Ephesus Seaways’ first arrival in Trieste

Ephesus Seaways arriving at the Trieste terminal

Yesterday, Ephesus Seaways completed her maiden voyage and arrived with 450 trailers at the Trieste terminal in Italy. And she was suitably greeted by a welcoming committee with Jens Peder Nielsen, our MD in Trieste, and Samer & Co Shipping executives, the Mayor of Trieste together with government and port authority representatives.

In place to welcome Ephesus Seaways on her first arrival in Trieste were: (From left) Jens Peder Nielsen, MD of Samer Seaports & Terminals; Antonio Gurrieri, Trieste Port Authority; Pierpaolo Roberti, Regional Government; Enrico Samer, President & CEO, Samer & Co Shipping; Capt. Hasan Can Gümüş, Master of Ephesus Seaways; Roberto Dipiazza, Mayor of Trieste; and Lilli Samer, CFO Samer & Co Shipping.

“All the teams in Trieste, especially the operations team, were really excited to welcome her. Having such a colossal ship operating at a terminal takes a lot of preparation, and in Trieste infrastructure improvement is already in progress to fully accommodate the ferry’s unique ramp system,” Jens Peder Nielsen says.

Trieste terminal stevedores unloading Ephesus Seaways

“When I finally saw the ferry up close, it fully lived up to my expectations of how grand she is, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what benefits she will bring, not only DFDS, but also to the customers using her service. Hopefully Ephesus will be really busy on the route where her capacity is surely welcome,” Jens Peder says.

Thank you to Samer & Co. Shipping for sharing the pictures with us.

Spectacular shot of Trieste and Ephesus Seaways. Does anyone need a new desktop wallpaper?

Ephesus Seaways and UND Atilim in Trieste

The best kind of view

March 14, 2019