Rebranded funnels: Maritime look and clear communication of the name

DFDS is testing a new funnel look. It includes the use of our name rather than the logo and tests a blue wave that aims to underline the maritime nature of our business. The logo isn’t to be used alone but only together with our name to ensure that we are recognised in our markets. Thank you to Mike Hughes for taking the picture.

Some of you might have noticed a change to a couple of funnels on our ferries. The Maltese cross has been replaced by the letters DFDS as can be seen above on the funnel of Ark Germania.

Over the centuries, DFDS has had many different funnels looks – varying from bands of special colours to the recent ones with a huge Maltese cross. “However, we have grown considerably in recent years and are now operating in new markets where we have a rather new history and are less known and where our market studies have revealed that the Maltese cross isn’t directly and automatically associated with DFDS if it is used alone. Therefore, we have started testing a new way of branding our ships to ensure that we communicate our name as efficiently as possible in both our old and new markets,” says Peder Gellert Pedersen, Head of the Ferry Division.

The gradual rebranding process will be managed by Jette Lundquist, Head of Marketing. She says: “We have already rebranded two vessels, and their funnels are now adorned with a light blue wave together with the DFDS name. The blue wave is inspired by the angle in the parallelogram around our logo and by the maritime nature of our business. It provides a sense of movement and energy,” she says.  “The blue colour ensures continuity since it is being used across all online and offline material already.”

No change to logo

“It is important to note that we will not be replacing the logo. However, in the future, we will only use it together with the DFDS name, such as on signs, stationery, equipment and advertisements,” Jette.

A lot thought and testing was done before going live on two of our vessels

June 14, 2019

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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    Hi, very interesting development. So we can say the Maltese Cross won’t be seen on the ships but will on buildings, marketing materials and so on?

    Which is the second ship to be trialled other than Germania?

    Thank you

    • Andreas
      Andreas says:

      Hi Jon,

      DFDS is testing a new funnel look. It includes use of our name rather than the logo and a test of a blue wave that aims to underline the maritime nature of our business.

      Following the test we will take a decision regarding the funnel design going forward. If we choose to move forward with the blue wave as the new funnel design, it also implies that the cross will not appear on the funnel in the future.

      The second ship we are testing right now with the new funnel design is Ark Dania.

  2. Justin Smith
    Justin Smith says:

    The old red and black funnels with the Maltese cross that you used in the 80’s and 90’s was by far the best funnel design you’ve ever had.
    Would be great to see you revert to that, especially as it looked so good on your passenger ships back then.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I agree that the Red Funnel Design with Maltese Cross was an excellent design. The change from Red/Black to Blue still with Maltese Cross was excellent. However your Change to Scandinavian Seaways in the 1980’s was not a good idea, neither is this.
    You reverted back to the DFDS name Branding, how long before you revert back to Maltese Cross with this latest fad. ?
    The recent Dark Blue with Maltese Cross and lettering DFDS looks excellent and in my opinion should be kept.
    This “new look blue wave minus the Maltese Cross : in my opinion does not look reflect the Quality of the product you presently have.

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