, you need to be extra aware of possible stress symptoms. If you feel depressed or anxious are more tired than usual, can’t sleep at night, have little energy or experience severe mood swings, don’t ignore it – but acknowledge it and react on it.

Don’t hesitate to seek help

Secondly, if you do have the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out for help – through friends, relatives or your doctor. You may also reach out to your local HR, to see what local options exist to get help. We have, in the People Leadership Team, regular covid-19 calls where mental health has been discussed, and across our DFDS locations, we have measures – either through own or external providers – that you can make use of.

Let us help each other safely through this coronavirus crisis.

D365 Human Resource is live in Continent

Susanne Hamelink, HR Director, Continent

HR Continent went live with the new global HR system, D365 Human Resource, last Friday. They are the first location to go live, and the launch follows seven weeks of hard work.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer, says: “The HR staff in Continent have done an incredible job working with the roll-out of DFDS’ new global HR system, D365 Human Resource. A huge thank you to the Continent staff for being very dedicated, energetic and determined in their work throughout the entire implementation period. They all have reasons to be proud of being first movers on this exciting digital journey.”

Continent will be followed by the remaining five HR areas – starting with Denmark / HQ in week 20 – and by the end of this year, HR will have implemented the basic functionalities of D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement.

The dashboard of the new D365 Human Resource

New Dutch national measures

Dear colleagues,

The Covid-19 situation develops fast and in a critical direction. Yesterday, on 12 March, the Dutch government announced several extensive measures to slow down spread of the virus.

Gatherings of more than 100 people are to be cancelled throughout the Netherlands. This includes the closure of public places such as museums, concert venues, theatres, sports clubs and the cancellation of sports matches and other events.

For everyone in the Netherlands: stay at home if you have a cold, a cough, a sore throat or a fever. Avoid contact with others (social distancing). Only call your doctor if your symptoms worsen.

People throughout the Netherlands are encouraged to work from home or stagger their working times if possible.

In DFDS we have a social responsibility of keeping business and transport working. This means that we will continue operating our routes, traffics and terminal operations, but adapt our operation to the updated measures and recommendations from the Dutch government.

In line with the governmental recommendations, we encourage all colleagues with office positions in the Vlaardingen, IJmuiden and Nijmegen offices to work from home, if it or part of it can reasonably be carried out from home without too negative consequences for business. Your local management or functional manager will confirm the set up for your location or department.

Initially this will be applicable until 31 March,.

All the Management Staff of our Dutch offices acknowledge that we are asking a lot of your flexibility and commitment these days, which we want to thank you for.

Susanne Hamelink
HR Director

More anniversary shares have been transferred

We have now transferred anniversary shares to 600 employees in addition to the 3,000 employees who received their shares in February.

The 600 employees who have recently received their shares are located in Belgium, France, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Hungary and Germany.

Those employees who are currently liaising with HR about uploading the correct documents and information are asked to respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

We ask that those employees who have yet to upload the required documents to the NewBanking platform contact their local HR department as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Legal Counsel HR

Anniversary shares have been transferred

We have now transferred anniversary shares to more than 3,000 DFDS employees in cooperation with Danske Bank. We expect to transfer anniversary shares to even more employees later in February 2020.

Those employees who are currently liaising with HR about uploading the correct documents and information are asked to respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

We ask that those employees who have yet to upload the required documents to the NewBanking platform contact their local HR department as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Legal Counsel HR

Anniversary shares to be transferred during February 2020

We are now almost ready to transfer the anniversary shares to all employees who are entitled to shares and who have uploaded the necessary documents and information to the NewBanking platform.

Some of the uploaded information needs to be corrected, and we are or will be in dialogue with all colleagues who need to provide additional information.

Therefore, some employees will have the shares transferred a bit later in February 2020 compared to other employees.

If you have not yet uploaded the necessary documents, we urge you to do this as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact you local HR.

No news is good news
If you have not received any feedback on the documents submitted to the NewBanking platform, you may expect that the documents have been pre-approved; however, they are being double-checked by Danske Bank so there is a possibility that we later on will need additional information.

We will revert with more information during February 2020.

Jens Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann

Legal Counsel HR

Bearing – See how you and your colleagues rated DFDS

Dear all,
We have now distributed the Bearing reports to the relevant managers, and the follow-up process is about to start.

First of all, I am very pleased to see the exceptionally high response rate, which in itself documents a very high level of employee engagement.

Overall, your voices tell us that DFDS is a very good place to work, and that most of you want to stay here. However, in some areas we also see a need to improve things.

I hope you will find the time to watch this video, and contribute to making DFDS an even better place to work by participating actively in the follow-up process.

The video presents the results and findings of the Bearing employee survey for DFDS as a whole. Divisional and local reports have been sent to the relevant managers, who will soon present the local results to their teams.

A big thank you to all of you for responding to the survey, and especially to Project Manager Louise Understrup for managing the implementation of the survey.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel
Chief People Officer

Update on the process of transferring your anniversary shares

Those of you who were granted DFDS anniversary shares in 2016 will soon receive your shares.

You should all now have received an email with thorough information about what you need to do so that we can create a custody account for you or have your shares transferred to an already existing Danish custody account.

Please acquaint yourself with the action needed from your side and upload the required documents as described in the email as soon as possible.

Please note that for UK employees the process is not the same – UK employees shall not upload documents unless they have received an email specifically asking them to upload some documents.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jens Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann
Head of HR Denmark

Sweden: Colleagues from Logistics Division and Ferry Division attend career fair

From left Maria Clark, Martin Larsson, Fredrik Olofson and Peter Axelsson

Earlier this month, representatives from both Logistics Division and Ferry Division attended the career fair GADDEN at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, to meet students and attract future talent to DFDS.

GADDEN is a two-day career fair with about 100 exhibiting companies and organisations, and with approximately 6,000 visitors. It is Scandinavia’s largest career fair for students within the fields of business, logistics, law and environmental science.

Maria Clark, HR Advisor, says: “We met a lot of logistics students, but also students within other areas, and this was a great opportunity for us to network with students and talk about what we do, and what opportunities there are within DFDS. We also received many questions about the DFDS trainee programme, which clearly shows that this is something that attracts future talent.”

“This is one of many steps for DFDS to become a more attractive and visible employer for future employees, and it is great fun and very enjoyable to go out and talk about our business together with colleagues from our different divisions. Together we represent One DFDS, and we are able to present the many opportunities that we have to offer.”

Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson talking to some of the students


Fredrik Olofson, Jens Bårman, Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson after successful participation at the career fair

Vacant positions at DFDS

As you know, we are on an exciting journey in DFDS to develop our businesses further, which puts a continuous demand for talented people to carry out our ambitious strategy. Luckily, besides having exciting jobs, DFDS is also a company packed with talents spanning across the entire organisation. We want to leverage the scale of our talents and ensure that we cover our internal options when looking to fill our positions.

Keep a look out for them on our website. There may be a good opportunity for you too.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer

Global Sales creates awareness in Asia

Casper Puggaard, Global Sales & Customer Care Director, together with Tommy Brink and Jessie Halkjær from the Global Sales International Team, travelled to Asia to attend workshops with travel agents and tour operators in order to strengthen the business for 2020. They also interviewed candidates for the ITAC-programme (International Trainee Academy Certification).

Every year, DFDS carries 135,000 overseas guests on board Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways on the Copenhagen – Oslo route. More than half of these come from Korea, China and Japan, and make a significant contribution to the route, as they typically pay higher seafare prices than other segments, and have a significantly higher onboard spend.

Global Sales is responsible for building and maintaining relations with travel agents and tour operators all over the world to attract customers to venture onto the Copenhagen – Oslo route while travelling in Scandinavia. In early November, Casper Puggaard, Global Sales & Customer Care Director, together with Tommy Brink and Jessie Halkjær from Global Sales International, went to Asia to create more awareness of all DFDS Passenger routes, with a focus on CPH – OSL which carries the majority of our Asian guests.

Casper Puggaard says: “The travel agents and tour operators are looking for crossings to build into their package journeys for the 2020 season and beyond. To help with this, we attended several workshops hosted by the Scandinavian Tourist Board in China and Korea, where all the Nordic hotels, airlines with routes to the Nordic countries, Nordic tourist attractions and Nordic ferry operators participated, meaning that both commercial partners and competitors were present.

”Due to the importance of the Asian market for the Copenhagen – Oslo route, even greater cultural knowledge and understanding are needed on board to meet the needs of these valuable passengers. The ITAC-programme 2020 will recruit eight to ten university students from Korea, China and Japan, who will work on board Crown and Pearl from April to October as part of their university degree in tourism. It is great that we can collaborate with Global Sales and HR Recruitment Manager Josefine Jönsson in this way to recruit international trainees, as the trainees have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and the onboard spend,” says Kim Heiberg, Route Director.

Casper and Tommy interviewed 17 Korean and four Chinese candidates.

Jessie Halkjær, Sales Coordinator, participated in all the workshops and told the ‘DFDS story’ several hundred times. Here she is (in the blue shirt) at the workshop in Beijing, sitting at the table with a representative from the Scandinavian Tourist Board in China, talking to a travel agent about opportunities in 2020.

A workshop is a one-day conference at a large conference centre with 10-15 pre-booked meetings followed by 15-20 ad hoc meetings with travel agents and tour operators. Each meeting is a 20-minute ‘speed-dating’-session, where DFDS presents our routes and vessels.

Reshuffle in Crewing Denmark

Kamilla Kammer Andersen to be new Crewing Director for Danish flagged ships from 15 November when Tom Møller steps down to become a senior advisor.


After managing the crewing department in Denmark for nearly 30 years, Crewing Director Tom Møller has decided to step down from his position for health reasons.

“Tom deserves a big thank you and our gratitude for his impressive achievements for DFDS as a Crewing Director over many years. Therefore, I am also very pleased that Tom has agreed to take up the role as senior advisor for crewing so we can continue to benefit from his huge network, knowledge of the crews, the collective bargaining system, the Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) and – not least – his great collaboration with the unions,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer.

Tom will report to Anne-Christine and will as a first assignment in his future role be assisting her with the collective bargaining process and negotiations in 2020 for a new collective agreement.


Kamilla Kammer Andersen new Crewing Director

New Crewing Director will be Kamilla Kammer Andersen who will take up her new role on 15 November. She will report to Anne-Christine.

Kamilla holds a Master of Science Degree in Business administration and Marketing from Aarhus School of Business from 2008. This included studies at University of Technology in Sydney.

Since 2009, she has been working on our cruise ferries, mainly on the Copenhagen-Oslo route where she worked her way up from her start as stewardess to becoming Commercial Head in 2017.

“Kamilla has been deeply involved in managing crews throughout her career, shown great leadership skills and has completed our talent development program Horizon. In addition to this, she really knows about life and work on board from her many years on board,” says Anne-Christine.

“Previous bearing results also document that she is good a creating good working environments for people. We could hardly have found a better candidate for the role. I congratulate her on her new responsibility and look very much forward to working with her on continuously improving our crewing of the Danish fleet and making work on board even more attractive so we can continue to draw the best people to our fleet.”

Voice your opinion on matters that impact DFDS as a place to work

Dear everyone at DFDS

As new Chief People Officer at DFDS, I am very pleased to launch our employee engagement survey, ‘Bearing’.

The first question you might ask yourself, is ‘Why?’ Why should you spend time and efforts completing a survey? In my view, you should do it because it’s a good opportunity for you to voice your opinion on matters that impact DFDS as a place to work.

The second question you might ask yourself, is ‘What’. What will happen next? You will shortly receive a link or a letter from Enalyzer to access a questionnaire, and you should rest assured that when you answer, your input is treated anonymously. Your answers will be aggregated with answers from minimum 5 colleagues and reported to local management, who will get an overview of the engagement level.

Thirdly, you might ask yourself, how the results will be used? The most important aspect of the engagement survey is not the results. We are a result driven organisation so of course we are curious to learn the scores of the survey. But it is even more important how the scores are being followed up on locally. The engagement survey is an efficient dialogue tool for managers to facilitate discussions in teams, departments and locations on how to sustain and develop great engagement amongst you and your colleagues.

A survey cannot replace the daily interactions and dialogues that are fundamental to engagement, performance and well-being – but it can tell us where we are and what we need to improve.

We want DFDS to be amongst the best employers. We want you and your colleagues to be happy about going to work. We want new colleagues to feel welcome and included, regardless of their nationality, gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, age or religion. We move for all to grow.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel
Chief People Officer and Head of Human Resources.

Recruitment drive at Truckfest

A team from HR was on the look-out for drivers and business partners at Truckfest in the UK.


Logistics needs great drivers. They are simply essential for our operations, the services we offer and our success. And drivers are not so easy to find anymore in many locations, so it takes a real effort to find the best drivers for DFDS.

For this purpose, the HR recruitment team from Logistics UK went to Truckfest 2019 at the Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire, in early October. Truckfest is Europe’s largest truck festival and attracts thousands of drivers, hauliers, businesses and spectators.

Janet Lainchbury, Recruitment Coordinator, says: “We were there for the first time, so we are very pleased that it went well. Speaking to drivers, prospective drivers, hauliers and businesses to let them know who DFDS is, and what we have to offer: we think it’s important to be visible and attractive to each group.

“The recruitment drive was focused on attracting new drivers to fill the shortages we have across our UK sites. We are now planning bigger and better for Truckfest 2020 in Peterborough. A big thank you to all who gave up part of their weekend to set up and help on the stand in what was not the best weather.”

A good-looking stand to draw in people – with shelter from the rain

150th anniversary shares programme: Ready to collect your identity documents

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, and Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator

Some months ago we informed you about the approaching transfer of your shares – for those who were granted shares in 2016 – and asked you to prepare identity documents needed for the transfer.

Now HR are ready to receive your documents.

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, says: “We will begin with landbased employees presently employed in DFDS Denmark, who will soon receive an email with thorough information about the process of uploading their identity documents and a link to the system we use for secure document sharing. We hope it will all go smoothly and by starting with one country, we will discover any problem early on in the process and will have the opportunity to correct errors before rolling out to all the other countries. We expect to launch in all other countries during the next few weeks.”

Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator, says: “Please be aware that the procedure varies according to whether you already have a Danish custody account for shares or not, and which country you live in, but everyone who was granted shares in 2016 must upload some documents for identification.”

“I also want to thank all the colleagues who helped us with valuable feedback on how best to help and inform all colleagues on board the ships and ashore, and I especially want to send warm thanks to the staff on board King Seaways, Princess Seaways and Britannia Seaways, who have supported me greatly and cordially welcomed me on board their ships.”

In a few months, when the identification process is over, we will provide further information about the transfer of your shares on the Bridge and on The transfer is expected to take place in late February or early March 2020.

In this video you can see an example of how to upload documents. Please note that the procedure and the documents needed vary from country to country.

Welcome to Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel as Chief People Officer

Our new member of the Executive Management Team and new Chief People Officer has arrived at DFDS.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel’s first encounter with her new DFDS colleagues took place at the end of September when she joined the annual management conference on board Crown Seaways. However, her actual, official start at DFDS was yesterday, 21 October, when she moved into the corner office on Deck 1 in the south wing of DFDS House to take up her position as Head of the HR Division and Chief People Officer.

It will not all be new to her. Anne-Christine is more than well-acquainted with the maritime business, as she has previously held positions as Head of HR at Mærsk Line Headquarters, and other senior management and HR positions in Maersk-owned companies, in addition to her other international management roles.

“I am delighted to welcome her today, and I look forward to working with her on the Executive Management Team to keep DFDS on a successful course. I know she will be just the right person to help us build a successful HR Division so we can all work together to make DFDS an even better place to work. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to DFDS,” says Torben Carlsen.

“I also want to thank Kasper Damgaard for stepping in as acting Head of HR, while at the same time building his own organisation as Head of Ferry Division’s Forest & Metal and Client Engagement team.”

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel addressed the managers at the Management Conference where she put her new role into perspective: “I look forward to working with every one of you to build a stronger DFDS. In my view, our role in HR is to support the business in doing its job, because without people there will be no business, and without business there will be no HR.”

See more about her here.

Captain Philippe Conquet promoted to Senior Master Cote D’Albatre and Seven Sisters

Gemma Griffin, Vice President, HR & Crewing, says: “It gives me great pleasure to announce that Philippe Conquet has been promoted to Senior Master Cote D’Albatre and Seven Sisters. Philippe joined DFDS in 2012 when we welcomed the ex LD Lines organisation into the DFDS family. However his experience as a Ferry Captain spans years not only on the Western Channel but also on the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an absolute pleasure working with Philippe. His knowledge of our business on the Dieppe – Newhaven route is incredible and we are so lucky to have him now representing these wonderful vessels and all of his colleagues in the wider Management Team. We are so proud to welcome him to this team.”

Nigel Cureton, Fleet Group Manager, adds: “This is a well-deserved appointment reflecting the knowledge and professionalism Philippe brings to the role and the respect he inspires in other officers and crew onboard.”

Team of the Year: Pendik Terminal Operations team took it all

Torben Carlsen handing the prize to Levent Sinel, Port Operations Manager of BU Med

This morning, all the managers attending the Management Conference – and even more the three representatives from the finalist teams – were stretched to breaking point when a Kahoot (a voting app) was about to announce the winning team in the Team of the Year Award.

A few minutes later, Torben Carlsen presented the prize – EUR 5,000, to be spent on a team event – to a very happy and proud Levent Sinel from the BU Med team who got the majority of the managers’ votes.

Kemal Bozkurt, VP Head of Operation, says: “I am pleased to see that our team is not just mastering the port operations but also excel in the production of movies. I can only appreciate their dedication and fully support their motivation.”

Seran Yüzbaşıoğlu, HR Director of BU Med, says: “It was one of the proudest moments of my life at DFDS, and I congratulate BU Med Pendik Terminal team for their success. However, let us not forget that all the teams at DFDS are great, and that we are all running forward together when We Move for All to Grow.”

Huge congratulations to the Pendik Terminal Operations team!


New online application system for seafarers in BU Med

In BU Med aspiring DFDS seafarers will now apply online, which will help recruit the right people using data and statistics while adhering to GDPR. Pictured is UN Karadeniz


In line with the digitization objectives in Pillar B of our Win23 strategy, BU Med has implemented an online application system for seafarers applying to work for DFDS. Some of the main objectives of this system are to better manage the application process, to collect important data and to utilise statistics for the applicants. With this new system, introduced to adhere to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the privacy of personal data is ensured as well.

BU Med’s HR Business Partner and Crewing Superintendent Uğur Demir says: “With this new application process, our main goal is to ensure that seafarers find us, reach out to us and do so with their digital safety intact. Not only do we take a vital step for our digitization strategy, but we also contribute to the protection of personal data.”

As of 1 September 2019, seafarers may apply to DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit via this link.

The new application system pictured here is an improvement for applicants and our HR and crewing in BU Med

Birgitte Kjærsgaard is leaving DFDS for a new job

Birgitte Kjærsgaard, Director of Training & Development, has accepted a new job offer and will be leaving DFDS. Last day in office will be on 27 September. All management tasks have been delegated to staff, and planned activities will continue without changes.

Birgitte Kjærsgaard, Director of DFDS’ Training & Development department, is leaving DFDS for a new job. Her last day in office will be on 27 September.

“I have received an exciting job offer, and accepting it was one of the most difficult decisions of my career. Since I started at DFDS in January 2016, I have been looking forward to going into work every single day with passionate and dedicated colleagues, reminding me to stay humble and curious. Training & Development will be in good hands with the department’s staff of six who all have a passion to Move for All of DFDS to Grow,” Birgitte says.

“Training is very close to Birgitte’s heart, and she has done a fantastic job for DFDS. Many colleagues will be familiar with her passionate and professional manner from the many courses and seminars she has arranged and facilitated. Personally, I am grateful that she stepped in as Head of Training & Development when I was appointed Interim Head of HR, and I wish her all the best with her new career,” says Kasper Damgaard, VP, who is still acting Head of HR in addition to his new role as Head of BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement.

“We will not be replacing Birgitte until Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel has arrived to take on her role as our new Chief People Officer and EVP of HR. Until then, all planned Training and Development activities will continue as tasks have been delegated to the department’s competent staff,” he says.


Team of the Year award – We present the three finalists

The voting period for DFDS’ greatest team achievement is over, and we are ready to announce the fortunate finalists.

Louise Understrup, Senior HR Project Manager, says: “We received 24 amazing videos and every one of them showed great teamwork, engagement and creativity. Now the jury – which means all of you – has spoken, and I am so happy to announce the finalists, who, in random order, are:

BU MED Pendik Terminal Management, Turkey

DFDS Project Young&Old, Calais Seaways

Freight Sales, Channel Routes

These three teams received nearly 800 votes in total on the Bridge and via email, and they are now chosen to go through to the final which takes place at the Management Conference on 30 September – 2 October.
At the Conference, all managers will appoint the winning group of team players, and the winning team can look forward to a prize of EUR 5,000 to be spent on a team event, so even more than the prestigious title is at stake.

If you have any questions, please contact Louise Understrup, Group HR, on email:


Jobindex: DFDS colleagues enjoy work more

The prize was a cake sponsored by Jobindex, and shared with colleagues at DFDS House today

If you are happy with working at DFDS, it seems you are not the only one. According to a report by well-known Danish job portal Jobindex who made a survey among Danish transport companies, DFDS scores best when it comes to happiness of work. Employees and former employees have responded to the survey, and with a score of 4.9 out of 5.0, DFDS won over other well-reputed Danish transport companies.

“It is great to hear. It seems that we scored high on great colleagues, and that many candidates for jobs at DFDS think of us as a company with positive values and exciting jobs. But it also shows that we can improve knowledge about DFDS, so thumbs up for you and the colleagues in HR for your achievements so far and good luck with the work to keep improving DFDS as an employer, which is something we all need to focus on,” says Torben Carlsen.

“I think that there are many reasons why we have won the prize, one of them is that DFDS is a dynamic international company where employees have the possibilities to get exciting jobs and still have time for their family,” says Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark.

You can read the Jobindex article here (written in Danish).

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel to be DFDS’ new Chief People Officer

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel (48) will join DFDS’ Executive Management team as the new EVP Chief People Officer.

Prior to her most recent position as Vice President, Head of HR at the major Scandinavian media group Egmont, Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel held positions as Head of HR at Mærsk Line Headquarters, and other senior management and HR positions in Maersk-owned companies. In addition to her extensive maritime experience, she has a background in global consultancy businesses and has held other international management roles. She has a Master of Political Science degree from the University of Copenhagen.

“I am extremely pleased to be welcoming Anne-Christine as a new member of DFDS’ Executive Management team. With her background, we could hardly have found anyone better suited for the task. She will add considerable strength to our people management and our ability to implement our Win23 strategy efficiently, as this is very much about people and their commitment to making DFDS an even greater company and an even greater employer,” says Torben Carlsen.

“I have been following DFDS’ amazing development, and I look very much forward to getting to know the company and my new colleagues. Together with you, I will do my very best to contribute to growing DFDS further and developing the company to be an even better place to work,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel.

As EVP, Chief People Officer, she will be responsible for the Human Resources Division, which will include responsibility for HR & Crewing departments in all regions and countries, as well as Training & Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Anne-Christine is married to Thomas, and together they have 2 boys and a girl (9, 14 and 16) and live close to Copenhagen. The family has previously lived abroad in China and enjoys travelling together and doing various kinds of sports.

“Anne-Christine will officially start at DFDS latest on 2 January 2020, but will attend the management conference on 30 September where she will get her first introduction to DFDS and her new colleagues. I am confident you will all join me in welcoming Anne-Christine to DFDS and will support her in making a good start at DFDS,” says Torben Carlsen.

Until Anne-Christine arrives at DFDS, Kasper Damgaard will continue to manage HR in addition to his new role as VP of Forest & Metal and Client Engagement in the Ferry Division.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel will be heading the Human Resources Division