Newbuilding for the Baltics on first float

Our first combined freight and passenger ferry newbuilding for the Baltics is currently erected to 7 mega blocks with a total weight of 4775 tonnes.

Jacob Johannesen, Deputy Project Manager, says, “With one third of the vessel’s structure now assembled in the dry-dock at the shipyard GSI in China, there are still some work to do before the traditional launching which normally marks the first time the vessel feels water below the keel.

“However, due to the launching and move of a tanker located in the same dry-dock, our newbuilding had a float before the real launching and had to be waterborne a bit earlier than usual. As you can see on the pictures, she is not shaped like a complete ferry yet, still she certainly floats like one. The vessel is now securely back dry on the keel blocks. Thank you to Steen Haurum, Site Manager, for the great pictures.”

When the 230 metres long and 4,500 lane metres newbuilding is assembled and completed, she will have capacity for 270 trailers and 600 passengers.

June 4, 2020

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  1. Saulius
    Saulius says:

    Hi. It’s great news! I waiting this ferry! I living from Klaipėda about 60 km. Cool!

  2. LO
    LO says:

    Chinese steel, I see where this is going… Rauma or Flensburger would have been a much better choice. You have cooperated with the latter in the past, and I guess it would not be too hard to keep the dialogue? But we all know that DFDS was tempted by the extremely low price (and quality).

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