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En glädjedag på DFDS Polskas 5-årsjubileum

It was at full throttle when our colleagues from Poland celebrated DFDS Polska’s 5-year anniversary. As the video below shows, smiles and happy faces were all around on a day that had all the makings of a perfect 5-year birthday, including gifts (a DFDS polo shirt), a custom made DFDS cake and even a scavenger […]

Förstärkning av Köpenhamns värdeproposition - Oslo

Ett företags värdeproposition beskriver den främsta anledningen till att de produkter och tjänster som erbjuds passar bäst för sina kunder. Nyligen blev kollegor från Cruise Route Management och BU Group Passenger (BUGP) inbjudna till Crown Seaways till en tvärfunktionell workshop som underlättades av BUGPs Business Development & Strategy-team. Syftet var att se över [...]

Ett växande partnerskap på 20 år

Great partnerships are built on trust and reliability, whether private or business. At DFDS, we have many important relationships and one of them is with GEFCO Group, with whom we have worked with for close to 20 years. GEFCO offers supply-chain solutions and was partly responsible for launching the Marseille – Tunis route in 1999 […]

Hård Brexit, mjuk Brexit: Vi har planer

Niels Smedegaard writes about his views on Brexit and why he has confidence in the future of EU/UK trade   One could get the impression that businesses – or even the world – are being hit by a perfect storm with Trump’s introduction of tariffs, the EU’s immigration crisis and Brexit as some of the key components. […]

Göteborg RoRo terminal drabbades av brist på arbetare

Unfortunately, we are seeing disturbances to traffic and delays affecting cargo and trailers at our ro-ro terminal in Gothenburg today. This is mainly due to a lack of staff. Only 10% of the additional workers whom we employ on a day-to-day basis have turned up for work after 16:00 hours. This means that we are about 30 persons […]

Stora varumärkeskampanjer går i Köpenhamn och Oslo

Den här veckan såg lanseringen av en stor ny brandingskampanj av BUGPs marknadsföringsteam. Kampanjen innehåller en blandning av affischer och digitala displayer på upptagna platser i både Köpenhamn och Oslo. Affischerna främjar vår Oslo och Köpenhamn minikryssning och våra ombord middagsupplevelser. Rikke Welløv, Senior Campaign Manager sa: "[...]

DFDS nominerad till World Travel Awards - Vi behöver ditt stöd

The World Travel Awards are in their 28th year and aim to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry, voted for by members of the public. This is the World Awards which follows the European Awards earlier this year where we won the title of Europe’s Leading Ferry […]

DFDS för att transportera avfallsavledat bränsle till ny kund

Even though the picture shows dark clouds looming over Immingham, the future is looking bright. The first load of refuse-derived fuel (RDF), which is processed domestic waste that is baled and used for fuel, was transported on 30 August for the Norwegian company Rekom, which provides services for a range of waste products within energy […]

Jinling varv: Hjärta på rätt ställe

Barely two months have passed since the completion of the bottom deck and we can already show you the full scale of our second Jinling ship. With Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen’s beautiful pictures, the development really shines through and you can see how much can be done when you have a dedicated and passionate site team […]

Sammanträde för svenska ledningsgrupper

Last week, the cross-divisional management teams in Sweden gathered in Gothenburg to learn more about each other’s practices, exchange knowledge, ideas and challenges. This was the second in a series of upcoming meetings taking place in the respective divisions. DFDS Logistics Services and Logistics Contracts facilitated the meeting, in which the participants went on a […]

Master Data Management: De säkerställer att vi samlar, lagrar och delar data på rätt sätt

Michael Heiland (in the center of the picture) is new Head of our Master Data Team. The team ensures, that the huge amount of collected data is correct and handled correctly such that our colleagues throughout DFDS can use it for a great variety of purposes, including reports, analyses, offers, invoices, and development of automatic functions. […]

Special last: Tid för förändring av landskap

It has been a while since we reported on Special Cargo, but that doesn’t mean things are quiet in the offices of our Dutch colleagues. Special Cargo has been busy with onboarding activities, securing a smooth integration with DFDS and preparing for an office move. “Last week from Tuesday to Thursday, we worked with our […]

Positivt svar på nya inlägg i Port of Dover

In July, BU Channel introduced new service personnel for the summer season: Customer Experience Associates. Their job is to offer additional support and improve interaction with our guests while they are waiting to board at Port of Dover. Steve Garner, Customer Experience Manager of BU Channel, says: “This has been a huge success over the […]

Ovanlig leverans laddad på Athena Seaways

As you know, no matter the size of the shipment, our colleagues will always find a way to get it across the sea. However, sometimes shipments require a bit of heavy machinery to get them loaded and unloaded. That was the case last weekend when Athena Seaways transported a massive high-pressure tank from Klaipeda to […]

Immingham värdar träningspass med Jordeson Timber

Earlier this month, our colleagues in Immingham hosted a one-day training session with eight of Jordeson Timber’s staff, and two trainers from TFT Wood Experts who specialise in timber product training and industry knowledge. Jordeson Timber distributes large volumes of softwood timber from Scandinavia and Europe, with DFDS providing transport. They support us on a […]

BU Grupppassagerare: En enskild inkomstförvaltningsavdelning

Pricing and yield are important areas in our business in order to make sure that we continuously set the right prices and allocate cabins to optimise revenue and ensure our growth. Until now, the Revenue Management department in BU Group Passenger has been spread out across all locations where we have passenger ferries. This means […]

Kampanjer i Grupp HR

With the new Group HR taking shape, VP Kasper Damgaard is now ready to present two promotions which will strengthen the organisation and facilitate cross-functional possibilities. Birgitte Kjærsgaard is now Director of Training & Development It has only been two-and-a-half years since Birgitte Kjærsgaard joined DFDS as Training & Development Specialist, and she has already […]

Polis och tullkontroll av Botnia Seaways

A routine control and inspection took place last Thursday as police and customs officers went on board Botnia Seaways in Marseille. Our colleagues are always well prepared for such inspections so it was carried out as smoothly as possible, avoiding any unnecessary interference in regular operations. Botnia underwent a thorough inspection from top to bottom […]

Declan Walsh - Tillbaka på kontoret efter den senaste sjukdomen

On 15 May Declan Walsh (Business Development & Strategy Director and DIO) was on a business trip to Dover when he was taken ill. On return to The Netherlands that evening the situation became worse and just after midnight an ambulance was called. He was suffering a Myocardial Infarction (commonly known as a heart attack) and […]

Stress förebyggande träning ombord Pearl och Crown

In an intensive work environment, stress is unfortunately something that can affect us. Often, it is discovered late in the process, which can cause sick leave and need for professional help. Therefore, HR Manager of Pearl and Crown, Jette Krog, has arranged a preventive stress training for all 95 Commercial Heads, Business Leaders and Floor […]

Grupp HR utanför kontoret

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Group HR will be at a conference in Klithuset, where Kasper Damgaard and his team will kick off their journey in the new Group HR organisation as one united department. Group HR will be back in the office on Thursday, but if anything critical comes up before then, please […]

Steen Haurum sätter kurs för en ny position i Kina

From 1 January 2019, Steen Haurum will be the Site Manager overseeing the construction of the two 4500 lm Ro-Pax newbuildings for the Baltic routes which will be built at the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) in China. Steen will be involved from the drawing board to the fully completed ship, supervising the complete design and […]

Sparkar av DFDS MOVES

Last Friday the canteen in DFDS House was filled with excited and supportive colleagues who looked forward to hearing more about the new pilot project DFDS Moves, which is all about healthier living and making room for exercise during the day. Henrik Holck, Executive Vice President of People & Ships and the self-proclaimed least fit […]