Inlägg av Andreas

Belönar ROIC Drive-möte i Estland

On 22 and 23 August our Executive Committee – headed by Niels Smedegaard, Torben Carlsen, Peder Gellert, Eddie Green and  Henrik Holck – held a ROIC Drive meeting in the brand-new DFDS office facilities in Tallinn, Estonia. The purpose of the ROIC meetings is to improve our financial performance through a direct dialogue between top […]

Ny juridisk rådgivare i BU Med

On 1 August, Martı Onat joined DFDS as BU Mediterranean’s in-house Legal Counsel. Martı, 38, graduated in law from Panthéon-Assas University in 2002, and earned an LLM degree (International Commercial Law) from the University of Kent in 2003. She was admitted as a member of the Istanbul Bar Association in 2007 and worked as a […]

Toppkaraktär och aptitretande ord för SJØ

I april öppnade Pearl and Crown den nya gourmetrestaurangen SJØ, som har ett engagerat fokus på mat som representerar den omgivande naturen som våra gäster skickar på sin resa mellan Köpenhamn och Oslo. Toppkockarna Søren Westh och Christian Mortensen är kända från tidigare jobb i några av de bästa Michelin restaurangerna i Danmark [...]

BU Channel välkomnar World Dog Show-deltagare till Dover

On 8 August BU Channel welcomed 24 dogs travelling from Dover to attend the World Dog Show in Amsterdam. Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Channel, says: “On the way to the terminal, our furry guests were travelling in a coach fully adapted to transport the beautiful dogs and their owners in the most […]

Operation framgångsrik - FN Karadeniz helt igen

Last week we reported that our ship UN Karadeniz was ready for lengthening at the Gemak Shipyard. To follow up on the story, we are excited to tell you that the lengthening was carried out 18 August without any complications. The excellent photos below were taken by Captain Tolga Dağıstanlı, showing UN Karadeniz during the […]

Fionia jagar solnedgången

Våra kollegor hade nöjet att njuta av en glödande himmel och ett lugnt hav på väg till Immingham från Esbjerg. Dessa bilder togs av drone och fänglar perfekt Fionia segling mot en horisont målade i rött tillsammans med en underbar solnedgång.  

Martin Ross - 25-årsjubileum

On 4 July Martin Ross celebrated his 25th anniversary with DFDS. This will be celebrated with a reception on board Pearl Seaways on Friday 24 August from 11:00 to 14:00. We encourage friends and new as well as old colleagues to stop by and celebrate this special occasion. Martin started his career as a bartender […]

Nytt IT-utvecklingscenter i Istanbul

While companies are going more and more digital, the demand for IT developers is increasing rapidly. It is a general trend which has resulted in a massive shortage of IT developers across Europe. This is also a challenge for DFDS, where we recently reported on a campaign to recruit IT developers. With the acquisition of UN Ro-Ro […]

Ny fraktfärja beställd för att tillgodose tillväxt i rutnät

DFDS has today ordered an additional freight ferry (ro-ro) newbuilding from the Chinese Jinling Shipyard, exercising an option obtained at the ordering of previous ferries. The newbuilding is similar to the five previously ordered freight ferries and likewise designed to carry 6,700 lane metres of freight equivalent to around 450 trailers. The large capacity decreases […]

UN Karadeniz redo för en extrem makeover

Our vessel, UN Karadeniz is currently in the Gemak Shipyard in Turkey for lengthening to increase capacity and efficiency, which will also decrease the environmental footprint of the fleet. Last year, Gemak successfully completed the process of lengthening two U.N Ro-Ro ships, UN Akdeniz and Cuneyt Solakoglu. Both ships are from the same series and […]

Ny reefersflotta anlände till Immingham

Earlier this year Logistics purchased 25 new 45ft Reefer containers, which arrived into the current fleet during June. The new reefers are a part of the logistics container fleet replacement program for 2018. “The new 25 containers are purchased from Unit45 in Rotterdam and were built at the FUWA factory in Guangdong.  This is the […]

Förändringar i BU Med management

Following the integration of U.N Ro-Ro and DFDS, some changes have been made to the senior management of BU Med. Jan Berslen Devrim will under the new structure assume responsibility for the IT Management and the Software Development Center Management. His new title will be Senior Director of Development Center Turkey, Group IT & Mediterranean […]

Integration: Ett komplext pussel med implikationer

To make sure we have the best conditions in our ongoing integration of the former U.N. Ro-Ro (BU Med) into DFDS, a dedicated team called IMO (Integration Management Office), consisting of representatives from DFDS and BU Med, were appointed to support the underlying processes. The integration work was initiated in May, where management from DFDS […]

Regeringsminister besöker DFDS Belfast

On 2 August, the UK Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis MP, visited DFDS Belfast to gain insight into the business and operations taking place in Northern Ireland. The Minister was given a tour of the office and warehouse, where he met some of our hard-working colleagues. He was especially impressed […]

BU Channel introducerar SMS för automatisk svar

As reported last week, Eurotunnel experienced major delays due to the hot weather conditions, which resulted in an increase for live port and sailing information from our guests. Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager for BU Channel, says: “Our guests were contacting us via our travel update channels as they were concerned if the delays and […]

Andra Jinling fartyget pågår

Even though it is summer, the site team is far from slowing down supervision of the construction of our ships in China. As we reported recently, the first of the newbuildings has been launched. In the meantime, the site team has also been busy supporting the shipyard building our second ship in the drydock and […]

Nordsjön Sounds säljer ut kryssningskonsert

British funk-pop band Level 42 is one of the headline acts for the fourth annual award-winning DFDS music cruise, ‘North Sea Sounds’, on the Newcastle – Amsterdam route this November. Since we announced the cruise in April, the event is now fully sold-out. This year the UK and Continental campaign teams joined together on this […]

Bländande DFDS-ansträngning på rekordhelg!

Last week in Kent, Eurotunnel suffered severe delays when the air-conditioning systems on some of the trains failed to work. This resulted in more than two-hour delays before check-in and over four hours post check-in, and cancellation of some services. There was a significant increase in the volume of traffic through the port and delays at UK Border Control […]

DFDS nämnd i OSM-tidningen om konstruktionen i Jinling

OSM Maritime Group is a global market leader for third party management within the offshore and maritime industry. They provide management services, including expertise in the ship design and construction process. One of their current projects consists of observing and directing the construction of the mega-ships in Jinling Shipyard, China. In the July issue of […]

Klar, sätt, segla! DFDS-personal får shipshape

Det var alla händer på däck när våra kollegor var upptagna med att möta och hälsa allmänheten på Tall Ships Races i Sunderland som en del av vårt sponsring av denna ikoniska händelse. Över en miljon besökare hade tillgång till många av de 50 vackra långa fartygen från 16 länder. Inledande till evenemanget hade DFDS [...]

Klädd för seriös shopping

DFDS is enjoying comfortable growth in the number of international guests on our Copenhagen – Oslo route. It is particularly our guests from the Far East that seem to enjoy sailing on the North Sea together with visiting Copenhagen and Oslo. Over the summer, a group of Korean guests on board Crown Seaways found a […]

Skrubberinstallation initierad i BU Mediterranean

To be prepared for the global sulphur limit, BU Mediterranean has been working hard to find the optimal solution to the legislation that takes effect from January 2020. “Over the last two years BU Mediterranean has considered all available options to reduce sulphur oxide from our ships, including the latest developments in pollution-control technology. In […]