DFDS testar järnvägslösning i Klaipėda

Last week, Central Klaipėda Terminal made its first attempt to load a trailer ontill en flat-bed rail wagon ttest the rail service which will run in conjunction with our ferry activitiesDFDS Logistics provided the trailer, LTG (Lithuanian Railways) representatives provided loading equipment as well as the prepared wagon, och de KLASCO team organised the loading.  

Despite the longer loading time, all parties var satisfied with the result. LTG var happy to see the opportunities and areas for improvement during the test. They hade ideas to take away, and promised to come back with more efficient improvements till hjälp Klaipėda become a 'green' hamn, as this service saves on both diesel och road miles. 

Second phase of testing with a real customer
The combination av ferry and rail services also har the potential to generate additional volumes for the business. As the first phase of testing was successful, we are happy det där our customer DSV is going to be part of our second phase. DSV's semi-trailer came from Karlshamn to Klaipėda, och det kommer be transported from the CKT terminal to the LTG Vilnius intermodal terminal.  

This is a great start for the development of a newservice and the wide range of services provided by DFDS. 

Special thanks to our colleagues from DFDS Logistics, who generously provided valuable equipment for de test. 

1 oktober 2020