New volume record on Immingham route created ships get-together in Vlaardingen

A rare sight in week 11 – Four DFDS ferries converge in Vlaardingen, gathering to alleviate the pressure of an extraordinary number of waiting trailers. Pictured are Tulipa, Finlandia, Anglia and Britannia.


The record from week 9 did not last for very long, as employees at the Dutch and UK terminals and offices managed to organise and load a staggering 52,328 lane metres in week 11, beating the previous record by 2,012 lane metres. This also meant that on two occasions, four DFDS vessels were in port together.

This was only possible due to the capability and flexibility of our fleet and our colleagues, both in Vlaardingen and in the UK. The demand for extra capacity to the UK is probably the result of stockpiling, due to a potential Brexit in late March. Finlandia Seaways assisted on the Felixstowe route this weekend, and both Gardenia and Tulipa Seaways made additional roundtrips to and from Immingham on Sunday, which resulted in high volumes at both terminals.

Delays during terminal operations and to vessel departures were inevitable, but thanks to the great efforts by everyone involved at all the ports, we managed to turn this into a success and to fly higher than ever before. Once again, a huge thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Credit for the photos goes to Peter Brusendal Sørensen, Chief Officer on Britannia, and Paul Lammers, Route Operations Manager, North Sea South.

A great view and a huge effort from all involved at sea and on shore. Pictured are Gardenia, Finlandia, Suecia and Britannia.

Week 11 saw a volume record at the North Sea Terminals made possible by our flexible fleet and the outstanding work of our employees.



March 21, 2019