Second Jinling freight ferry fitted out in Singapore

The second of our six freight ferries from the Jinling Shipyard arrived in Singapore before the weekend and was fitted out for service in just 14 hours


Completing a freight ferry like our newbuildings in such short time is a masterwork of engineering, and following the milestones for each vessel coming out of the Jinling Shipyard is a great pleasure. On 8 May the second freight ferry was delivered to DFDS, and she has now as part of the ‘delivery voyage’ made the important stop in Singapore to be fitted out for service and stocked with a variety of essentials needed for her further sailings. That starts with the voyage to the Mediterranean.

It takes a significant start-up package for a ship of this size to have its stores filled and made ready for service. To start with, you need about a thousand tonnes of fuel and 125,000 litres of lubricating oil. Add to that a wide selection of tools, IT-systems, screens, fitness equipment and much more, totalling close to 150 pallets. All this was completed in 14 hours after a great effort from all involved.

There was a team from DFDS present at the dock to greet the crew upon their arrival from China and to help coordinate loading and installations. Peter Guldager, Senior Purchasing Manager in Operational Procurement, headed the effort of loading a variety of materials onto the ship together with the crew.

Peter Guldager had a very personal and physical impression of the ship’s size. In addition to his sore legs, his phone’s fitness app registered that he walked 30,000 steps (about the length of a half-marathon) and climbed 34 flights of stairs while coordinating the day’s work.


Poul Daugaard, Systems Developer, organised the IT-installations, of which there were many. “Four employees from IT were on site to install equipment coming in, with the two of us from Denmark, one from the UK and one from France, and the teamwork couldn’t have been better,” he said.

Following the work and still carrying the temporary name, the ship departed at night time with a course set for Istanbul. Once there she will be renamed after a UNESCO heritage site in Turkey, just like her sister Ephesus Seaways.

May 21, 2019