Magnolia Seaways’ trip to Cuxhaven during strike in Gothenburg

Magnolia Seaways usually sails on the Gothenburg – Brevik – Immingham route, but earlier this month, she took a different route when she sailed to Cuxhaven when the Gothenburg – Immingham schedule was affected by the strike and lockout warnings by stevedores in Gothenburg.

Bjarke Krog, deck officer of Magnolia Seaways, says: “We left Immingham on Monday and arrived in Cuxhaven on Tuesday, where we completely filled Magnolia with approximately 1,200 cars on all decks. It was a magnificent sight. Luckily, I had brought my big camera, so I could take some pictures of the unusual load on board.”

Magnolia isn’t the only ship in the fleet to carry cars, however, as Finlandia Seaways regularly takes the trip between Cuxhaven and Immingham filled to the brim with Kias.

February 28, 2019