D365 Human Resource is live in Continent

Susanne Hamelink, HR Director, Continent

HR Continent went live with the new global HR system, D365 Human Resource, last Friday. They are the first location to go live, and the launch follows seven weeks of hard work.

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer, says: “The HR staff in Continent have done an incredible job working with the roll-out of DFDS’ new global HR system, D365 Human Resource. A huge thank you to the Continent staff for being very dedicated, energetic and determined in their work throughout the entire implementation period. They all have reasons to be proud of being first movers on this exciting digital journey.”

Continent will be followed by the remaining five HR areas – starting with Denmark / HQ in week 20 – and by the end of this year, HR will have implemented the basic functionalities of D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement.

The dashboard of the new D365 Human Resource

The ERP Project group celebrate 2019 achievements

The ERP Project group celebrating with dinner and show at Wallmanns in Copenhagen

The celebration kicked off with a strategy session where each area of the project presented what they had achieved during the previous year, and Project Manager Luisa Bæk Lund and Programme Manager Mikkel Groth-Andersen gave the team high appraisals.

Some of the greatest achievements from 2019:

• Project:
Full speed on all tracks, successful Clarification and Design phases, new team members added in Poznań, roll-out plans in place

• Finance:
New Chart of Accounts + Financial dimensions created in D365

• Master Data:
To include CDS as part of ERP (Common Data Service for Apps is a platform allowing users to integrate programs and build custom applications and automated workflows)

• Procurement:
Great collaboration with stakeholders within and outside the ERP project team

• HR:
New CPO and People DIO, and new approved project plan

• Test:
Test process was set up and configured in Azure DevOps, Process testing Phase 1 defined and executed by Columbus, and new test strategy plan defined

• Change Management:
Change Management activities started in each area of the project

The team ended the day with a well deserved dinner and show at Wallmans.

Luisa says: “On Friday we gathered the full project team from both Poznań and Copenhagen for an afternoon with strategy sessions and a celebration dinner. It has been 18 months of hard work and tight deadlines and there are many things to celebrate. In busy lives, we often forgot to celebrate achievements. Once again thank you to everyone who is making the ERP project a reality – you deserved to be celebrated!”

Mikkel says: “How do you celebrate the fact that we selected a new backbone to digitise our back-office functions? How do we get people from different countries with over 10 nationalities to feel as one family with one major task on their shoulders? Well, you can call in for long and hard workshops and then end up in a 150-year-old circus building with a dinner full of singing and dancing. And find yourself amongst not only dedicated people doing a quality job but also celebrating life with an inclusive and true-to-heart approach to all colleagues. It was truly a wonderful evening.”

Monthly EPR status: Project on track

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project is currently on track and going according to the plan.

Luisa Bæk Lund, IT Project Manager, says: “During the last couple of months, we have conducted more than 20 workshops as part of the design phase. Additionally, a revised roll-out plan has been approved by all finance managers and programme owner, Jesper Mikkelsen Heilbuth, VP. Lastly, a change management training and education tour has been planned with the first stop in Poznań this week.”

From today, each month a brief status on the ERP project will be shared on the ERP project page on the Bridge.
The status covers updates on:
– Overall project status and progress (by Luisa Bæk Lund, General Project Manager)
– Finance status (by Vinothkrishna Rangamani, Finance Project Manager)
– Infrastructure and Integration (by Sunil Behera, Technical Solution Architect)
– HR status (by Jørgen Svare, HR module Project Manager)
– Procurement module (by Mona Todnem, Procurement module Project Manager).

“The programme management team hopes this will create more transparency around the ERP project and sees this as a great way to share how much work and effort is being put in by track leads and project members,” says Luisa.

Luisa Bæk Lund new IT Project Manager for ERP project

Luisa Bæk Lund has been appointed IT Project Manager for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project and will, in that capacity, report to the CIO Office in IT.

Mikkel Groth-Andersen, CIO Office Manager, says: “Luisa has, with impressive talent, secured a very well-organised finalisation of the ERP RFP (Request for Proposal) process. We are now almost ready to present our recommendations for the new ERP Platform to the Steering Committee. During the RFP process, our programme manager, Joachim Tidemann, decided to leave us, but Luisa picked up the baton and has worked hard to ensure that we are sticking to our plan of selecting a platform before Christmas.”

“After Christmas, we will still have a mile or two to go to finalise the planning, organisation and contract, but selecting a platform is a giant milestone for our company and our strategy for the financial area.”

“Luisa’s transfer to the CIO Office is a win-win situation. The ERP project is getting the very best person as project manager with regard to both knowledge and drive, and the IT PPO team will also benefit from Luisa’s energy and drive to support all our future ambitions. Luisa will be a very valuable member of the IT PPO Team.”

The project is also getting help with running the functional tracks. This project management role will be carried out by Mona Todnem, an external consultant from Herbert Nathan & Co.

The main Programme Manager will be appointed once a platform has been chosen in order for the team to receive guidance from a colleague with a track record in the specific platform.

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