Jinling Shipyard: Heart in the right place

Barely two months have passed since the completion of the bottom deck and we can already show you the full scale of our second Jinling ship. With Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen’s beautiful pictures, the development really shines through and you can see how much can be done when you have a dedicated and passionate site team supervising the work.

It is not only the exterior that is advancing quickly. Earlier this month, the main engine and shaft generators were lifted on board, placing all the major engine room components inside the ship.

With the heart of the ship in place, it will not be long until she comes alive on the Yangtze River and we certainly plan to cover the launch.

Once again, thank you to our great photographer and Superintendent of the newbuildings in Jinling Shipyard, Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen, for the pictures.

September 20, 2018