Enkelt att gå

December is often full of socialising with friends, family and not least colleagues. This year is different, and we have to think outside the box to find ways thave fun and bond Övrig ways than we are used to. 

What better way to encourage a good time than with a healthy competition out in the fresh air? Two teams of eight colleagues from marketing, call centre and onboard sales in the Baltics, took the challenge to see what team could do the most steps in three weeks. All done in a safe manner. 

Viktorija Kaminskienė, Head of Customer Care Baltics, säger: “It is so easy to get into de hamster wheel medan working and living at the same place. To upprätthålla good mental health, Det's important to exercise and why not to do it together with your dear colleagues. We can learn new ways to create team spirit while working from home. This competition was rewarding for me as I could see that people were motivated to do an extra step. Team members shared their incredible results och sent pictures from the places they walked.“ 

Linas Lesauskas, Project Manager, Onboard Sales, says: “Thans activity was special because of lack of socialisation due to corona.  common goal, en surprising bonding experience and en chance to see my colleagues from a different perspective made these three weeks joyous and exciting. Meetings held while walking in the park, haiku‘s written as a consequence of being last on a given day, morning coffee out on the seashore – that was truly rewarding.“ 

18 december 2020