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Baltikum redo för jul

Even though there is still a little way until Santa Claus is coming to town (unless the travel restrictions stop him), our colleagues on our Baltic routes are eager to help our passengers get into the holiday spirit. To do that, all the Baltic ferries have been filled with festive decorations and cozy light displays […]

DFDS är världens ledande färjerederi

We are thrilled to announce that DFDS has been awarded World’s Leading Ferry Operator for the tenth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards™. This follows our win earlier this year of Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator.  The awards recognise excellence in the global travel and tourism industry and winners are decided by votes from the public and travel industry professionals.  Peder Gellert, Executive Vice […]

Ny direkt väg Irland - EU

The new route will offer customers in the Republic of Ireland and on the Continent the opportunity to transport their goods directly to or from other EU countries without customs formalities, additional costs and possible waiting times. On 2 January 2021, DFDS will commence sailings on a new freight ferry route between Rosslare in the […]

Nytt kontrakt med danska försvaret

On Tuesday 24 November 2020, Lieutenant Colonel Morten Kranker and Director Bo T. Nielsen for the Danish Defence and EVP Peder Gellert and Director Fleet Management Henrik Tidblad for DFDS signed an agreement. It means that DFDS must make ships available for maritime transport of military equipment when requested by the Danish Defence. In the […]

DFDS välkomnar julgranen

Our colleagues in Immingham has welcomed a famous festive delivery to the port – the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree! The tree is a token of gratitude from the people of Oslo, Norway, for Britain’s support and assistance during the Second World War, an annual tradition which began in 1947. This year’s tree is about 23 metres tall and […]

Ny konst på baltiska färjor

BU Baltic Passenger has recently launched another art exhibition. This time compelling paper collages by local artist Donata Buivydė will decorate the six passenger ferries in the Baltics until March 2021.   Vilma Songailaite, Communications and Marketing Manager, is excited to look for artists and organise the semi-annual art exhibitions. She says: “It is really a win-win for all. We get to use our […]

Framgångsrik lansering av ny ro-pax för Baltikum

Friday the 13th is considered a unlucky day in Western superstition. Fortunately this is not the case in China. So despite of the date we were confident that the launch of our second ro-pax newbuilding for the Baltics at the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) would be a success story. The launching ceremony took place at […]

"Vi bär för kvinnor" går starkt

We Carry for Women, the CSR project by BU MED and the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), continues providing benefits to Turkish women entrepreneurs. The project has been making a real contribution to the business world by transporting women entrepreneurs’ products to European countries for free. As an ongoing project, it is already making a notable change in the industry. Applications were received […]

Q3-resultat: Bättre än ursprungligen förväntat

We just published DFDS results for the third quarter. Operating profit was DKK 846 million, which is DKK 349 million less than last year’s third quarter operating profit. The reduction is mainly due to our passenger business being severely hit by COVID-19 travel restrictions. However, the result is better than originally expected, as the freight […]

DK-fartyg: Ingen brittisk kustledighet

Following the UK government’s UK entry restrictions for travelers from Denmark after the discovery of a mutated Coronavirus in mink, DFDS has been in contact with the UK authorities about how to handle the entry restrictions and keep everyone safe. “This means that ships calling at UK ports from Danish ports and vessels calling at […]

DK-UK-seglingar fortsätter

New travel restrictions due to mutated coronavirus will not affect sailings on DFDS routes. DFDS sailings on Esbjerg-Immingham and  Copenhagen-Frederikshavn-Oslo won’t be affected by the recent lockdown of Northern Jutland and tightened UK travel restrictions, which were decided after the Danish government informed about cases with a mutated coronavirus spreading from  mink to humans. “The […]

Ny avdelning inom teknisk

In order to support DFDS’ strategic ambitions, Technical Organisation has established a new Performance Department. It will be managed by Lina Barsøe Rønn Christensen, who has, at the same time, been promoted to Performance Manager. “Lina’s primary tasks will be to enhance and improve our current monitoring systems that monitor vessels’ performance, and define and set new standards, including target settings to provide sufficient guidance and support for the Climate Action Plans in the coming year,” says […]

NorthSea Terminal i nytt samarbete med rederiet MSC

NorthSea terminal in Brevik, Norway. After long negotiations with shipping company MSC, it is a pleasure to announce that from 11 November the NorthSea terminal in Brevik will deliver port service to MSC’s container shipping service in the Oslofjord. Thorbjørn Aasig Lund, Managing Director in Brevik, says: “We are looking forward to the collaboration with […]

Ny AEOF-certifiering för DFDS

Våren 2019 bildades en arbetsgrupp för att förbereda AEOF-ansökan för DFDS Logistics Karlshamn AB och DFDS Logistics AB. Sofie Fredrikson, Mats Rodin och Bodil Johansson var kärnmedlemmarna. I slutet av oktober lämnade de in sin ansökan och nästa steg i resan mot AEOF togs. Sofie Fredrikson, Mats Rodin och Bodil Johansson Authorized Economic Operator - Full (AEOF) certifiering är den högsta [...]

Ny kaj väl på gång i Karlshamn

Utbyggnaden av den nya kajplatsen i Karlshamns hamn är i full gång som du kan se på bilderna i galleriet. Tack till Johan Stegerö för att du delade bilderna. Arbetet påbörjades i maj 2020 och den helt nya kajen förväntas vara i drift Q2 2021 för att acceptera de två 230 meter långa kombinerade gods- och passagerarfärjor som kommer fram sommaren samma år. Minskningen av [...]

Nytt järnvägssystem i BU Med

You might have noticed that use of rail services as part of a freight transport chain – intermodal transportation – is developing throughout DFDS. The Intermodal Department and Trieste terminal are well versed in this practice and are currently running about 56 round trips per week to many European destinations.  To improve the shift from road to rail and ferry, BU Med has successfully implemented a new system called ‘r2L-traileruse’. It is devised by transport and logistics company and important customer for BU Med, Vega. Before going into what the new system can do, here […]

Covid-19: DFDS minskar segling på Danmark - Norge

COVID-19: One of the two ships serving DFDS’ passenger routes on Copenhagen – Oslo and Frederikshavn – Oslo will be temporarily laid up due to tighter travel restrictions. Unfortunately, 20 waiters will be affected, whilst other colleagues will maintain their jobs as a result of a trade union agreement, relocation to other ships, etc.  Increasing infection rates and stricter travel restrictions have reduced further the number of passengers on DFDS’ passenger ferry routes on Copenhagen – Oslo and Frederikshavn – Oslo in recent weeks.  “With […]

COVID-19 testgata i Vlaardingen

Last week, we could share an initiative to do COVID-19 testing at our office in IJmuiden, and it looks like other colleagues have taken the testing to our own premises as well. Last Tuesday, Susanne Hamelink, HR Director Continent, Jorik van Oosterom, Terminal Operations Manager, and Richard van Kleef, Manager Stevedoring Gate & Security, opened a COVID-19 testing street for colleagues from Ferry and […]

Klimatplan: hur mäter vi dess effekt?

A few weeks ago, The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a charity that runs a global environmental disclosure system for investors, companies, cities and states, sent a letter to companies emitting substantial amounts of greenhouse gases. The letter urged the companies to use science-based targets (SBTi) in line with the Paris Agreement to avert climate change.  DFDS was one of three Danish companies to receive this letter. “We have a new climate plan and concrete initiatives in place […]

Immingham känns elektrisk

Frances Williams, HR Director UK & Ireland, and Andrew Byrne, Managing Director in Immingham, at his fully electric vehicle Getting the house in order is the third track in our climate plans. It deals with the 10% of our total emissions not derived from ship. Facilities, terminal equipment, trucks in logistics, how our buildings consume energy and, what vehicles we […]

Snabb COVID-19-testning i Amsterdam

A crew member being tested by a nurse from the Dutch agent of SOS, Eurocross.  COVID-19 testing has quickly become a necessary part of our daily lives and while we ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers, waiting for a test result can still be a long process. That in turn may cause problems for daily operations.    In Amsterdam, our Dutch colleagues […]

Utsikter för 2020 ökade med högre godsvolymer

We have today raised the financial outlook for DFDS in an announcement to the stock exchange. Our freight business is doing better than expected in most parts of our network, both ferry and logistics activities. Our passenger business is on the other hand unfortunately struggling with the ongoing tightening of travel restrictions and very low […]

DFDS vid cybersäkerhetskonferens

“To grow our resilience against cyber-attacks across companies and industries, we must share our cyber security successes as well as mistakes and failures,” says Rune Keldsen, CTO (second from left). He represented our industry at an online conference on cybercrime, which also included the Danish Minister of Defence and major Danish industries.  The threat from cybercrime […]

DFDS etablerar bemanningsföretag i Göteborg

DFDS Win23-strategin baseras på utvecklingen av affärsområden som kräver ett brett urval av specifika färdigheter och expertis, och vår framgång kommer att bero på vår förmåga att säkerställa att personer med kompetens, expertis och kunskap finns tillgängliga där och när det behövs. Detta är ingenstans mer än Göteborg, där DFDS [...]