Welcome Humbria, farewell Fionia

Photo taken from the bridge of Selandia Seaways with Humbria Seaways on the left. Thank you to Paul Lammers for the picture.

On Sunday 02.02.2020, Humbria Seaways and crew arrived safely in Vlaardingen prior to her maiden voyage that, back in early January, started at the Jinling Shipyard in China. This is our fourth homebound voyage from the shipyard and this time Captain Kim Carlsson and his crew had the responsibility to go on the long journey and bring our newest ferry home. Below you can see some of the pictures taken by Kim during the voyage.

Jacob Andersen, Route Director, says: “I was very happy to welcome Humbria Seaways, Captain Kim Carlsson and crew to Vlaardingen – a great moment I have been looking forward to. We are now preparing Humbria for service to accommodate our customers with extra capacity, in line with market demand. I am certain that everybody involved will work hard ensuring a successful deployment. This will affect both Fionia Seaways and Tulipa Seaways that no longer will be needed as Humbria’s capacity is large enough to cover the capacity of both ferries.

This means that our charter of Fionia will come to an end and she will return back to her owner together with the crew. We thank the crew for their great work and efforts during their time in DFDS.

Pictures from the Suez Canal:

Pictures from the trait of Gibraltar:

February 7, 2020