COVID-19 testgata i Vlaardingen

Last week, we could share an initiative to do COVID-19 testing at our office in IJmuiden, and it looks like other colleagues have taken the testing to our own premises as well.

Last Tuesday, Susanne Hamelink, HR Director Continent, Jorik van Oosterom, Terminal Operations Manager, and Richard van Kleef, Manager Stevedoring Gate & Security, opened a COVID-19 testing street for colleagues from Ferry and Logistics on the terminal in Vlaardingen.

Susanne says: “Our Terminal workers, truck drivers, Workshop staff and all office staff are tested in their car and receive the results within 15-30 min. Initially, we are testing two hours every day in the week. After two weeks, we will review and hope to scale down.”

Our local authorities really struggle with taking the tests. The number of infected people is increasing resulting in a waiting period for up to 1.5 week and for a daily operation that can cause a real catastrophe as we need our staff more than ever.”

With this we minimize the risk of spreading the virus and keep our colleagues safe while ensuring a smoother operation. The testing centre is hosted by SOS International via Euro Cross Assistance – the same supplier that we use in Amsterdam (IJmuiden) for our seafarers.

29 oktober 2020