Sebastian Barrios Poulsen, new Legal Counsel in Legal & Insurance

As of 1 June, Legal & Insurance have been joined by Sebastian Barrios Poulsen. He comes from law firm Kromann Reumert.

Sebastian, 34, graduated in law from the University of Copenhagen in 2011 when he joined Kromann Reumert as a trainee lawyer. He continued as a lawyer working with litigation, M&As, contracts and other business-related areas. In addition to this Sebastian has also taught various topics at the University of Copenhagen. In 2016/17 Sebastian studied at UCLA in California where he earned himself a Master’s degree in law (LLM).

We are very pleased to welcome Sebastian and hope that you will all assist in making his start at DFDS a positive experience.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Next step: DFDS to develop data protection solutions

As of 25 May 2018, DFDS must comply with EU’s new data regulation that aims to protect individuals against misuse of personal data compiled by companies and organisations about us all.

Personal data means any information that can be used to identify an individual directly or indirectly. This includes online identifiers such as IP addresses and cookies when they can be linked back to an individual. “And it is vital that we comply with the regulation. For DFDS, the fines for breaking the rules could amount to as much as EUR 75 million,” says Gunnar Hansen, Program Manager, IT.

Using insights for developing solutions
In preparation for the compliance work, Gunnar Hansen has been coordinating the efforts to map out the way we process personal data in the various business areas.  “We now have the insights we need to develop systems, procedures and controls to comply with the rules. Moreover, we will be able to document and demonstrate that we only collect the necessary data for specific purposes and that we only store the data for as long as we need to. We can also show that we treat the data in a secure and confidential manner, respecting the rights of all individuals,” he says.

What departments must do
All departments and business units must ensure that they comply with the requirements, including documenting the personal information they register about people. They must also understand DFDS’ obligations. Most importantly, departments and business units must arrange training for staff in cooperation with the GDPR team and formulate a Data Protection Procedure for their business area. This procedure must also cover external parties. See the full list of your tasks here

What the GDPR teams will deliver
The GDPR Core Team will support the departments in their compliance work; and furthermore, deliver the tools to search – upon requests – for personal information across mailboxes and network data folders, run tests, define roles and arrange e-learning and other types of training and awareness campaigns.

IT is responsible for monitoring abnormal system activity from a security point of view, for writing IT security policies and procedures and for building and training DFDS’ Computer Security Incident Response Team from Group IT. They will handle security emergencies and information to authorities in case of personal data breaches.

The solutions must be tested, fully implemented and in use as of 25 May.

See the GDPR organisation here

Candidates for the DFDS A/S’ employee election

Direct election of candidates

Election of employee representatives to the DFDS A/S Board of Directors for 2018 – announcement of candidates – direct election


Indirect election of candidates

Election of group employee representatives to the DFDS A/S Board of Directors for 2018 – announcement of candidates – indirect election


Kandidater til DFDS A/S’ medarbejdervalg

Kandidater til direkte valg

Valg af medarbejderrepræsentanter til DFDS A/S’ bestyrelse 2018 – offentliggørelse af kandidater – direkte valg


Kandidater til indirekte valg

Valg af koncernmedarbejderrepræsentanter til DFDS A/S’ bestyrelse 2018 – offentliggørelse af kandidater – indirekte valg


Customer Care & Group Legal go hand in hand

Customer Care colleagues visiting Dunkirk after an in-depth tour of the terminal from Delphine Blanquart, Terminal Operation Manager. From left: Nancy Cuggy, Sue Elliott, Russell Challenor, Danissa van Zandijk, Joni Wilkins, Louisa El Bachiri, Vicky Wiltshire, Lenka Frycova, Steve Garner, Delphine Blanquart & Jurga Repsyte

Our colleagues reviewing and discussing recurrent issues from the DFDS guest and offering solutions to reduce customer contact.

Our guests expect a top class service when travelling with us and on the rare occasion that we fall short we expect our customers to bring this to our attention on board or at our terminals. Sadly this doesn’t always happen and customers contact our care team in their local market instead. To ensure our Customer Care Advisors are able to respond with confidence, a three-day workshop was recently delivered by our team in Dover for colleagues from Newcastle, Dieppe, Hamburg and Ijmuiden.

The group looked at recurrent customer service issues and discussed plans for future improvements designed to reduce this sort of contact into our booking offices, along with sharing best practice. Johanna Wickenberg Linneballe and Jurga Repsyte from Group Legal provided an update about the new passenger claims handing process, and the team enjoyed an educational trip to experience all three channel ports and both the D-Class and C-Class vessels.

Steve Garner Customer Experience Manager said: “Only around 0.4% of guests who travel with us get in touch with us about their experience. We’ve also seen a 30% decrease in customer complaints compared to 2016, which is something we can all be proud of as it couldn’t be done without the dedication, commitment and hard work of all staff on-board and ashore. I’d also like to thank Jesper Christensen, Operations Director, Andy Watkins, OBS Business Development Manager, and Therese Boullot, Head of On-board Services from CALAIS SEAWAYS, for being our guest speakers at the workshop and our Customer Care & Legal representatives for their participation in making the workshop a success. We’ve now created a super new community for our colleagues in Customer Care so we can provide help and support to one another.”