Inlägg av Andreas

Scandia Seaways avgår från Jinling

Goodbye for now, Jinling Shipyard. After three and a half years, Scandia Seaways, the sixth and final mega freight ferry, could finally set course towards Singapore and afterwards Europe. This marks the conclusion of an extensive project that saw the delivery of Ephesus Seaways, Troy Seaways, Hollandia Seaways, Humbria Seaways, Flandria Seaways and now Scandia Seaways. From left:  Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen, Frane Pilic […]

Nicole Seroff tar över

On 4 January, Nicole Seroff took over as DFDS’ Head of Communications from Gert Jakobsen who will retire. This means that Nicole is now responsible for media relations, communications advisory, internal communications and digital communications incl. social media and web. All issues and requests previously directed to Gert Jakobsen should now be directed to Nicole, or to one of the six members of our […]

Möt besättningen: Julius Griška

This time we meet Julius Griška. Julius has a life story is remarkable. He has lived in four countries. He acquired his current qualification by coincidence. He has prepared food for thousands of cruise ferry passengers, completed an apprenticeship at a Michelin-rated restaurant owned by a world-famous chef and cooked for the likes of the previous Prime Minister of Lithuania and Formula One champions during a race event.  He […]

Leverans av Scandia Seaways

By Jesper Aagesen, Director of Newbuilding & Major Conversions. This month it is five years ago we visited the Jinling Shipyard for the very first time where we initiated the discussions on our mega freight ferry project. That was the beginning of a long journey between the yard and DFDS. Today, on 6 January, we […]

Visby välkomnar de första gästerna

Our new Ireland-France route is based on the transport of driver accompanied trailers. The newly chartered ferry M/S Visby can, with her 1,800 lane metres and 92 cabins with private facilities, accommodate up to 120 trucks, trailers, and drivers. For Visby’s very first roundtrip on Rosslare-Dunkerque, DFDS had prepared gift bags for the first 10 drivers to board. The […]

Färja till Rosslare - Dunkerque

  Open for business: When Optima Seaways departed Rosslare Europort for Dunkerque on Saturday 2 January, it officially launched DFDS’ new Ireland-France freight ferry route. The route enables exporters and forwarders to keep their transport within the EU and avoid the customs formalities that apply to transport passing via the UK land bridge.  At 14:00, on 2 January, […]

Inuti BU Channel 

How a new BU head experienced a Christmas crisis  By Filip Hermann, Vice President & Head of BU Channel. BU Channel is a busy place. There is nothing we haven’t seen, from exhausted migrants hiding in trailers to armed robbers on the run. If not daily then at least on a weekly basis, we experience something unusual. However, this Christmas was extraordinary by all standards.  Leading up to Christmas, we […]

Rutten Irland-Frankrike klar

The three ships have arrived in Dunkerque for berth tests and supplies. First departure will be from Rosslare on 2 January. DFDS’ new route between Ireland and France is getting ready for its first departure. In just a few days, on 2 January at 14:00 (Ire time), a fully booked Optima Seaways will set sail towards Dunkerque – […]

Gratis seglingar för grannar

DFDS offers people of Kent one free post-Covid weekend return trip to recognise extraordinary patience of Kent residents. Dover is placed in Kent, where our many neighbors have experienced several traffic disruptions during the pandemic. Now, DFDS has decided to offer free ferry trips to Kent residents once current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Filip Hermann, Vice-President & Head of Channel Routes […]

Covid-19: Minister tackar DFDS

Robert Courts, Minister for Aviation & Maritime. Shortly before Christmas, the French Government closed the border for passengers and lorry drivers entering the country from the UK because of a mutant coronavirus found in the UK. Due to an agreement with the UK, the borders opened again on Tuesday 22 December for passengers and drivers who could present a negative Covid-19 test. However, only 144 lorries made […]

Särskild belöning för alla

2020 stands out as one of the most difficult years in recent history for DFDS and our customers, and in particular for everyone of you working to keep things moving for our customers and handle the many challenges caused by Covid-19 and Brexit.   Therefore, in the live event today, Torben Carlsen announced that the Board has decided to award every DFDS employee 50 DFDS shares as a special recognition of your extraordinary work in […]

Finlandia Seaways flaggades om

In November, we shared the news of a new agreement with the Danish military on providing ship capacities for sea transport of military equipment over the next six years. As a result of this, Finlandia Seaways would join the Ark cooperation and Ark Futura leave it. Prior to joining the Ark fleet from 1 January 2021, Finlandia […]

Inga resenärer från Storbritannien

In a bid to stop a mutant strain of coronavirus crossing their borders, several nations have banned passenger travelling from the UK. This also affects DFDS and our customers.   Channel France has decided to ban all kinds of passengers via sea, including lorry drivers, from entering the country from the UK within at least 48 hours from late Sunday. This means that we can only transport unaccompanied trailers […]

Enkelt att gå

December is often full of socialising with friends, family and not least colleagues. This year is different, and we have to think outside the box to find ways to have fun and bond in other ways than we are used to.  What better way to encourage a good time than with a healthy competition out in the fresh air? Two teams of eight colleagues from marketing, call centre […]

OFC: Stark fraktprestanda

The Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen route was relaunched in week 25 with the addition of Frederikshavn. Following this, the route experienced a great development in freight volumes and from week 40 to 45 volumes were even far ahead compared to last year. From week 45, the route unfortunately had to temporarily lay-up 50% of […]

DFDS-kontor i Rosslare redo

Port Opps Manager in Rosslare is Dwain Rodgers. As we reported last week, DFDS will commence sailings on a new freight ferry route between Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland and Dunkerque in Northern France on 2 January. “The news about the route created a lot of interests among customers who saw an opportunity to avoid the customs procedures […]

Sjätte mega fraktfärja på havsförsök

Winter has come to Jinling Shipyard in China, but the biting cold will not prevent the site team from ensuring that we get a brand-new ferry in the beginning of next year. With a snow-covered weather deck, the sixth and final mega freight ferry departed from the shipyard for sea trial this morning at 07:15 […]

Horizon talanger korsar mållinjen

From the online celebration As you know, DFDS created the Horizon Programme in 2015 to develop and retain our future leaders and business critical talents. And now, we can congratulate Horizon Team 3 on their graduation last week. It was no small accomplishment as Covid-19 made it even more challenging than it already was. It started two years ago when 45 candidates were nominated by their managers. After a very intense Assessment Centre test, including interviews with the members of […]

Partnerskap utvecklar autonoma fordon

The European Commission has outlined the growing need for automated driving systems for heavy commercial vehicles, and there are already a number of initiatives promoting this.  One is the AWARD project which DFDS takes active part in. It was recently granted nearly €20 million funding by the European Commission.  “The AWARD project is an exciting partnership of […]

Ark-avtal orsakar förändringar i flottan

We were recently able to post the great news that we had entered into a new agreement with the Danish military on providing ship capacities for sea transport of military equipment over the next six years (see the full article here). We have often reported on the activities carried out by the Ark ships, not […]

Torben Carlsen vid International Investment Summit

Torben Carlsen is a panelist at the virtual YASED International Investment Summit on 8 December from 15:10 to 16:10 CET.  Together with the rest of the panel, he will talk about global supply chians. The aim of this summit is to collectively unite the international investment community and discuss the changing outlook for the future of investment. The entire event will take place between […]

Belysning jul

It is Christmas time, and we can prove it. Watch this fantastic video about lighting the famous Christmas tree that, with the help of DFDS, has come from Norway to Trafalgar Square in London for a beautiful lighting ceremony. It is the ultimate sign of Christmas at DFDS. Usually, our colleagues invite children from schools and […]

Brexit: Chris Parker förklarar

The end of the transition period is near – terribly near – and the public is struggling to understand what it will mean for them and trade. It isn’t easy to explain what will happen, but few are doing as good a job at it as our very own Chris Parker from Dover. Use the […]

Följ OFC Business Cruise på LinkedIn

With a dedicated Linkedin page connected to the DFDS Group page, Passenger Marketing is increasing awareness of the onboard propositions for our B2B passenger segment on the  Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen route that for example includes conference guests.  Together with colleagues in the Campaign Marketing team, Nanna Isaksen and Vincent Bakker from the Marketing Distribution team will create and share content to increase awareness and performance while highlighting the great concept of what a Business and Conference Cruise can offer.  The showcase page will […]