DFDS välkomnar julgranen

Our colleagues in Immingham has welcomed a famous festive delivery to the port – the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree!

The tree is a token of gratitude from the people of Oslo, Norway, for Britain’s support and assistance during the Second World War, an annual tradition which began in 1947.

This year’s tree is handla om 23 metres tall and arrived at the Port of Immingham early on Saturday morning on board the DFDS ship, Ficaria Seaways.

Andrew Byrne (on the picture), Managing Director Immingham, Ferry Division, says: “DFDS has been transporting the tree across the North Sea for more than 25 years. Everybody gets excited about this operation, it’s the start of the festive season and because the tree is so famous it gets lots of attention and our colleagues really want to be involved.

“It’s been a difficult year for everyone, and Christmas will be different  this year so the fact that we can continue this tradition and spread some joy is something we’re really pleased about.”

De tree will be transported to Trafalgar Square by road ready for a virtual lighting-up ceremony on December.

23 november 2020