Scandia Seaways departs from Jinling

Goodbye for now, Jinling Shipyard. After three and a half years, Scandia Seaways, the sixth and final mega freight ferry, could finally set course towards Singapore and afterwards Europe. This marks the conclusion of an extensive project that saw the delivery of Ephesus Seaways, Troy Seaways, Hollandia Seaways, Humbria Seaways, Flandria Seaways and now Scandia Seaways.

From left:  Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen, Frane Pilic and Michael Klysner.

Frane Pilic, who led our dedicated and fantastic site team supported by our own Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen and Michael Klysner were there to say farewell to Scandia Seaways and the crew. 

For close to five years, the management of this huge project has lied in the hands of Senior Project Manager Jens Peter Baltsersen. He says: It’s my pleasure to confirm that after a successful flag change Saturday afternoon as well as the completion of the last tests and bunkering, Scandia Seaways left the Jinling Shipyard Sunday morning at 09.58.”

“Captain Joakim Dahlberg, Chief Engineer Mads Jonsen and crew are now heading towards Singapore to pick up onboard stores, provision and spare parts. After that they will continue to Europe through the Suez Canal. I wish them a great and safe journey.” 

From the flag change ceremony.

January 11, 2021