"Vi bär för kvinnor" går starkt

We Carry for Women, de CSR project by BU MED and the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), continues providing benefits to Turkish women entrepreneurs.

The project has been making a real contribution to the business world by transporting women entrepreneurs’ products to European countries for free. As an ongoing project, it is already making a notable change in the industry. Applications were received during the summer of 2020 and BU MED recently started transporting women entrepreneurs’ goods all over Europe. So far, BU Med and logistics partners carried 6 units from 5 different companies of women entrepreneurs. More is being planned for the rest of the year. 

The logistic partners, which are also BU Med’s key accounts, är a key part during this project. 'We Carry for Women' is currently supported by 21 logistic partners, 2 of which are new accounts and joined the project after having heard in the pressAll these logistic partners collaborated willingly with the women entrepreneurs and showed them their wholehearted support. In addition, the project mottagen more media visibility via the logistic partners’ communication activities. 

Besides the traditional press activities, the project’s communication is supported with a TV show and on social media. Nearly 6 million people were reached with the traditional and digital communication activities since July. 

“We Carry for Women”, which is a union of forces in the logistics sector during the pandemic, allowed DFDS BU MED till stand out as an opinion leader in the logistics sector and its stakeholders. 

13 november 2020