Time for celebration: First mega-ship launched in Jinling

We have some fantastic news about the progress of our new mega-ships being constructed in Jinling. Senior Project Manager Jens Peter Baltsersen has reported that the first Jinling vessel was launched into the Yangtze River on 16 July.

Before launching, the vessels top coat was applied as shown on the picture, which made it look like a real DFDS vessel.

Launching such a giant vessel is quite a challenge and it takes a lot of preparation to float-out a ship of this size.

When the launch is initiated, sluice gates begins to fill the drydock with water. Once the drydock is completely full, tugboats starts to escort the vessel out in open water and as you can see on the pictures she looks magnificent sailing on her own especially in DFDS uniform.

Congratulations to the site team on a successful launch and thank you to Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen for the outstanding pictures.

Take a look at the successful launching process in the gallery below.



July 18, 2018