What’s new, Scandia Seaways?

Alongside in Singapore during loading of stores, provision and bunkering on 16 January.

Captain Joakim Dahlberg and his crew are currently leading our newest mega freight ferry, Scandia Seaways, home to Europe.

With low bandwidth, they can sadly only share a limited amount during the voyage. Luckily, the captain has recently shared a little update and some photos showing some of the things that they are experiencing.

Please enjoy and thank you to Joakim for sending us pictures. We wish the captain and the entire crew a safe journey.

Sailing down the Yangtze river. Passing tanker Fure Vinga, delivered about the same time as Scandia Seaways. Our captain and crew shared quarantine hotel with its crew.

Dolphins passing Sri Lanka on 20 January.

Personal protective gear, and sandbags on the bridge in place prior to reaching the HRA – High Risk Area of Aden Bay.

Dawn in the Indian Ocean.

Security guards boarding from their accommodation vessel “Menkar” before we sail in to the “High risk area” around the Horn of Africa.

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January 25, 2021