Jubilee Seaways in Trieste

Last weekend, Jubilee Seaways came out of her hibernation to visit Trieste on one of the main squares. It was a gorgeous, sunny Saturday and hundreds of people saw our very own Guinness World Record holder for the largest LEGO ship. The media came out and Jens Peder Nielsen, Managing Director of our new terminal in Trieste, was interviewed by both print and television journalists. Rico and Lily Samer, co-owners of the terminal, came out to see Jubilee as well. It was once again amazing to see how people, young and old, respond to Jubilee – our colleagues at the event had to run to the office to print more info flyers about her twice and nearly 1,200 in total were handed out!

Jubilee will now head on to Istanbul to make several appearances there, including at LogiTrans from 14-16 November.

Jens Peder Nielsen proudly showing Jubilee Seaways and welcoming viewers with open arms.

October 30, 2018