AEO: DFDS A / S Danmark får värdefullt tulltillstånd

DFDS has now received a so-called AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status for its largest legal entity, DFDS Denmark – or formally: DFDS A/S.

The AEO status is extremely valuable, especially in case of a no-deal Brexit situation. It means that we enjoy much easier customs processes. It reduces the guarantee amounts we need to provide and reduces or removes the security controls of processes and systems and overall gives us much simpler procedures to follow. “It is based on a partnership between the Economic Operator (DFDS) and the customs authorities in one or several countries. We commit to transparency on our organisation and processes and in exchange the authorities granting us simpler procedures to follow. An indirect advantage is that many customers have asked for this because their supply chain is AEO certified and therefore, it is necessary that we are too when we deliver the transport, warehousing or other services that are part of their supply chain,” says Lotte Blumensaadt, Indirect Tax Manager.

However, the authorisation process is complex and demanding. “It took us more than a year. We needed to provide a lot of general information about DFDS, our operations, structure and organisation and, not least about our safety and security for IT and in general,” says Lotte.

“In addition to this, we had to document our customs processes, agreements with customers and how we can check the origin of the goods and whether it is correctly declared in relation to duty tariffs and more.”

Many involved
“As part of the authorisation process, the Danish authorities visited Copenhagen, Frederica and ships to check our systems and procedures and even liaised with other national authorities in the EU. Other DFDS locations like Dover, Felixstowe and Dunkerque were also audited to get an overall understanding of how we work and how secure our systems are. The AEO status also requires that we continuously carry our self-assessments and notify material changes in our processes and/or organisation,” says Lotte.

The driving forces in obtaining the authorisation were Lotte Blumensaadt, supported by our Brexit team members Jean Aubert and Stephanie Thomas, who are our leading customs experts and have practical experience with obtaining AEO status in several countries. Support was also provided by Susanne Blomstergren and Christian Pedersen from our Fredericia office, Henrik Nørager who is managing the Copenhagen Terminal, several colleagues from IT, Henrik Svane from HR in Copenhagen, colleagues in Poland and Lithuania as well as other colleagues.

More to follow
The AEO status are given on the basis of legal entities, and currently the following have been granted it:
DFDS A / S (Danmark)
DFDS Logistics Limited (Storbritannien)
DFDS Logistics BV (Nederländerna)
DFDS Germany ApS & KG (Tyskland, endast AEO tullförenkling)
DFDS Seaways (Belgien)
DFDS Logistics Karlshamn (Sverige)

The Gothenburg Ro-Ro terminal has also achieved an AEO status
Further entities work hard to get the AEO stamp, and we will inform about this as the come in.

18 november 2019