Vlaardingen tar säkerheten ett steg längre

In this video, you can see how the staff in Vlaardingen moor Selandia Seaways. Mooring and unmooring ships is one of the things that staff in Vlaardingen will have special focus on.

As you are all probably aware, the Safety First programme was recently kicked off locally.

In Vlaardingen, the Safety First kick-off was done with the terminal’s labour safety group, which consists of representatives from the labour safety council and management. The kick-off initiated further fruitful discussions and safety initiatives.

HSSE Manager Henk van den Broek says: “After reviewing and digesting the Safety First material, we discussed how we could use this to further develop our safety culture in Vlaardingen, and we agreed on three items that we want to pay special attention to in the near future.”

They include:

1. Mooring and unmooring ships
2. Fine dust particles on ships while loading and unloading
3. The climate in the office

“We have already seen the first benefits of the Safety First initiative which is very positive,” says Henk. “One example is that we have seen crew from the vessels and dockers in the terminal constructively pointing to safety matters in areas controlled by each other. This has been easier because we now all have the same focus on safety, and ships and shore are now talking the same language about safety.”

“More initiatives from the Safety First team have already been introduced and we really welcome these initiatives. In the coming period we will work with them and see how we can best include them in the procedures and systems already in use.”

Jesper Hartvig Nielsen and Michael Stig are very pleased to see local initiatives grow and develop alongside the Safety First programme. Jesper says: “A big thank you to Henk for sharing this with us and all our colleagues working in terminals and on vessels. Sharing knowledge and good ideas about safety are crucial for making DFDS a safer place to work.”


1 oktober 2020