CFO route suspended to 28 February

Further to the latest updates from the Danish and Norwegian governments on travel restrictions, our service between Copenhagen – Frederikshavn – Oslo will now be suspended up to and including 28 February 2021.

Kasper Moos, Head of BU Group Passenger, says: “We expected the restrictions to be prolonged and have calculated with the extended period of restrictions in our forecast. During the lay-up period, the vast majority of crew members are sent home with pay as a benefit from the government’s aid package, which has been extended in parallel with the continued restrictions. A small group remain at work to maintain the cruise ferry until it resumes service.
We know that it is very hard for our colleagues who have been furloughed, and we look very much forward to welcoming you all back on work when we see the restrictions soften”.

Details on the latest restrictions from the Danish government are available here and from the Norwegian government here

December volumes: Ferry freight up 28%

Søren Brøndholt Nielsen and Peder Gellert

Every month, we publish the previous month’s ferry volumes to the stock exchange. December’s freight volumes were so impressive that they call for a closer look.

Søren Brøndholt Nielsen, Vice President, Corporate Communications, explains: “The North Sea volumes were boosted by stock building ahead of Brexit, especially on the routes between the Netherlands and the UK, but also between Sweden and the UK. Volumes on the English Channel were likewise boosted by the stock building, and in total the volume growth for routes to the UK was 37%.”

Baltic Sea volumes were above 2019, adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski – Hanko route, and Mediterranean volumes were also above 2019, driven by higher volumes on all main corridors.

Peder Gellert, Executive Vice President and Head of Ferry Division, says: “I am very happy to see that freight is doing so well, especially when Passenger is having such a hard time because of the travel restrictions related to COVID-19. Looking ahead, I have a strong belief that we are moving in the right direction, and I want to thank everyone who has worked and is working very hard to keep DFDS a strong and healthy company.”

DFDS re-shuffles Baltic ships

Optima Seaways will join the new Ireland-France route during January, and Patria Seaways will move from the Paldiski-Kapellskär route to replace Optima on the Karlshamn-Klaipeda route. There will be no changes to crewing or flag.

After Christmas, Optima Seaways will be moved to DFDS new route between Rosslare in Ireland and Dunkerque in France to help out during January 2021.

On the busy Karlshamn-Klaipeda route, she will be replaced by Patria Seaways from the Paldiski-Kapellskär route where Sirena Seaways will be able to maintain the necessary capacity for the expected volumes at the beginning of the new year.

“The ships will both maintain the Lithuanian flag and current crews, and we have already informed our many customers about the change,” says Anders Refsgaard, VP and Head of BU Baltic.

“One of our strengths is our ability to change ships on the routes at short notice, and deploy ships in accordance with our customers’ needs and flow of goods. At the end of January, Optima is planned to return to the Karlshamn-Klaipeda route, and Patria to the Paldiski-Kapellskär route,“ says Anders Refsgaard.

“We will ensure that you are continuously being updated on changes in the fleet,” says Anders.

Ferries in place for DFDS’ new Ireland – France freight route

Along with the chartered ferries Visby and Kerry, Optima Seaways will be ready to welcome lorries and their drivers on the new Rosslare – Dunkerque freight route. From 2 January, the route will enable customers to keep their freight transport within the EU and avoid the customs formalities that will apply to transport passing via the UK.

Yesterday we were able to show pictures of the new DFDS office and check-in facilities in Rosslare for our new Rosslare – Dunkerque freight route, which will start operating from Rosslare on 2 January.

“I am extremely pleased to present the three freight ferries that will soon be welcoming our customers’ lorries and their drivers. The three ships are Visby, Kerry and Optima Seaways,” says Aidan Coffey, Route Director.

“Visby and Kerry are chartered ships, including crews, and Optima Seaways is our own ferry, which currently operates between Sweden and Lithuania. A warm thank you to our Baltic colleagues and the Karlshamn-Klaipeda route for helping us with this.”

All three ships are proven and efficient freight ferries with capacity for up to 120 trucks and trailers, and drivers. The drivers will all be comfortably accommodated in their own COVID-19 safe cabins during the crossing.”

There will be six weekly departures from each port. The first departure will be on Saturday 2 January from Rosslare. Sailing time will be just under 24 hours.

“I am very grateful for the positive response to the news about the route, and the interest we have experienced among our customers who appreciate the opportunity to avoid the customs procedures, extra costs and waiting time that will be necessary for transport via the UK land bridge. Also, upon arrival in Dunkerque or Rosslare, the drivers will be fully rested and can continue driving immediately and be able to reach many major destinations within their legal driving limit.”

Kell Robdrup has been leading the work to establish the route that will eventually be part of BU Channel.

Built 2001 at Cantiere Navale Visentini, Italian flag
Length 186.50 m
Breadth 25.60 m
Draft 6.50 m
Speed 23 knots
Cargo capacity: 2,030 lane metres
80 cabins with 288 beds, all with private facilities
Max. cargo height 5.10 m

Built 2003 at the Guangzhou Shipyard Int. in China
Length 196.00 m
Breadth 25.67 m
Draught 6.40 m
Speed 26
Cargo capacity: 1,800 lane metres
92 cabins, all with private facilities
Cargo height up to 5 metres

Optima Seaways
Built 1999, Italy, Lithuanian flag
Length 186 m
Breadth 25.60 m
Draught 6.50 m
Speed 22
Cargo capacity 2,115 m lane metres
80 passenger cabins, all with private facilities
Cargo height up to 5.00 m

Freight up 17% in November

We have started to report monthly ferry volumes for freight and passengers to provide additional insight for investors and the general public into the development in volume trends.

November was a very busy month for freight, especially on the UK routes. Our logistics activities to the UK have likewise been very busy in November. When we look at the high growth percentages vs 2019, we should however recall that uncertainty about Brexit slowed trading down in November 2019.

Below is the numbers and text that was released as an investor news announcement earlier today.

Ferry – freight: Total volumes in November were 18% above 2019 adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski-Hanko route. The volume growth for routes calling the UK was 25%.

North Sea volumes were boosted by stockbuilding ahead of Brexit, especially on the routes between Netherlands and UK. Volumes on the English Channel were likewise boosted by the stockbuilding. Baltic Sea volumes were above 2019 adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski-Hanko route. Mediterranean volumes were up driven by the route between southern Turkey and Italy.

Ferry – passenger: Total number of passengers in November 2020 was 80% below 2019. The decrease reflects a continued negative impact from travel restrictions related to Covid-19, especially on the two cruise ferry routes. In the Baltic Sea, passenger numbers were considerably less impacted.


Successful launch of new ro-pax for the Baltics

Friday the 13th is considered a unlucky day in Western superstition. Fortunately this is not the case in China. So despite of the date we were confident that the launch of our second ro-pax newbuilding for the Baltics at the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) would be a success story.

The launching ceremony took place at 10:30AM local time in China under a beautiful blue sky with participation from our good site team as can be seen from the pictures.

“Leading to the launching, thew site team was very busy getting everything in place and assist the yard in ensuring a good level of quality for the last below-waterline welding seams, hull surface protection jobs and painting of the ballast and void tanks,” says  Jacob Johannesen, Deputy project Manager.

“The hull will now be towed to the outfitting pier and GSI shipyard will be working in parallel on both ships where machinery and onboard systems will be finalized, cabins put onboard and public spaces built.”

DFDS ordered the two combined freight and passenger ferries for our Baltic route network in  2018. They are  230 metres long and will each have a capacity of 4,500 lane metres for trucks and cars, and with their 250 passenger cabins and large, comfortable public areas, the ships will offer a new state-of-the-art travel experience for passengers crossing the Baltic Sea.

Wonderful mood clips from the maiden voyage Frederikshavn – Oslo

Mirit Bisholt, Social Media Manager, and Mark Næstved Nielsen, Art Director, kindly sent us this fantastic video from the maiden voyage Frederikshavn – Oslo yesterday.

Many thanks for sharing this historical moment with us and letting us meet the very likeable couple Inger and Peter who, as the first passengers on the new route, were offered an upgrade to a luxury cabin and received a delicious surprise in the cabin.

Covid-19: Denmark – Oslo: We are back

Crown Seaways leaving Copenhagen for the first time in more than three months

Sunny weather, happy people on the sundeck, and a shining blue and white Crown Seaways departing at 14:00 marked the re-opening of our Copenhagen-Oslo route.

DFDS served champagne to the guests at departure, and later tonight when Crown leaves Frederikshavn, Commercial Head René Juul and his staff will invite the Frederikshavn guests for a glass before midnight. Tomorrow they will serve champagne on the sun deck for all passengers sailing out of Oslo at 12.00.

Media were also well represented, with Captain Jens Knudsen in a live radio transmission while underway to Frederikshavn. In Frederikshavn, the city’s mayor Birgit Hansen will enter the ship along with Vice President Kasper Moos and media to welcome Crown and DFDS to Frederikshavn.

The lucky customer having made the very first booking was upgraded to a luxury Owner’s Suite cabin which was probably a very nice surprise for him.

We will be back with more information tomorrow when we have pictures from the event.

Today 25 June is the Day of the Seafarer

For the past 10 years, IMO (International Maritime Organization) has encouraged to celebrate the seafarers all around the world on 25 June. This year they deserve the praise more than ever.

Michael Stig, Designated Person, Marine Standards, says: “During the corona crisis, seafarers have been playing an essential role in maintaining the flow of vital goods such as food and medical supplies, and it has indeed been a difficult time for them. Many seafarers have been away from home for months and don’t even know when they will be able to get home due to travel restrictions.”

Being a caring employer is one of the two main themes of DFDS’ CSR strategy, and in tune with this Michael Stig and Jesper Hartvig Nielsen recently kicked off the Safety First programme that intends to increase safety for seafarers and staff working on terminals.

“Being a seafarer can be a difficult and from time to time risky job. Let’s all send kind thoughts to all seafarers throughout the world today and acknowledge their sacrifices and the vital role they play in keeping the world trade moving,” says Michael.

Watch this video with the general secretary of IMO and learn more about the Day of the Seafarer.


All ships sound their horns for seafarers

On 1 May, a symphony of ship horns sounding will recognise the contributions and sacrifices of seafarers during the pandemic. All DFDS ships are expected to contribute, even the cruise ships currently laid up


DFDS ships join the International Chamber of Shipping’s initiative to sound the horns on 1 May to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of our seafarers during the pandemic.

At 12:00 local times, all 55 DFDS ships will sound their horns to celebrate and recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by seafarers during the Covid-19 crisis.

“This beautiful token of appreciation was initiated by the International Chamber of Shipping and promoted by the national shipowners associations. At DFDS, we are depending on the commitment and support of our seafarers no less than other shipping companies, and we are really grateful for the work they have done throughout the Covid-19 crisis to keep our ships sailing and support our customers,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, EVP and Chief People Officer.

Thomas Mørk, VP and Head of DFDS’ Technical Organisation, says: “We have informed our 55 ships about this and hope they will all support it by sounding their horns at 12:00 local time – wherever they are at this time. This also goes for our laid-up ships that will then naturally be in port on 1 May.”

“We hope some of the crew members will record the event on a video and send it to Group Communications so we can all enjoy it afterwards,” says Anne-Christine.

Please send it to

Ark Dania in contact with quay

Extreme wind conditions caused contact and damage above the waterline when Ark Dania arrived at Esbjerg. Photo by Peter Therkildsen.


In spite of tug boat support, Ark Dania unfortunately came a bit too close to the quay at arrival in Esbjerg today under extreme wind conditions. As the picture shows, the contact caused some damage to the hull above the waterline.

The damage has now been assessed by the yard and classification society, and the plan is to repair the ship while in port.

“We expect that she will be able to depart on Friday 14 February. Luckily, Fleet Management has been able to charter the freight ferry Misida to replace Ark Dania until Friday. Misida will be leaving Vlaardingen today and be in Immingham for Ark Dania’s scheduled departure tomorrow. This means we will only be losing today’ sailing from Esbjerg to Immingham,” says Kell Robdrup, SVP, BU North Sea South, who has already informed the customers about the delay this will cause the customers scheduled to leave Esbjerg today.

Ark Dania damaged above the waterline when hitting the quay in Esbjerg.

DFDS joins fire safety project LASH FIRE

The LASH FIRE project puts the seafarers’ perspectives at the core of solutions. From the left: Sif Lundsvig and Lena Brandt.


Fires on ships are immensely dangerous. Our seafarers know this better than anyone, and at DFDS we are actively working on improving fire safety on board our ships.

DFDS now also joins the LASH FIRE project (Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-ro ship Environment) that aims at developing maritime fire safety solutions with innovative technologies, operations and applications.

“A big element of LASH FIRE is to focus on the seafarers’ perspective. That is why we have a specialist, Lena Brandt, who will temporarily join crews in order to learn from them,” says Sif Lundsvig, Project Manager in Innovation & Partnerships.

Lena is an experienced navigator and will in the coming months act as a Sailing Project Manager and Deck Officer on board some of our ships as she engages with seafarers about the realities of fire risks, procedures and systems on board.

Lena says: “Seafarers have many ideas for improvements, and they know what strategies are realistic to implement and which ones may conflict with reality and daily operations. The aim of the project is to take a holistic view on fire safety on board our ships and deal with all the factors involved. This requires an open and anonymous dialogue with our seafarers and taking the time to absorb some of the knowledge derived from their experience at sea.”

LASH FIRE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 814975.​

New company structure in Immingham

Per Lund Jensen with the UK senior leadership team. From the left: Alan Finch, Jon Bailey, Per Jensen, Andrew Byrne, Emma Leam-Saville and Lee Bayliss

Friday 31 January was not only the day that the UK left the EU, it was also the day that Per Lund Jensen left DFDS to retire.

As Andrew Byrne, Managing Director, advised in December, Per’s retirement led to some changes of the company structure in Immingham. From 1 February, the new reporting lines are as follows:

Friday afternoon, the Immingham office had prepared a very special goodbye event for Per, who left DFDS in a blaze of glory after 35 years of dedicated and loyal service.

Andrew says: “We held a reception for Per, which was attended by around 50 people, including staff from DFDS Logistics in Immingham. Per was presented with gifts and cards, which included an experience to drive a steam train and a train driver’s hat with his name on it, as railways are his hobby. We wish Per a long and happy retirement and all the best for the future.”

DFDS part of climate initiative in Brevik

Herøya Industry Park where yara’s site is the biggest company, seen in the front centre of the picture. In the future export volumes will be shipped out of Brevik. Today they are shipped from both Brevik and Larvik.


Norway: DFDS’ North Sea Terminal in Brevik has, along with manure and environmental products manufacturer Yara Norway and Port of Grenland, found a way to focus all export volumes from Yara’s Porsgrunn plant in Brevik. This will lead to significant savings of emissions.

Yara Norway – part of Yara International – ships substantial export volumes from their plant in Herøya via the North Sea Terminal in Brevik and via Larvik. DFDS owns and operates the North Sea Terminal in Brevik. “With Yara and the Port of Grenland, we succeeded in finding a solution for moving the Larvik volumes to Brevik,” says Vidar Karlsen, Managing Director, Norway.

“The distance from the factory to Brevik is 1/3 of the distance to Larvik. This means that the emissions from the transport will be significantly lower and will open up to reduce the whole region’s emissions.”

“We are really pleased about the extra business and the environmental benefits of it.”

He expects that the solution can be implemented during the first few months of 2020.

Baltic newbuildings visualised

We are currently constructing two combined freight and passenger ferries at the Guangzhou Shipyard International. They will be deployed in the first and second half of 2021 to support growth in the Baltic region. New pictures visualise the ships.

Some 10,000 tons of steel has already been cut for our first combined freight and passenger newbuilding and it is now being welded together. However, if you can’t wait to see what she will look like, help is near.

Christian Simon Nielsen, Project Manager, has kindly shared some great 3D renderings of the design, which you can enjoy here.

With their capacity for 4,500 lane metres of freight and 600 passengers, the newbuilds are designed to accommodate future growth. With the two tall exhaust pipes and the grand front consisting of passenger cabins and large, comfortable public areas, the 230-metre ferries will quickly be a well-known and popular part of our passengers’ journey when crossing the Baltic Sea.

Christian says: “Our colleagues from the site team in China have worked hard during start-up of the construction and now they will go on a well-deserved Christmas holiday. When the new year starts, they will be back to celebrate the most important milestone in the beginning of the construction phase, the keel-laying ceremony which will take place in January.”

Organisational changes in Immingham

Andrew Byrne, MD of the Ferry Division in Immingham

From 1 January 2020, there will be the following changes to the Ferry Division’s organisation in Immingham.

Per Lund Jensen to retire

Per Lund Jensen, our Chief Accountant and Company Secretary, has decided to retire on Friday 31 January 2020. Per has been with DFDS since November 1985 and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Per is retiring to spend more time with his family and to take the holidays that Barbara, his wife, has already booked. We are currently reviewing the statutory duties of Per’s role and will advise early in the new year how these will be performed in the future. We of course wish Per a long and happy retirement and all the best for his future.

Per Lund Jensen


Jon Bailey to assume the position of Commercial Director

The changes will also affect our commercial function. From 6 January, Jon Bailey will commence as the Commercial Director, responsible for all commercial aspects of both the unit load and industrial portfolios. This change has been made to align the UK commercial structure with most of our partner countries, to ensure we have a collaborative and cohesive structure that will help the Ferry Divison in Immingham to deliver its part in the WIN 23 strategy. We have a significant part to play in that strategy, being a strategic key to the North Sea network and beyond for both the liner roll on roll off services and the cargo that will fall under the new Business Verticals.

Jon Bailey


Claire Brown to be new Marketing and Automotive Manager (UK & Ireland)

Another change to help us deliver the WIN23 strategy is the introduction of the new role of Marketing and Automotive Manager (UK & Ireland), which Claire Brown has been appointed to. This is an exciting and vital role to help ensure all parts of the new business structure across Ferry and Logistics are working together to get the best overall outcome for the DFDS group and marketing our collaborative strengths in the core markets we are targeting for growth. Claire will be working as part of a team of people appointed to similar roles across the DFDS network to ensure consistent and effective planning and execution of our strategic aims.

Claire Brown


Emma Leam-Saville expands her role to Route Agency and Border Compliance Director
Emma Leam-Saville’s role has been expanded throughout 2019, as she successfully represented DFDS Seaways in Brexit preparations, and helped shape policy and influence decisions that can impact DFDS and the rest of the shipping industry. This has helped place DFDS in a much more prominent industry position and we will continue to build on this throughout 2020. To better reflect Emma’s responsibilities, her title will become Route Agency and Border Compliance Director.

Emma Leam-Saville


These changes are key roles in the organisation, and I want to congratulate everyone and wish them good luck in these roles in the future.

Andrew Byrne, MD of the Ferry Division in Immingham.

Sweden: Colleagues from Logistics Division and Ferry Division attend career fair

From left Maria Clark, Martin Larsson, Fredrik Olofson and Peter Axelsson

Earlier this month, representatives from both Logistics Division and Ferry Division attended the career fair GADDEN at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, to meet students and attract future talent to DFDS.

GADDEN is a two-day career fair with about 100 exhibiting companies and organisations, and with approximately 6,000 visitors. It is Scandinavia’s largest career fair for students within the fields of business, logistics, law and environmental science.

Maria Clark, HR Advisor, says: “We met a lot of logistics students, but also students within other areas, and this was a great opportunity for us to network with students and talk about what we do, and what opportunities there are within DFDS. We also received many questions about the DFDS trainee programme, which clearly shows that this is something that attracts future talent.”

“This is one of many steps for DFDS to become a more attractive and visible employer for future employees, and it is great fun and very enjoyable to go out and talk about our business together with colleagues from our different divisions. Together we represent One DFDS, and we are able to present the many opportunities that we have to offer.”

Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson talking to some of the students


Fredrik Olofson, Jens Bårman, Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson after successful participation at the career fair

Passenger: Head of Field Sales and Head of Sales Operation now appointed

Janet Donaldson and Richard Stone

In October 2017, the Passenger organisation transformed into a global functional structure with the aim to grow specialisation and meet future expectations and demands from customers in a more and more digitised and complex world.

In 2019, Global Sales and Customer Care merged into one organisation and became the global functional structure announced earlier this year. This created new management positions of which two are now being filled after an extensive and thorough recruitment process.

Janet Donaldson, currently Sales and Project Manager in the UK, will as of 2 January take responsibility for the Sales Operation function for all markets. She will work with the team to grow specialisation and expertise for the benefit of our customers. Some of the key tasks will be to align and optimise customer request handling, back-office processes, procedures and systems and copy best-practices between geographical areas.

She will ensure close collaboration to realise commercial synergies in the way we work. Janet joined DFDS in 2003 and has since then held a number of positions, giving her in-depth knowledge of how we operate including strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in processes and systems. Janet will continue to be based in Newcastle.

Richard Stone joins DFDS as Head of Field Sales
Richard Stone will join DFDS on Monday 13 January 2020 to take on the position Head of Field Sales. For the past 10 years, Richard has held the position Director of Intl. Leisure Sales at Scandic Hotels, the largest hotel chain in the Nordics with a total of 280 hotels. He has previously worked for Gullivers, Tumlare, Borealis Destination Management and therefore holds relevant knowledge from the customer side.

10 years ago, Richard joined Scandic Hotels to take the company from a decentralised sales approach to building a global functional structure with the purpose to build expertise and align sales processes across hotels and markets. Richard has extensive knowledge of the leisure segment, the market, the customers, and also brings outside experience and best-practice of how to implement a functional sales structure in a consumer-facing business.

Richard is British and lives in Copenhagen with his family. He speaks and understands Danish and will be based at DFDS House.

Global Sales & Customer Care Director Casper Puggaard says: “Janet and Richard are the perfect combination and match for the two roles, Head of Sales Operation and Head of Field Sales. They have the experience needed for us to succeed with a global functional sales organisation in Passenger. They form a unique team of extensive DFDS knowledge and relevant external inspiration and best-practice from a related industry. I am very excited to get them onboard and to continue our journey ‘from Good to Great’, which will benefit both customers, routes, and thereby DFDS.”

“Richard and Janet will join the new Global Sales & Customer Care leadership team, which as of January 2020 consists of Thomas Møller, Lynsey Chappell, Viktorija Kaminskiene, Catharina Hallberg, Janet Donaldson and Richard Stone. Please join me in wishing Janet and Richard a warm welcome and best of luck in their new positions.”

Emma Leam-Saville on list of rising stars

Emma Leam-Saville, Agency Director

It is common knowledge at DFDS that Emma Leam-Saville is a star, and now it is general public knowledge too. Emma, who recently married and added Saville to her name, has done a terrific job on behalf of not only DFDS but the entire transport industry. Now, she has been recognised as one of the 20 brightest shining stars in the wider industry.

The recognition doesn’t come from just anyone, but from the very influential transport association, the FTA, which published a supplement on the industry’s rising stars on 27 November.

David Wells, CEO of the FTA, says: “The UK logistics industry is facing an era of unprecedented change, with pressures such as Brexit… In this turbulent environment, it is important we recognise the individuals who have made a positive contribution to the sector and who, in the view of FTA, are poised to drive the sector to new heights in 2020. By recognising and rewarding individual contributions in this way, we can challenge others to raise their game and help improve professional standards across the wider industry.”

Andrew Byrne, the Ferry Division’s MD in Immingham, says: “The recognition by the FTA of Emma’s influence this year is a great reflection of all the hard work that Emma has put in to get herself and DFDS in a more prominent industry position. DFDS now has a real voice in shaping decision and influencing transport policy in the UK, and combined with her role as Chair of the new Chamber of Shipping Customs Working Group, Emma is continuing to drive the boundaries of her individual influence and DFDS’ position in the UK transport sector. Well done Emma!”

The editors couldn’t agree more. We congratulate Emma, praise her for being great to work with and enjoy the shine she casts on us.

See the article here

See the full list below. There is strong female representation within the 20 for 20 list: 40% of candidates are women.

· Doug Bannister, CEO, Port of Dover
· Rachel Bullen, Fleet Operations Manager, Cadent Gas and Chair of the FTA’s Van Policy Group
· Mark Cracknell, Head of Technology, Zenzic
· Leon Daniels OBE, Chair of ITT Hub 2020
· Geraint Davies, Chief Operating Officer, John Raymond Transport Ltd and Chair of Road Council
· Pamela Dennison, WS Dennison and Chair of Northern Ireland Freight Council
· Florence Eshalomi, Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee
· Steve Granite, CEO, Abbey Logistics
· Professor Philip Greening, Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
· Stephen Halleran, Regional Distribution ManaMilling and Chair of Scotland Freight Council
· Lucy Hudson, Lead Officer Freight and Logistics, Transport for the North
· Allison Kemp, Managing Director, AIM Commercial Services and Vice Chair of Road Council
· Emma Leam-Saville, Agency Director, DFDS Seaways plc
· Philip Martin, Head of Freight Policy, Department for Transport
· Millie Pardoe, Business Development Associate, Pivot Power
· Leigh Pomlett, Chair of FTA Strategic Council
· Dave Rowlands, Technical Director, Wincanton and Chair of West Midlands Freight Council
· Neil Sime, Managing Director, Victa Railfreight
· Sagar Singamsetty, Senior Manager, Transportation EU Public Policy, Amazon
· Amanda Zambon, Public Affairs Manager – Logistics, DHL UK & Ireland


Hollandia named in Gothenburg

“I name you Hollandia Seaways”. It was a glorious moment, on top of a fantastic event, when Godmother Ragna Alm, wife of Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, officially named our newest addition to the fleet, Hollandia Seaways.

Just before the release of the traditional bottle, Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of Ferry Division and Morgan Olausson, VP and Head of BU North Sea North, had given speeches welcoming guests who came to celebrate Hollandia and thanking Ragna for making this naming ceremony a very proud moment in DFDS’ history.

And as Peder Gellert noted in his speech, the naming does not only mean the conclusion of years of planning and construction work, it also signifies a new beginning where Hollandia can create value and growth for DFDS, our customers and in and around Gothenburg and Ghent.

At the following traditional lunch, which with the kind assistance of Volvo took place in the nearby Volvo Museum, Ragna Alm handed the coin, that was placed in the keel of the newbuilding when the construction started, to Captains Robin Gustafsson and Bjarne Sunesen to bring luck to all who board the ferry in the future. After the lunch guests were invited on a tour around the mega freight ferry and as you can see on the pictures, there was plenty of room for all.

BU Baltic: Free training for on-board staff

The staff on board our Baltic ships benefit greatly from free training provided by our suppliers.

Vaidas Krūmas, Food & Beverage Manager, says: “Due to the rapidly changing market, and in order to meet our customers’ expectations, it is very important for our on-board staff to continuously update their knowledge and skills. Therefore, we often cooperate with local suppliers who, as an additional service to the company, provide free training for on-board staff, while at the same time ensuring better sales results for their own products. This is a great example of a win-win situation.”

Recently, a traditional Bonduelle event for galley staff took place on board Patria Seaways. The staff were introduced to several new ingredients, and also had a demonstration of how to use them in a variety of dishes.

Vaidas says: “The legendary Lithuanian chef, Ruslan Bolgov, was invited to lead this event. It was a valuable experience for the kitchen staff to watch the work of a kitchen virtuoso, and to develop their own creativity in cooking. Ruslan presented 14 great recipes that can easily be included in the seasonal buffet menu and, at the end of the event, there was a traditional food tasting. Everyone, including the DFDS shore staff, was pleasantly surprised by the culinary novelties.”

Other local producers, whose products are being sold in the on-board shops, are also well aware of the importance of presentations and tastings of their new products, and they are happy to organise one-day seminars on board or ashore.

Goda Baltuone, Category Retail manager, says: “The more knowledge our employees are given, the more they trust their own professionalism, and then they obtain better sales results. For example, following a presentation of new products organised by the local spirits manufacturer Pakruojo Dvaras, we noticed that sales of these drinks increased eight-fold.”

“Bar staff development is also a focus area. This summer, we decided to expand the range of drinks served at the bar by adding alcoholic cocktails, and one of our main beverage suppliers, Mineraliniai Vandenys, helped organise a special master class led by the well-known spirits guru Rapolas Vareika for our bartenders. During the training, our staff gained valuable information about local and foreign drinks, and practised preparing various cocktails in line with world trends.”

“We are delighted that the combined efforts of DFDS and our suppliers are helping to improve customer satisfaction and ensure stable business growth while We move for all to grow.”


Captain Philippe Conquet promoted to Senior Master Cote D’Albatre and Seven Sisters

Gemma Griffin, Vice President, HR & Crewing, says: “It gives me great pleasure to announce that Philippe Conquet has been promoted to Senior Master Cote D’Albatre and Seven Sisters. Philippe joined DFDS in 2012 when we welcomed the ex LD Lines organisation into the DFDS family. However his experience as a Ferry Captain spans years not only on the Western Channel but also on the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an absolute pleasure working with Philippe. His knowledge of our business on the Dieppe – Newhaven route is incredible and we are so lucky to have him now representing these wonderful vessels and all of his colleagues in the wider Management Team. We are so proud to welcome him to this team.”

Nigel Cureton, Fleet Group Manager, adds: “This is a well-deserved appointment reflecting the knowledge and professionalism Philippe brings to the role and the respect he inspires in other officers and crew onboard.”

Vlaardingen starts container service

On 1 October, DFDS Seaways in Vlaardingen opened the terminal gates to container traffic to ensure future growth.

Close collaboration between Ferry and Logistics ensured great customer service for a customer who required safe transportation of their high-value goods via containers.

This initiative was not without its challenges. To accommodate the containers, the terminal had to create a specific container area, lease a reach stacker (container lifting vehicle) and prepare the general operations, as containers require different handling compared to trailers.

“Despite the investments made, I am happy that we managed to find an exceptional solution for the customer as well as protect our business by ensuring additional streams of cargo, especially in a period where growth is no longer business as usual,” says Jorik van Oosterom, Terminal Operations Manager.

Ritchie Keemink, Agency Team Leader, says: “The cooperation between Logistics and Ferry is a win-win for everyone. We increase our flexibility in the market to handle different types of cargo and it is in line with the Win23 ambitions by offering a resilient combination of ferry route infrastructure and logistics solutions.”

Getting the team together

Sean Potter (left) to take a new commercial role in Forest & Metal. Michael Herbæk to lead the new intermediate Digital and IT Office that is a merger of the former DIO office and IT’s fulfilment Management team. The new DIO team is placed in BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement and he will report to Kasper Damgaard, Head of the BU. 

Kasper Damgaard, VP and Head of our new BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement is busy building his new organisation. Following, Klaus Erik Hansen’s appointment to Head of Client Engagement, he is today introducing two other key roles in the BU

Sean Potter entering a commercial role in Forest & Metal.
Sean will enter the Forest & Metal team. This means he will leave his position as Digital & IT Officer in Ferry and instead focus on sales in the new BU. He will continue to report to Kasper Damgaard and work from Immingham.

“Sean has more commercial experience than most people will ever get. He started in freight sales in Immingham in 1991, became Sales Manager in 1999, UK Sales Manager in 2000 and UK freight Agency & Sales Director in 2006 and was promoted to Managing Director of DFDS Seaways PLC, with UK responsibility for sales activities on the North Sea. Most recently he has contributed massively to our CFI initiative and the digital transformation as a DIO. Sean has exactly the commercial experience we need to reach our Win23 targets, and I am very grateful that he has agreed to accept this challenge,” says Kasper.

“In addition to his new role, many people will be pleased to hear that Sean will also continue his work to prepare us for Brexit.”

The DIO role will change and Michael Herbæk will be responsible for Ferry
With the implementation of Phoenix in BU Med and preparation for Brexit at the same time has , has created the opportunity to review current practices within the DIO team and IT’s Fulfilment Fulfilment Management team in charge of the application support and implementation. Therefore it has been decided to merge Ferry’s DIO office and the Fulfilment Management team intermediately under Michael Herbæk as intermediate Digital and IT Officer of the Ferry Division. He will report to Kasper Damgaard and have a dotted line to Gert Møller, CIO.

As a new Digital and IT Officer in Ferry, there will be very little that is new to Michael Herbæk.

“Since Michael started in DFDS in 1997, he has been working with freight and customer related IT tasks and become a leading expert of Phoenix and GTMS, the systems around which all operational and digital processes of ferry evolve. It will be impossible to find anyone who knows more about Phoenix, GTMS and our IT and digital processes than Michael, and he is also already familiar with the teams and the tasks of the DIO organisation. In addition to this, Michael is known for his clear and direct communication and for getting things done.

“Therefore, we couldn’t have found anyone better equipped for this challenging task, and I look very much forward to working with Michael to improve our digital processes, our digital offerings and develop new ones to the benefit of  customers, sales  and service in the Ferry Division,” says Kasper Damgaard.

There are no other changes to Ferry’s Digital & IT organisation.