DFDS och partners ökar tjänsterna mellan Luxemburg och Trieste

DFDS is strengthening its fruitful collaboration with Mars Logistics and CFL Intermodal by taking over the contract to increase rail services between Bettembourg in Luxembourg and Trieste, going from nine to 12 round trips per week by Q4 2019. This will allow for a reduction in costs and an improvement in management, with very much a DFDS-style, customer-oriented approach, with smooth operations of this essential solution for Mars and our customers as a result.

With the increased need for intermodal logistics solutions throughout Europe, the intermodal hub of Luxembourg is a vital rail connection to Ghent and Zeebrugge, where ferries connect to the UK and Scandinavia. It also has important connections to Lyon, Le Boulou and Barcelona. Trieste of course connects to Turkey, completing the excellent Europe – Turkey intermodal service we offer to customers. Managing the train and increasing the circulation will also help to improve the integration between northern and southern DFDS business units as DFDS owns the whole Scandinavia – Turkey connection.

“This partnership will increase the attractiveness of our intermodal services, further connecting Europe by sea, road and rail. Even for those customers who do not own intermodal transport units which will be transported by using the DFDS-leased NiKRASA platforms,” says Giancarlo De Marco Telese, Intermodal Operations Manager, Trieste.

More intermodal connections are planned to be developed to provide an even better service and to help our customers reach their final destinations with ease.

19 augusti 2019